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  1. You clearly didn’t watch many Carolina games last year..
  2. Tony seems like the guy where if Pitts reached out he’d do it for free..
  3. It’s all about memorabelia sales, look at the big markets. Instant mark up for teams.
  4. Just a passing thought.. but with Pitts as a legitimate red zone threat, Quintorris should obliterate his previous numbers of TDs in the red zone. Here’s to drafting BPA the rest of the draft.
  5. We know Oliver is bad. But Sheffield still has room to progress.
  6. “Are you comfortable with working the glutes area?”
  7. Mine was him putting butler on skates in the super bowl
  8. Worked for everything. Walked away with everything. Good on him.
  9. Cooper to me is like a Peerless Price.. better than a WR2, but not quite WR1. a WR1B if you will.
  10. Trade him as his dead cap hit would be much less then
  11. When a defensive player is the BPA on our board
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