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  1. This is why the defense will have a high turnover. They already gutted the safety position. As won't tolerate that bs
  2. That's why am not worried. We have a good offensive minded coach that will bring a running game. And a better passing scheme by committee. This is a team game.
  3. Yep. Doesn't matter which camp it is. When smith got there. He said he will hold all players accountable. Especially the vets. That let's me know he will run all camps like that. I remember the Tennessee titans player Jonnu smith said he held him accountable day one. And he is a vet and one of their best players
  4. Great insight. That's why dq teams finished 7-9 and 4-12. All rah rah, but very little coaching. This regime is clearly about xs and os,attention to detail and accountability. And smith gives no one praise after practice. He makes them think they are still playing for their jobs
  5. I'm a razorback fan. I saw him play at Arkansas. I was not impressed with him because of his decision making. Throws picks at crucial times of the games. I hoping its because of coaching. The coaching staff at Arkansas was garbage
  6. Week 4 will be a tough game. I would be more worried if they had a good qb
  7. I'm glad we got Hawkins. Why did he go undrafted?
  8. I'm thinking ground and pound offense. And an opportunist defense.
  9. If pees signed off on this pick. I'm ok with it. The secondary needs help. They need to go pass rusher or rb soon.
  10. Fills a need. He was projected to go 1-2 round. This is a steal
  11. If he was a 1rd pick. This is a steal in the 3rd round
  12. Maybe we can trade back into the 2nd and get him
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