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  1. I can see that happening of quinn gets fired after next season. I like the move.
  2. Quinn gets another year. Position coaches and coordinators good as gone.
  3. Wow. If we traded julio for some top picks. It would definitely free up cap space to sign pro bowl players on both lines. And add more depth to the team in draft picks. Man. I betcha Bellicheck would do it.
  4. Never. Still hurts
  5. Yep. Go all in on the trenches. Big uglies draft
  6. Like this guy? Dexter Lawrence dt clemson
  7. We need to draft for versatility on the dline. Player who can play de and dt. And a guard and rt in the early rounds. We should have no business drafting skill positions the first 4 rounds.
  8. We need to go rt and guard. The first 2 rounds. This oline needs help. And a free agent guard.
  9. Not worth me watching this team ruin my thanksgiving. Im going to watch creed. Already got my tickets.They broke my trust two weeks ago.
  10. Oline,oline and oline.
  11. Quinn needs to take over this defense NOW!
  12. I'll trade for him. Have you seen our corners play? A6'1 corner with oliver is what we need. He is an alpha dog. I would jump on this like a dog in heat. We know quin loves tall corners.
  13. Dam.