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  1. I've watched the first three quarters at least 8 times lol
  2. To be fair I'm sure Freeman and the boys in the locker room have already discussed all of this.
  3. Alford, and Hardy without a doubt
  4. I actually thought it was pretty funny. You guys are too sensitive.
  5. **** I love Quinn. Zimmer used to be my favorite coach because of smart he is but seems to lack social skills. Quinn is every bit as smart and technical with the social skills to boot.
  6. There'll be no new wrinkles or plays worked into the playbook in the middle of June. Everything right now is about as vanilla as vanilla can get.
  7. that Sean with his shirt off?
  8. Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing if you're gonna watch it. Kids still in high school lol
  9. Thanks for finding it. That is disturbing man.. Even if he plays for Carolina I hope him nothing but clean health
  10. The image is broken for me?
  11. Southwest currently has a sale on all flights for the next three days. I'm looking at flying in for a game as the only Falcons game I've been to is when they visited us in Minnesota a couple years ago. Are you really able to get tickets that close to gameday? I'm wanting to go to the opener.
  13. I think him and Takk are gonna have some dog fights together this summer
  14. Just for the helluva it