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  1. Chiefs. In a close one, because Shanny will have a brainfart and forget to run the ball.
  2. Between Denard and Sheffield. The slot will be closed on sundays
  3. If he has a big year. They will be a top 5 defense.
  4. I want this dline to put this mf on ir permanently.
  5. Traman williams will be a welcome addition. Him and witt can teach this young secondary alot.
  6. Sounds like a td pick. A reach but a good player.
  7. I hate the pick. But who know witt might make him a pro bowl corner
  8. Chassion,murray and queen on the board. They passed them up for a cb thats grabby and gets burnt in coverage.
  9. We need to stand pat or trade down. If the player we want isnt there.
  10. They have to know. Bucs just got gronk. Simmons would be perfect to lock up their tight ends
  11. I can see them reaching for him in the 2nd round. Don’t be surprised.
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