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  1. This off season kind of reminds me of the Horrible Bosses scene with that coke head son. When he said "Fire the fat,fire the cripple. Or I will fire all three of yall. Make the choice"
  2. It was against the saints. That a big deal to me. He let old man bress spin off him and score that td. You cant say you wasnt upset.
  3. Poole had some high lites with this hits on wilson and rodgers. I last image of him is missing brees on that tackle with alford. F...k it. Im glad him and alford are out of here.
  4. I was hoping for more power running.
  5. Arizona getting all our leftovers so far.
  6. No bandaid on this team. Cut it off. All of it.
  7. Wait till june to cut him.
  8. No big splash. Alot of quality moves for the lines.
  9. Damm. I was hoping we keep him one more year. Best of luck matt. Sigh
  10. Happy bday dirk!!
  11. About time
  12. They need to break the bank this year. Alexander and peterson.
  13. So they thought they were coming to atlanta. That what they get for assuming. Never overlook your opponent.
  14. Two words. Cody Ford