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  1. Beasley gots to wrap up. Almost had eli
  2. I would stack 8 in the box. If they toss a td pass over our heads so be it. I would not let barkley hurt us.
  3. That whole defense need to tighten up.
  4. I like to see more of gage. He show some flash.
  5. Alot of attention. If rushing game is on point. We can hold leads better.
  6. Thank god. Cant take anymore injuries
  7. I like your optimism. We shall see. We cant afford to lose anymore games. Very little room for error.
  8. If we can keep him around alittle longer. I think next two years. The offense and defense should be in sync. Should get a Lombardi out of those years. If quin improves his situational play calling. Sometimes i forget he still in his 3yr as a headcoach.
  9. Throw in a 5th rd pick and Beasley and see if they bite.
  10. Hopefully it gives them confidence going into the next game. The giants are next
  11. Yep. They almost won.
  12. Im just down. My morale about this team has been low since the superbowl. And this season is no better. Its been hard being a falcon fan.
  13. Tough call. I dont know. If they dont want to pay him. They better trade him to an afc team for some high drafts picks in return. And use those picks and added money to boster their lines.
  14. I guess i cheer for a second team maybe the rams since this team is done. Ive already looking toward the nfl draft and offseason. This draft is more loaded with talented dlineman and olineman than last year. I would love to see this organization really kill the next draft.