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  1. Going to be a wild off-season. Natalie Egenolf (@NatalieEgenolf) Tweeted: Source is telling me Bears deal for Wentz is close. Foles is speculated to be included with another offensive player and a first rounder. Buckle up.
  2. Metcalf takes the cake but people sleep on how big David Boston was lol
  3. Crazy how fast life happens.. seems like just a few years ago he was getting fired after a 13-3 season
  4. So you want to trade the number four pick for last years second overall pick? Oh and he’s going to win DROY? Sign me up
  5. If we don’t get Wilson/Fields I’d love Ehlinger in the second. Would fit Arthur’s system perfectly.
  6. It’s fair to say that out of all of the players in the draft, those with the highest ceilings are usually drafted in the top 5. QB is the most important position on the football field. Why wouldn’t you want the most important position on the field to have the highest ceiling?
  7. If an edge rusher with Vics measurables is there at 8 you take him every time. People forget how big of a hole it was at the time.
  8. Hearing how he used Rodney in NE makes me hope he can use Neal in the same light
  9. Sewell. Generational talent. Lindstrom and McGary continue to develop making a transition to Hennessy even smoother
  10. Guy is very well spoken. Just listened to his press conference and found it very easy to pay attention to
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