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  1. If they move up. Its for kinlaw. Td said we need more gamewreckers. Getting another disruptive dt besides grady will definitely wreck alot plays. More than and olb would. Kinlaw and grady will make life miserable for brees and brady.
  2. Something tells me with all these fa moves and cap space. They are going to move up to get young or kinlaw.
  3. Kinlaw wont make it to 16. The 49ers,lions and bucs are looking for dlineman as well. If we really want our gamewrecker. Trade up and get him if he falls out of the top 10
  4. To me he can play a de in a 3-4 scheme. Not enough explosiveness for a de in a 4-3. I think he can thrive as a de in a 3-4. We run a 4-3 scheme. I like espanza but he wouldnt be a scheme fit here. Unless we run more hybrid 4-3 schemes.
  5. I would love that. Suh,fowler.grady or kinlaw. That dline becomes mean and nasty.
  6. Kinlaw wont fall pass the 49ers,the jags and the bucs. Who are drafting ahead of us. They have to make a julio jones type trade to get him. If you feel he can make them a top 5 d. Pull the trigger.
  7. Agreed. If they dont. Thats td and quinns ***
  8. Sigh. We got to get a pass rusher.
  9. Good. I can live with that.
  10. Man. They aint playing around today
  11. Ill take henderson or kinlaw at 16.
  12. Behind chase young. The de class is trash. Oline and dt class are deep. So, if the a top olineman falls into our lap like Ridley did you have to draft him. It will solidify the oline. I'm hoping kinlaw falls into our lap.
  13. Agreed. We will be a pro bowler day one
  14. If a top 5 talent like thomas sides to us. We have to draft him. Side mcgary inside and the oline is solidified.
  15. This is a weak de class. Last years de class was deep. We should have picked up one in the early rounds last year. He need to get quinn or fowler in free agency. If kinlaw or chaisson not available. Trade down and get swift or weaver. We can get lg.olb and dt with 3 2nd picks. But what if andrew Thomas fell in our lap? Like ridley did.