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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to Mister pudding in Falcons: Arthur Smith gives explanation for Kyle Pitts’ absence during first red zone trip   
    That's the kind of game shape that 2 snaps in 3 preseason games gives you
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to Mister pudding in Forget Baldy just watch Warning It's Bad   
    Kudos to Hennessy blocking into the limbo position... least someone was trying
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to likeriver in Forget Baldy just watch Warning It's Bad   
    *snaps ball*
    Mayfield: iight imma head out
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    ShmevinShmarris got a reaction from PokerSteve in PFF Grades from Sunday 🙈   
    Lee Smith for starting LG
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to thofin21 in A team with more holes than swiss cheese drafted a safety with a premium pick who can't even break the starting lineup   
    Not ready to throw the whole team in the trash can after one game however ...... that was a P I S S poor showing on pretty much every level.
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    ShmevinShmarris got a reaction from Ergo Proxy in PFF Grades from Sunday 🙈   
    Lee Smith for starting LG
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to RoddyWhite84 in PFF Grades from Sunday 🙈   
    Jalen Mayfield finished with a 1.4 pass blocking grade
    my sign is sagittarius im into spanish cheese my hair is receding and im getting a weavee GETTING A WEAVEEE.. WHO WANTS SOME RONALDDDD TONIGHTTT??!!!!
    yeah thats what suh and vea gonna be saying to mayfield all day..who wants some ronald tonight 
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to Sidecar Falcon in Want someone to blame, start at the top.   
    Oh I’m starting at the top alright!!!
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    ShmevinShmarris got a reaction from Falcons_Frenzy in Matt Ryan won’t make it to the end of the season with this Oline   
    Cox ate everyone’s ***
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to opensource001 in 6 points?!? Dirk Koetter must be laughing his behind off   
    I know this is a radical concept but more than one person can suck at the same time. 
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to thanat0s in Did Matt Ryan attemp a pass over 10 yards?   
    He hardly had time to set his feet. A five yard pass was a big accomplishment behind that line play. 
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to grandcanyonaz in Ban me I dont care anymore   
    No ban! We are all going down with the ship.
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to AUTiger7222 in Pre Game Tomorrow   
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    ShmevinShmarris got a reaction from thanat0s in Pre Game Tomorrow   
    Lmao, gonna stiff tf out of him now
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    ShmevinShmarris got a reaction from celtiksage in Pre Game Tomorrow   
    Lmao, gonna stiff tf out of him now
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    ShmevinShmarris got a reaction from octoslash in Pre Game Tomorrow   
    Lmao, gonna stiff tf out of him now
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to Sidecar Falcon in The Table Is Set For Kyle Pitts To Break Some Rookie All Time Receiving Records...   
    So I did some number crunching to find out what an average stat line of a top 5 selection could hit. I also researched the top 5 records for targets, receptions, yards, and touchdowns for wide receivers. Some players didn’t play a full season their rookie year so I extrapolated their average game stats into a full 16 game season; these numbers are indicated by the “adj” next to the corresponding player’s name. I also rounded up these numbers for the sake of readability. 

    Wide Receivers drafted in the top four since 2000:
    2000: Peter Warrick
    2003: Charles Rogers
    2004: Larry Fitzgerald
    2005: Bralon Edwards
    2007: Calvin Johnson
    2011: AJ Green
    2012: Justin Blackmon
    2014: Sammy Watkins
    2015: Amari Cooper
    2017: Corey Davis
    2000: Peter Warrick - 126
    2003: Charles Rogers - 167 adj
    2004: Larry Fitzgerald - 115 
    2005: Bralon Edwards - 95 adj
    2007: Calvin Johnson - 100 adj
    2011: AJ Green - 123 adj
    2012: Justin Blackmon - 132
    2014: Sammy Watkins - 128
    2015: Amari Cooper - 130
    2017: Corey Davis - 95 adj
    Total: 1211
    Average: 121.1
    ADJ 17 game: 128.66875

    2000: Peter Warrick - 51
    2003: Charles Rogers - 71 adj
    2004: Larry Fitzgerald - 58
    2005: Bralon Edwards - 52 adj
    2007: Calvin Johnson - 52 adj
    2011: AJ Green - 70 adj
    2012: Justin Blackmon - 64
    2014: Sammy Watkins - 65
    2015: Amari Cooper - 72
    2017: Corey Davis - 50 adj
    Total: 605
    Average: 60.5
    ADJ 17 game: 64.28125

    2000: Peter Warrick - 592
    2003: Charles Rogers - 778 adj
    2004: Larry Fitzgerald - 780
    2005: Bralon Edwards - 820 adj
    2007: Calvin Johnson - 807 adj
    2011: AJ Green - 1128 adj
    2012: Justin Blackmon - 865
    2014: Sammy Watkins - 982
    2015: Amari Cooper - 1070
    2017: Corey Davis - 562 adj
    Total: 8384
    Average: 838.4
    ADJ 17 game: 890.8
    2000: Peter Warrick - 4
    2003: Charles Rogers - 10 adj
    2004: Larry Fitzgerald - 8
    2005: Bralon Edwards - 5 adj
    2007: Calvin Johnson - 5 adj
    2011: AJ Green - 8 adj
    2012: Justin Blackmon - 5
    2014: Sammy Watkins - 6
    2015: Amari Cooper - 6
    2017: Corey Davis - 0 adj
    Total: 57
    Average: 5.7
    ADJ 17 game: 6.05625
    Using the corresponding numbers I adjusted for a 17 game season and came up with an average number for top 4 pass catching selections. These numbers are rounded up as well.
    Adj 17 game Average for Top 5 rookie WR selections:
    Targets: 129
    Recs: 65
    Yards: 891
    TDs: 7
    For a player of Pitts caliber, the average numbers are completely doable, and honestly he should be able to smash them given this next portion of data finding. Here were the corresponding QBs for each of the top 5 WR selections.
    2000: Peter Warrick (Akili Smith)
    2003: Charles Rogers (Joey Harrington)
    2004: Larry Fitzgerald (Josh McCown)
    2005: Bralon Edwards (Trent Dilfer)
    2007: Calvin Johnson (Jon Kitna)
    2011: AJ Green (Andy Dalton)
    2012: Justin Blackmon (Blaine Gabbert)
    2014: Sammy Watkins (Kyle Orton)
    2015: Amari Cooper (Derek Carr)
    2017: Corey Davis (Marcus Mariota)
    As you can see none of these Quarterbacks are even in the same stratosphere as Ryan. The closest ones would be Carr or Dalton. 
    Going even further into some data I pulled up the top 5 all time stats for rookie tight ends for targets, receptions, yards, and touchdowns. I also put the QBs along with them.
    Top Rookie TE Targets:
    1: Jeremy Shockey (2002) - 127 (Kerry Collins)
    2: Evan Engram (2017) - 115 (Eli Manning)
    3: Jermaine Gresham (2010) - 83 (Carson Palmer)
    4: John Carlson (2008) - 80 (Seneca Wallace & Matt Hasselbeck)
    5: Dustin Keller (2008) - 78 (Brett Favre)
    Top Rookie TE Receptions:
    1: Keith Jackson (1988) - 81 (Randall Cunningham)
    2: Jeremy Shockey (2002) - 74 (Kerry Collins)
    3: Evan Engram (2017) - 64 (Eli Manning)
    4: Mike Ditka (1961) - 56 (Billy Wade & Ed Brown)
    5: John Carlson (2008) - 55 (Seneca Wallace & Matt Hasselbeck)
    Top Rookie TE Yards:
    1: Mike Ditka (1961) - 1076 (Billy Wade & Ed Brown)
    2: Jeremy Shockey (2002) - 894 (Kerry Collins)
    3: Keith Jackson (1988) - 869 (Randall Cunningham)
    4: Charlie Young (1973) - 854 (Roman Gabriel)
    5: John Mackey (1963) - 726 (Johnny Unitas)
    Top Rookie Receiving TE Touchdowns:
    1: Mike Ditka (1961) - 12 (Billy Wade & Ed Brown)
    2: Rob Gronkowski (2010) - 10 (Tom Brady)
    3: Junior Miller (1980) - 9 (Steve Bartkowski)
    4: Hunter Henry (2016) - 8 (Philip Rivers)
    5: Joseph Fauria (2013) - 7 (Matt Stafford) *five tied for 5th
    Looking at these top stats of all time rookie tight end seasons you can see a few things. The first being that if Pitts hits just the average stats for the adjusted 17 game season, he would be in the top 5 in every top all time rookie tight end category. The next thing you should notice is the Quarterbacks on this list and the corresponding play and age in those years. Ryan could easily be a top 10 QB this year. Save for a few, most of the QBS on this list didn’t have a good year. The final thing you should notice is Mike Ditka’s stats; they are without a doubt incredible. This leads me to my next stats; top wide receiver stats.  
    Top Rookie Targets:
    1: Anquan Boldin (2003) - 165 (Jeff Blake & Josh McCown)
    2: Kelvin Benjamin (2014) - 145 (Cam Newton & Derek Anderson)
    3: Kevin Johnson (1999) - 137 (Tim Couch & Ty Detmer)
    4: Justin Blackmon (2012) - 132 (Chad Henner & Blaine Gabbert)
    5: Amari Cooper (2015) - 130 (Derek Carr)
    Top Rookie Receptions:
    1: Anquan Boldin (2003) - 101 (Jeff Blake & Josh McCown)
    2: Michael Thomas (2016) - 92 (Drew Brees)
    3: Saquon Barkley (2018) - 91 (Eli Manning)
    4: Odell Beckham Jr. (2014) - 91 (Eli Manning)
    5: Eddie Royal (2008) - 91 (Jay Cutler)
    Top Rookie Receiving Yards:
    1: Bill Groman (1960) - 1473 (George Blanda & Jacky Lee)
    2: Justin Jefferson (2020) - 1400 (Kurt Cousins)
    3: Anquan Boldin (2003) - 1377 (Jeff Blake & Josh McCown)
    4: Randy Moss (1998) - 1313 (Randall Cunningham & Brad Johnson)
    5: Odell Beckham Jr. (2014) - 1305 (Eli Manning)
    Top Rookie Receiving Touchdowns:
    1: Randy Moss (1998) - 17 (Randall Cunningham & Brad Johnson)
    2: John Jefferson (1978) - 13 (Dan Fouts)
    3: Billy Howton (1952) - 13 (Babe Parilli & Tobin Rote)
    4: Odell Beckham Jr. (2014) - 12 (Eli Manning) *Six Tied for 4th
    5: Mike Evans (2014) - 12 (Josh McCown & Mike Glennon) *Six Tied for 4th
    As you can see, the average top 5 selected WRs adjusted averages wouldn’t put Pitts in any of the top 5 all time categories for these stats.
    Now if he were to match Ditka’s rookie statline his hypothetical end of season stats would be:
    69 Recs
    1307 Yards
    15 TDs 
    Now I highly doubt Pitts will be able to do this; it's more of a thought experiment. However if we take a look at Julio Jones rookie target numbers you can see that he was on pace for 117 (125 in a 17 game season) targets in his rookie year. Which nearly falls in line with the average targets I worked out before. If Pitts is a good as rookie year Julio (and stays healthy all season) he could hypothetically end up with;
    125 Targets
    71 Receptions
    1255 Yards
    11 Touchdowns
    Which would put him in the top 3 in every top rookie TE season category, and top 10 in every top rookie WR season category except receptions. Again this is a lofty goal, I don’t believe he could hit but it puts into perspective that it is at least doable.
    All things considered, Pitts is set to put up some good to great numbers his rookie season. He has a good QB, a tight end focused system, offensive minded head coach, and a true #1 WR to help him out.
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    ShmevinShmarris got a reaction from ⚡Slumerican⚡ in Pre Game Tomorrow   
    Lmao, gonna stiff tf out of him now
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to thanat0s in Pre Game Tomorrow   
    Well, if you came to town in a time machine, I can give you a bunch of great bars in the 90s. 😄
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to ⚡Slumerican⚡ in Pre Game Tomorrow   
    Hit up @gkgrimes he used to host some epic tailgates back in the day
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to ⚡Slumerican⚡ in Over/Under tomorrow   
    We've all tried to wash that turd out of our laundry..its best to just throw those drawers away and get some new ones before anyone sees them lol
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to thanat0s in Falcons Cut Copeland   
    Me trusting the process. 
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    ShmevinShmarris got a reaction from ⚡Slumerican⚡ in Over/Under tomorrow   
    You brought up a memory I forgot I had 
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to falconfansince66 in Who thinks that the Falcons should be able to beat these Buccaneers next week?   
    I'd rather see this happen than the other way around.  It would mean after the Bucs game, that we're both 1-1! 
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    ShmevinShmarris reacted to falconsd56 in Who thinks that the Falcons should be able to beat these Buccaneers next week?   
    To be fair... penetration beats every blocking system.
    But to your point the zone systems have natural holes in it that if you can exploit....you can actually  wreck it...both In the run game and in the passing game.
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