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  1. I wouldn’t mind another one of these right about now ...
  2. Don’t they show up for each other’s charity events?
  4. Not sure if you’re joking or not but for those that don’t know, “Viva la Raza” isn't anything derogatory or racial. It’s a pride thing in Mexican culture. Just wanted to share before this topic gets political.
  5. I love that beautiful bald head.
  6. Did he ever do kick off or punt returns? Would like to see that. With his quickness and ability to break tackles, might be a good spot for him while he's RB3.
  7. Always love having insight into the war room, their thinking, and their big board. Thanks for posting.
  8. Iron sharpens iron.
  9. Mel Kiper should stick to his Bachelor big board. I freakin hate when he comes on ESPN radio while I’m driving and starts talking about the Bachelor. So dumb.
  10. That’s why Julio picked 11 if I remember correctly.