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  1. Smells of TO honestly
  2. You put in some good work on this bro. If there was such thing as post of the year...this would be hard to beat
  3. I' hoping we get Dimitri Flowers
  4. I love it
  5. Amazing bro...good job
  6. Thank you sir
  7. Families held hostage and waterboarding
  8. You do realize if a FA signs with a team...he does so willingly. You do understand how that works right?
  9. Hahaha....Got em!!!!
  10. Ouch...dont do this to him. Let the man feel like he has a point.
  11. You beat me to it. Would be huge tho
  12. You do realize we got Poe 2 weeks into free agency last year
  13. A joke? No-one expected us to be back in the playoffs after the Superbowl meltdown...and not only did we make it...but we were the only team from the NFC to make it back to the playoffs. Smh....
  14. I literally can't with some of the people on this board right now people. The Whining, complaining and bellyaching is insane. We are three days in the free agency... 3. Over a month until the draft. There are still plenty of players to get for better deals. Do you honestly think the front office is sitting there thinking, " hey we don't want to win games next year... let's not do anything?" I question the football IQ of half of the people on this message board