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  1. It goes hand in hand with our dline creating pressure!
  2. Literally could work for five years of your professions minimum salary and never work again.
  3. Dukes on that Kemal diet though
  4. His pregame talk is above average too
  5. My buddy told me bdubs is working on getting legal gambling in some of their locations
  6. Stopped watching when he started talking about Ryan’s pick to Garry. The problem was that he threw it right on a line and DIDNT have any arc.
  7. He’s not breaking coc this way ..or maybe he did answer himself haha
  8. Still on his rookie deal isn’t he?”
  9. Would be a helluva option rugby punt.. could run, punt, or pass from it
  10. Jamal’s a premiere player at his position but I don’t want him here. Was moreso throwing shade at all of the players changing teams like outfits.
  11. Your moms a hoe
  13. Mike Johnson is the only one I can think of
  14. Patrick Kerney I’m 27 so I didn’t get to watch most of the old heads.
  15. Thanks for bringing reasoning to a thread full of egos