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  1. I remembered that well. That was one of the games that led to Smith being fired.
  2. Just get me improvement at the line of scrimmage (both sides)
  3. This offensive o-line needs upgrading. Hennessy killed that drive. Holding and not blocking the linebacker for making the play on Patterson. Smh. Need a new center
  4. They scrubs anyway. Pitts or Patterson should get the ball.
  5. Agreed, they need to trade down an accumulate as many draft picks as possible to build the trenches and fill the holes. Since they have no money to sign people. They still paying for players that's no longer on the team. AS needs learn from his mistakes and evolve.
  6. Since we are strapped for cash over the next 2 years due to the salary cap. Next year's draft regardless of position. We need to trade back and stock on many picks as we can. To address the trenches and other holes on the team. Smh
  7. With a backup punter and my defense playing bad all day. I would have gone for it. My bad defense is not coming back out. I live with the consequences of they don't convert.
  8. I got to put this loss on the defense. Too many dropped ints, busted coverages and that prayer from hienke should have never happened. If Fowler gets that sack the game is over. Smh
  9. Eric Bienemy was my first choice. Smith was my second choice. I'm going to give him 3 more games. Before I come out with a verdict on him.
  10. I know its early. Arthur's Smith time management was good down the stretch. Quin or shanny would have blown this game.
  11. They should be up by 2 tds against a team like the giants. This offensive play calling from Smith is disappointing. If they can't beat the giants.....Then they are as bad as the jets.
  12. Picking up Beasleys option Resigning Sam Baker Missed on a ton of o-line man. List too long to explain. Signing Matt Ryan and Julio to massive contracts that strapped this organization. Signing freeman
  13. He would have done nothing behind that line. In 3years when they are ready to compete. Fields would be too physically and mentally beat up. I've seen it happen to David Car when he played behind the expansion Texans o-line back then. He took so many sacks. That organization failed to put a good o-line to protect him. They ruined his career. I wouldn't take for a rookie QB now or next year. Keep Ryan as the bridge qb while you build both lines. When you draft a QB as a successor. He will have a good o-line to protect him.
  14. They did play better. The o-line is the key. It looks like when it comes to teams rushing 4 or when they ran the ball. They do better. Their downfall is communication on complex blitzes. If they clean that up. They can go on a winning streak.
  15. I was impressed when they ran the ball on the eagles front 7. When the penalties put them behind the chains. The game was over.
  16. Lol. It was just a matter of time til someone brought up his pre draft tweet up. I thought about that tweet when he was letting Matt Ryan get killed.
  17. I know it's just one game. But at the same time I'm concerned and optimistic. I look at the rest of their schedule. Outside Tampa and Washington. They won't see another d-line like Philly's until they see the saints on Nov 7. After Tampa. Their next games are Giants,Jets,Washington and the Panthers. Those are winnable games. And it should give the o-line more time to gel. By November I can only hope they are improved. And Smith is coaching better.
  18. That's very questionable. No Pitts in the RedZone on that play?
  19. Running game looked good and the defense fought to keep us in the game.
  20. It just one game. But I'm not liking what am seeing. These kind of games ruin Sundays.
  21. Cox will eat his lunch one on one. Once he is baptized. He would have learned alot about playing in the nfl
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