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  1. On Madden hes better than Wes so get him on the field
  2. Surely youre just trolling
  3. Against oakland to neutralize Mack he called a **** ton of bootlegs. Shanny is a smart dude
  4. Can we make a list posters here who aren't allowed back on the wagon? I'll start: Parmenion Osiruz
  5. Sanu hit Heath right in the schnozz To note our db's have been legally putting dallas wr's on their *** all night. Got to thinj somerhing was said by our coaches in meetings. Its been at least 4 times.
  6. So you want to Mathews inside becausehe gets beat with power too often.. And your solution is to move him inside to face big *** defensive tackles every down ?
  7. That does look like about 2200 lbs of people wearing red
  8. Dude you create at least 3 threads per day. Get a ******* job
  9. Dez was also injured in their last game
  10. Explain to me how "fans on this site" giving a player a pass affects absolutely anything? Or better yet, how you not giving someone a pass affects anything? Don't worry I'll wait
  11. I think its because hes earned his stripes. Not saying he shouldn't be held to that same standard. But we know 9/10 times julios catching that. Im not sure if 9/10 times hooper is.
  12. Sarkisian what kind of drop was that!!
  13. But we motioned our fullback out wide for deception!!
  14. If people ***** and moan people will ***** and moan