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  1. Nope. My in laws from no. Bragged about sweeping us. I told him we had players out. They wasnt hearing it. I hope we sweep them. I don't care what excuse they have.
  2. That nickname belong to zeke.
  3. The last time i had about him.He was being trolled on twitter for his easy work comments about minnesota oline this past spring.
  4. This was textbook 101 on playing bad football. These guys need to be taken to the back of the wood shed with the coaches.
  5. With 3 new starters on the oline. Koetter should have ran the ball alot. They got the power to do that now. Get the oline in some kind of rhythm. It would have slowed down their the bikes blitzing and help matt ryan. I expect for them to run the ball a ton against the eagles
  6. Ill hold judge till later in the season. Its just one game. And the oline need to gel more. With 3 new starters thats tough. We got philly at home,indy and tennesee at home. Not easy wins. But they have a chance to go 3-1.
  7. Terrible start. Offense need something on this drive
  8. I remember Quinn saying that the c and LT are good. The rest of the line. Scrub every bit of it. Coach you didnt scrub all of it. You have 2 scrubs still there. wes and ty. Smdh
  9. They better be blowning out teams in the playoffs. If it comes down to a fg. Given Walsh history with missing clutch kicks. They could break everyones heart.
  10. He carved out a nice career. Best of luck wor
  11. If duke finally turned the corner. These lbs are going to be dangerous. Nothing easy over the middle.
  12. Yep agreed. We got to improve the special teams.