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  1. Seems like traffic has been down since @ya_boi_j became a mod
  2. Josh Andrews willie Beaver Going to be a long szn
  3. If it means McCarron won’t play at QB for us again this year, it was worth it. Goodbye nerds
  4. Mama didn’t raise no bish A degenerate, yes But no bish
  5. Throwing for 125 and 2TDs tonight or I delete my account. Book it
  6. I saw it speculated earlier in the week on here— Was Arthur Smiths plan for starters playing time announced yet? Sorry if it’s been posted. Looked briefly and didn’t see anything.
  7. Unpopular opinion, but, if Ryan gets hurt, I don’t want us to have a good backup. At that point lose every game and lets secure the number one pick
  8. I think at this point Rodgers would take less money to go play in Tampa. It seems like everything is a pride thing at this point. My $.02
  9. Rodgers will go wherever he’s given the most control on a competitive team. With Brady retiring, he’ll be headed to tampa next season
  10. Didnt realize 85 was an adjuster now. Think this kind of interaction between players/fans/chad is a genius marketing move—advocating for ratings.
  11. If you look across the board most teams feel their players were shorted. Not because the talent isn’t there, EA is just trying to make a bigger difference between the “stars” and the “starters”
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