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  1. That's what I call an out the box hire.
  2. Beautiful story. I think if he is hired as the gm here He would give bieniemy the job. Just my humble opinion
  3. I know nobody wants to watch it. But I need to see the breakdown on the second half defense. Was it on coaching or the players? Maybe both?
  4. Josh McDaniels runs a chameleon type offense based on their opponent. I wouldn't mind him or bieniemy.
  5. I remember what bill belichick said last year. Talent cant overcome poor coaching. That is what we have right here.
  6. Chiefs. In a close one, because Shanny will have a brainfart and forget to run the ball.
  7. Between Denard and Sheffield. The slot will be closed on sundays
  8. If he has a big year. They will be a top 5 defense.
  9. I want this dline to put this mf on ir permanently.
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