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  1. We are not losing at home against the saints.
  2. Just to think, two years ago we had the better offense with shanny
  3. I couldn't bear to watch it. Too painfull
  4. Bradley Chubb. If the falcons have the number one pick. Is I was a gm for the browns. I will draft josh allen.
  5. I don't mind this. The draft is unpredictable. Hill is not a bad option is most of the good dt are off the board. That running back could be a steal
  6. Don't know why Matt was staring down one direction. He should have turned his head and dump it off the Freeman.
  7. Chubbie to Atlantie?
  8. BPA or trade down
  9. I like Griffin. Give me vita or payne in the first and Hernandez in the second round. I'll be happy.
  10. Man,Cox and Johnson cap hit is high. Somebody's going
  11. A power running game. Pass action off of it. I few gadget plays here and there. Sounds like mularkey. But it simplifies the play calling for shark and take pressure of Matt Ryan. Controls the clock and keeps our defense fresh. It worked against the rams. They pounded them into dust. Jmho
  12. Hernandez or Wynn will be an impact upgrade. They look stronger than Daniel from Iowa. Daniels bench press concerns me. Daniels did 21 reps. Hernandez did 30. A no brainer here.
  13. This would be the year to go all in. Especially with the super bowl being in the atl. If I was the gm I would have done everything in my power to get Bennett. And strengthen my oline. Suh and Pugh are available. Restructure some contracts get them and worry about the cap next season after winning the lombardi.
  14. I swear to Godd!! We better knock this draft out the park.