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  1. Julio was on the hands team and had an opp to go grab it himself
  2. With the new customization features of iOS 14 does anyone have any Falcon themes?
  3. Vikes are steering that ship currently
  4. Did you watch the game? It wasn’t lucky. Foye literally peanut punched the ball out multiple times
  5. Oliver was solid today I thought. Terrell will grow. Kazee is hot garbage and Rico is overrated
  6. Because he sucks? Got it. Offense is averaging 32ppg. the issue is the defense
  7. Atlanta wins 27-21 Gurley 97 rushing yards
  8. A talking head choosing the larger market to talk about. Imagine that.
  9. Had my aunt been born with balls she’d be my uncle
  10. We can’t do anything about the past. Be happy we’re seeing a product of determination and hard work on our team now. Enjoy it while he’s in our uniform.
  11. That’s fine by me. Only way he gets paid next year is if he balls out this year. So ball out young man
  12. It literally cost us 7 points. There can’t be a worse single play than that
  13. If you’re job said they were going to let you walk next year if your performance didn’t improve you’d get better at your profession too.
  14. Without reading it I’d say Allen’s 40 yard PI (was like 3rd and 29) and Metcalfs TD on fourth down
  15. Increased his muscle mass for sure. Dropped some bf %
  16. So far this man has upped his play in a major way. Granted it’s against the Seahawks line but he’s been beating his man all day long.
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