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  1. Probably so..but Antonio wont see this type of money ever. He's now in the locker room cancer conversation....such a waste of good talent
  2. Haha sons getting killed on his own post. Gotta check the facts before you throw stuff out there.
  3. Yea I'm not upset at all
  4. I love the pick. We run the ball more, control the clock and keep the D on the and ours off
  5. Alot of teams choosing Olineman over the guys all you experts are saying is better than the guy we chose. Jus sayin...
  6. I'm happy for him
  7. Yea I'm a Sooners fan and he killed is that. In fairness that was 2016 and our Oline was vaunted but still good.
  8. This tho....hilarious