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  1. We had five first round draft picks on the OL last year.
  2. **** dude next to me didn’t show up until 3 mins left in the second quarter. Then dipped with 8 mins to go in the 4th
  3. Flew in from out of town, staying in downtown Atlanta tonight. Probably going to hit Stats and a couple bars nearby before the game. Is there anything noteworthy going on tomorrow near the stadium for pre game?
  4. Seems like everyone had their coming out party against us
  5. That’s an extremely relative statement. The way you beat wide zone schemes is with penetration—something the Bucs excel at.
  6. Month for free and you get to put a couple small business signs in their yard
  7. Ahhh, that’s exactly right. Guy was horrible.
  8. I don’t take snapping for granted anymore after the season we had before we brought Mack in. We easily lost two games that year to botched snaps—I wanna say it was Hawley but that doesn’t sound right.
  9. Are they going to have it open on Sunday?
  10. When you’re playing from behind the whole game it opens up a lot of running lanes.
  11. Seems like traffic has been down since @ya_boi_j became a mod
  12. Josh Andrews willie Beaver Going to be a long szn
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