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  1. More along the lines of not being a waste of a roster spot lmfao
  2. I bet you thought this was a good one.
  3. Now who wanted Berry in ATL?
  4. This game is over Pats win
  5. Making excuses. Finding a snazzy pair of rose coloreds.
  6. This sh;t is over
  7. Yeah we as falcon fans have seen this story plenty of times with this team. Fts
  8. Bress always has such easy completions when he drives up the field
  9. Eagles are starting to stagnate at 14. I’ve seen this type of game many times. Teams start out fast but then have trouble scoring another point smh
  10. Saints are in good position to take the lead soon its just that feeling I always get with them.
  11. To conserve energy
  12. This game is over
  13. Is Goff not in his 3rd year? Ya'll just get on here and say anything like Ryan was posting stats anywhere near Goff in his first few seasons.
  14. They're not looking so hot right now