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  1. Yep...this is my guy in the 4th if hes there
  2. I want Antonio Gibson in the 4th. Hes really versital. Hes not a feature guy so we can draft a feature back next year if Gurley doesn't pan out or wants top dollar. Either way Gibson is a jack of all trades type of back that can help this team regardless of who the feature back is
  3. This is exactly what I was thinking
  4. If Kinlaw is there at 16 we stay put...same with Chaisson. If both are gone I say we try to try back...if no takers we stay where we are and take Henderson at 16 and Malik Harrison in the second. If a trade back is possible...we take K9 and the take best available corner in the second. Address middle of the dline in third.
  5. This is my guy in the 4th. He returns kicks too. Draft a feature back next year
  6. That's not a crossroads man. Simmons is the easy choice
  7. Trade back...Kenneth Murray. Corner in the second.
  8. I mean the knee is bad for sure. But for the money we're paying him it's a great move. His production was down last year...but the Rams production across the board declined. I think he's gonna ball for us this year.
  9. Also true
  10. That's true...but people want DK fires after his first year. They wanted Sark fired after his first year.
  11. I'm ok with all moves made. You dont get stability in a franchise by firing a coach 5 years in and changing OCs every other year
  12. Yea...I usually dont rag on people post. But, this here is dumb
  13. I agree. The same will happen with Quinn. If the next coach struggles they same people calling for Quinns head will be saying how we should have kept him. I'm torn on what to do after this season tbh.