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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Mike Smith not name captains until midway through the season? I'm pretty sure he picked captains.
  2. Why ask other people for their opinion if they have to abide by yours? Personally I view Cravens as a Thomas Davis clone. I'd love for him to be our WLB. During interviews at the combine he even said that's where most teams have mentioned him playing. Our perfect SS is Miles Killebrew.
  3. We had alternate all red unis in high school with black helmets and everyone loved them. They're nice for a change of pace/special event but wouldn't serve well as a permanent color scheme. We'd only wear the uniform once. Like always, I think people are overreacting.
  4. Get him insight. In all fairness I wish we had these type of thought out debates over other topics.
  5. Too many people enjoy just being internet warriors. I've read about members meeting up before though.
  6. Andrew Billings Cravens Killebrew Then I'll be excited about this defense
  7. Yassss. Loves this guys athleticism he brings to our defense
  8. Came here for sound reasoning. Leaving disappointed.
  9. To be objective here Spoon has said that he'll do anything the team asks him to do
  10. ZBS can still effective without chop blocks. Just requires very athletic lineman.
  11. So many uninformed people in this thread. Cut blocks: legal, and completely different than a chop block Chop blocks use to be legal in certain situation for offensive lineman. NOT ALL CHOP BLOCKS WERE ILLEGAL UNTIL NOW. Yes this affects our running game.
  12. I disagree about qb's being the targets of trades. In the last decade of drafts ive watched there's usually trades when there's a run on a position being selected.
  13. It was a joke. Dude's been here for a coons age. Only poster I remember being here longer than kog is SacFalcFan.
  14. To be completely fair is an interior pass rush exactly what Mike Smith wanted?
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