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  1. We should start getting our DE’s from the UFC because they consistently get choked out and body slammed on a regular basis.
  2. Cheap FA pass catching backs combined with mid to late round RBs should be the model. Paying RBs top dollar is stupid in this day and age unless you have a potential HOF that can do it all in the backfield. Eagles and Pats have at least 4 RBs that can run the ball every season and they all contributed.
  3. Lindsey is so good holy crap. RB's are really dime a dozen
  4. Ito has been money in the redzone and never forget he made Kuechly look like a scrub on more than one occasion. Definitely deserves more carries.
  5. "Aww Broo" -Dan Quinn
  6. Interesting tidbit about Kyle and possibly a reason why our run game was lethal with him here.
  7. Steelers game was just ugly. I know who ever drew up that gameplan was salivating while watching the film on our OL.
  8. It'd be interesting to see our stubborn coaches give Gage more snaps than Hardy who they're trying to get the most out of in his contract year. Hall? I'm surprised we haven't seen more from him but the passing game has been so fire lately I can sort of understand.
  9. I can see it but will DQ let him get the snaps over Hall and Hardy?
  10. Yeah the pass game has been beautiful this year.. but like 95% of the time we're really good in one area while we're completely garbage in other areas that negate whats going good. I'm just dying to know why Sark is calling the run game like this. Only reason I can think of is playaction but that doesn't mean we have to constantly lose yards trying to set it up.
  11. N-O-N-E. With as much success we had running outside against Carolina did they really think teams weren't going to be looking/planning for that? I don't get the stubbornness with these coaches. Give me some misdirection runs or ISO's with Ito. Just mix it up.
  12. I just don't understand. I know the coaches may know much more about our OG's in run blocking but they don't even try to run inside the tackles to see if its futile to even try. We may have an inside run here or there but the high percentage of outside runs just irk me. The longer the ball is behind the line of scrimmage with this team is just a recipe for disaster.
  13. Yeah I've seen someone say Free is a better pass blocker than Coleman and that's no where near true. My stock on Coleman has been down though. I was expecting him to do better with finding lanes and keeping his balance but its atrocious. I will say though the constant toss sweeps and stretch runs are not helping anybody.
  14. Do you know who Adrian Peterson is?
  15. Now you see why the Pats have had like 30 RB's in the last 10 years. Thats where you can easily find good cheap depth/talent and look for certain traits you can gameplan around. It also gives you a better chance at finding a straight up stud. I was really hoping Free could comeback this season though man this sucks.