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  1. At least Orlovsky reached out and apologized. Accountability is lacking in society these days.
  2. I'm all for trading down. Get an additional 2nd or 3rd and some draft capital for next year.
  3. Getting him in the 3rd would give us the opportunity to go other positions early. If he comes out.
  4. Im a Sooners fan...I wouldn't mind Ehlinger. Hes a gamer
  5. Thank you man. It was just an opinion.
  6. So if draft position doesn't matter...the winner of the super bowl should get awarded the #1 pick in the draft and the team with worst record should get the 32nd
  7. You're bragging about living in another man's body...haha do you bruh...no judgement from me
  8. I didn't know there were rules to this **** off. I usually don't respond in such a manner so I didn't know.
  9. Loser mentality? What good does going 8 and 8 every year do? And im glad you don't run the team..because you telling me to **** off would actually mean something then. Hahaha poor guy thinks his words matter. @$$
  10. Yep...this shows we have the talent. Just need proper coaching and a few pieces
  11. If we can't make the playoffs...then yes lose for a better draft choice. So why don't you *** off
  12. Pisses me off. Its like they purposely do what I dont want them. I want us to lose cause we're basically out of the playoff hunt...and we win and play good doing it. When I want us to win cause there's still hope...we lose. Life of a Falcone fan....
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