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  1. These dry *** interviews make me miss Sean Weatherspoon so ******* much He brought the personality out of everyone
  2. I’ll be flying in for the opener and have been wondering about the state of the city in regards to covid. Also, any recommendations for a place to stay near the stadium?
  3. Was over fifteen years ago 😂 my account name at the time was DVD107 if it remembering right
  4. SacFalcFan made me a banner when I was in 9th grade. Don’t know if that guy is still around
  5. Can’t go no huddle too often while having a ****ty defense because you expose them by keeping them on the field too often.
  6. Bring back my uncle Larry too some things are better off left dead
  7. The dumbest thing I’ve read this week. Guy literally created Taylor Gabriel. Made Coleman an animal in the passing game. Allowed Freeman to thrive. Used Sanus catch radius.
  8. Pretty sure this is the draft where AP was drafted right in front of us
  9. Idk man Atlanta is a bigger market, and an international hub.
  10. Not saying the Hawks will get past the Bucks.. But Hawks v Suns is the matchup fans deserve. Both teams playing out of their mind
  11. This guy thinks we’re better than 4 other teams? Nice! three minutes in and this guy is all surface level
  12. I don’t give two ***** about receivers all I know is that if you don’t draft mike Davis this year you don’t like being good at fantasy football
  13. Which is why I said that the player would have to approach the front office about the paycut, not the front office approaching the player
  14. Easier solution would be a big company in Atlanta makes Matt Ryan their sponsor. They pay him $15m/year in agreement that his contract with us is $15m/year. We get Ryan for cheaper. Ryan gets better teammates. Win win.
  15. What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained
  16. Deion Jones and Koo deserve to be higher
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