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  1. I respect the fact that you admitted to not knowing much about the combine. I wish more people acted that way in discussions.
  2. +220 that the roof is closed
  3. Degens’r’us
  4. There’s a 10/1 prop bet on bovada that they’ll be open
  5. The obvious answer is no but has anyone heard anything definitive?
  6. Just tough wasting the best receiver of all time’s window of greatness
  7. You stay on that bs huh
  8. We can’t run the ball when our guards are getting slaughtered every play. **** we had to put Paulson in the backfield to block to complete a five step drop back
  9. Poor post 3/10 wouldn’t recommend
  10. You sound like someone who bought BTC at $18k
  11. I’m fine with trying to draw them offsides but definitely should have punted.
  12. Reaching harder than mj in space jam
  13. Have you seen him lately? Guy put on some pounds
  14. The best part was you could hear demps bounce off the ground