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  1. Tyreek Hill is TOUGH
  2. For the right price I'd like to keep him for a long time as depth. He can be a nice switch up after a dominating DL hammers away at opposing OL for 3 quarters. Hopefully we can get a dominating DL eventually.
  3. Went from a beer belly to a six pack laughing at this
  4. Quinn will always have a place in this league but as a HC? Thats really up in the air. The decisions he makes during games are still trending down after 4 years. 4 years is a very long time in the N.F.L.
  5. Mahomes, Watson, Goff, Wentz, Mayfield, Trubisky were all thought to not be worth a top 5 pick around this time. Their success will inevitably make the top of the draft more valuable.
  6. Yes he faced the best of the best in back to back weeks but he was getting beat almost every play. The “adjustments” they had to make severely compromised the offense after already being compromised by Wes and Garland. I do remember me looking at the bright side of Wes having faced those lines which was him gaining valuable experience which I think helped in the long run. Still wasnt enough to feel comfortable going forward with Levitre coming off major injury and a FA signing though. But apart of that is hindsight I do admit. Schraeders decline has a lot to do with the OL playing poorly to. I like Wes though he has spunk and comraderie and he seems eager to improve his game. I wouldnt be surprised to see him starting in this league for a few years.
  7. This. Wes showed well in the playoffs? That is no where near true
  8. Yeah man those were some tough times I will never forgive him.
  9. Sure its nothing wrong with speculation. Video evidence of Ryans duck passes are clearly on film. Kind of like saying Quinns coaching is holding this squad of players back which is pure speculation as well. Nice try.
  10. You realize him being number 1 in ypg and him being held back is not mutually exclusive right? Yet again you’ve made 10+ post mostly full of ad hominems while saying nothing substantial. Your argument is weak and you constantly avoid points that you cant debunk.
  11. I have..
  12. Lol Vandy I wasnt arguing in Bens favor compared to Ryan. This guy got off topic and brought up AB so we were just going back and forth.
  13. That was never my claim. I said Ryan was holding Julio back first of all doofus. Why does it matter if AB didnt get 1400 5 straight seasons when he had more yards than anyone in 5 years at one point? That still leads credence to this being a golden age of passing. Julio and Ryan get yards while AB and Ben been getting yards AND Touchdowns. What do you have to say about that? You are a troll and very stupid.
  14. Read the question you posed. You asked about AB like he didnt accomplish anything on par to 1400+ yards over 5 seasons when he had more yards and catches than anyone in history until this season ends.