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  1. He was the brains of the defense and a good tackler. But lacked explosiveness to be a true difference player on defense. We needed more from that position.
  2. Reaching for needs is what got dimitroff and quinn fired.
  3. If Sewell is taken early. Chase or smith could fall to us. And fontenot will pull the trigger. Fontenot said he will draft the bpa. He also said there's nothing wrong with adding to a strength. Chase or Smith will make this wr corp scary.
  4. That's a nice candy store of prospects. Fontenot will take bpa each round. Regardless of position. He won't be reaching for need.
  5. I"m hoping we get them. Our special teams need improvement
  6. This board will implode. If they trade up for a qb
  7. I whether trade down grab extra picks. And pick najee harris or the kid from Tulsa. Since this running back group is deep. I might go with the kid from tulsa first then trade back into the 1st rd or stay pat in the 2nd rd and draft a rb.
  8. Dean pees is a home run. Look at his resume. The titans d was bad once he retired. Let him coach here for 2 years and groom a defensive coordinator.
  9. 1. Smith has more weapons to work with in atlanta. 2. Smith being from Memphis TN. He wants to stay in the south closer to home.
  10. It's not about the trade up. It's about signing a scrub qb osweiler to a 90million dollar contract. And if it wasnt for the browns. The Texans would be ****** because of this bone head decision. The browns saved his ***. If he didnt sign osweiler in the first place he wouldnt have to trade picks to get watson.
  11. I hope so. If they hire him. I see him going after Deshaun Watson.
  12. I take fontenot. Rick smith drafting past in the middle rounds and him signing osweiler. Concerns me
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