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  1. Not one person above me read the article before posting. haha Yeah, I'm done. Enjoy your fake plastic ******** Lombardi when they legacy payback Ryan for helping throw this Super Bowl. The National Fix League isn't getting **** out of me ever again. **** them and **** Scamahan and Quinn for jobbing millions of people at once. You know, the WWE admitted it wasn't real and became a worldwide sensation. Why not just admit it?
  2. He's going to get paid big time. He had a big hand in fixing that Super Bowl so I expect him to get overpaid, around 10-12 million a year plus some plush endorsement deals.
  3. Tradition and selling the fix, of course. Do you really think they wouldn't do what they always do? I mean what, would they not drop the confetti after the win if it was fixed? Your logic is so flawed it's hard to believe you're being serious with this.
  4. Notice we also never ran the tunnel screen to Gabriel in that game, never really tried to throw to the backs, never ran the ball in the second half, made clock mistakes a little league team would not make, defended passes that could have easily be caught, along with a host of other "mistakes". No, this was not a loss, this was a fix...no question.
  5. Yeah, because there hasn't been a plethora of conspiracies that have been proven to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt. You faithers are a sad, weak minded little bunch of insult slingers with nothing of real substance to say. It's always just insults and denial. Ever heard of the six goddesses, MK Ultra, Project Paperclip, Operation Northwoods, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc? Yeah, it would take some effort on you guys' part so I didn't think so. And they call me low effort, haha!
  6. So when you disagree with someone you just attack the messenger? Is that somehow supposed to disprove what I said?
  7. Seriously? 25000 posts and this is all you can come up with. Sorry that I pointed out that your god isn't real.
  8. I found it to be highly interesting, didn't bother to research for accuracy. Did you make some of it up?
  9. That's because you're not a complete moron. You have to be next level stupid to believe Kyle's ego kept him from running the ball in the second half. You know what kept him from calling running plays? About $40million in SanFran to throw this game. And you know that you, I, or anyone else would have taken the deal, too. Should have known the fix was in when he let his playbook get stolen while preparing to play the Pats.
  10. These polls never work anymore, didn't you watch the election? They get brigaded and used as evidence of how you should think, because this one got so many more votes than that one.
  11. Ryan will win one before he retires, Sunday guaranteed that. You don't throw/rig/fix a game like that without assurance that you will secure your legacy as well. I've already stated he will win it in 2019 here in Atlanta or 2024. We will come back from behind to win, the shedding our choke artist moniker and bringing joy back to the city. It will all be a farce, of course.
  12. I don't see this team next year. I won't see any team next year. I actually emotionally invest as a fan and to see the trophy just gifted to the other team, I can't take anymore of that horsesh1t.
  13. Anybody wonder why Neal didn't crush Edelman during the "greatest catch ever" play? Him and Alford were in on the fix. Alford pops it up in the air, other defenders sell going for the pick when any other game they would lay out Edelman (especially Neal, wtf), then Alford kicks it up to Edelman to keep it alive so he can finish....and still nobody hits Edelman. Think about what I just said and watch it again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SiUNdkIwzQ You will notice people involved in these plays during big games often land endorsement deals and end up on TV after their career is over.
  14. It's good to see some people don't have their blinders on. Falcons fans, you just got punked by the NFL in the biggest way imaginable, the fact that you are willing to continue to accept this proves the inferiority complex people have around here. Another funny thing is how much more pushback this topic is getting over the last 2 days. When I first started posting that the fix was in there were some people saying maybe and most were ignoring it, now there are multiple brand new accounts along with some "veteran" members working to brigade this notion into the background. This is one of 2 or 3 threads that have reached 5+ pages since we lost and it's very interesting to see how split down the middle people are on this idea now. A year or two ago, 99% of the responses to this thread would be yeah right, whatever. I think the NFL really ****** up by making the Falcons look so universally incompetent in throwing the game the way they did.
  15. The problem with you people is you force people to think inside your little box, as if no money is being bet anywhere else because it is illegal. That's why it's setup this way, so they can throw Vegas in everyones' face when someone points out the obvious truth. You think the NFL wouldn't pay their losses and then some on the back end? Oh, but no, that could never happen; I mean when in the history of humanity have two companies ever colluded to draw more money out of their fanbase to recover losses on the front end? Well, h3ll, I could never imagine that has ever happened in the history of humanity little Johnny! So rudimentary, the **** you people come up with.
  16. What it means is I have spent countless hours and dollars on a fake, a produced and scripted TV show passed off as sporting competition. It's just sad.
  17. And then throw the tagline "conspiracy" kneejerk response to elicit the emotional response, in order to obfuscate what the person is saying by attacking their credibility. This stuff is so obvious. Either way, you care more than I ever will again about this now, that's for sure. With that said, I would like to thank the mods for giving us all a mostly safe place to vent and share our ideas and experiences. People like Gaucho and Brady are only here to steer the discussion to their desired outcomes, but the mods have done a wonderful job of letting everyone get this off their chest. In this day and age, your willingness to allow open discussion is refreshing. This is what the internet is supposed to be. Sadly, people like Gaucho and Brady have their agendas to flex on everyone around them and I really just pity them for having to live like that.
  18. Now this troll is just following me around mocking me, because I have the common sense to understand any child could have called the 2nd half of that game. Scamahan took the money and ran baby, you better believe it.
  19. Yeah, admit it and then call me crazy because I cannot accept that an NFL level coach would call a 2nd half like he called. Yeah, they paid Scamahan to sell this franchise down the river. I hope your hollow "victory" makes you feel better, but it clearly does not seeing as you see the need to troll the team that got jobbed on Sunday 2 days after the biggest theft in sports history. Yeah, such class. What an organization. You people make me sick. Come in here and call me crazy when our coach is making calls a middle school coach wouldn't be dumb enough to try. No, he got his $40 million and his revenge on Atlanta for daring to question his genius, ****ing little nepotism baby b1tch.
  20. Kind of funny that these responses offer both the textbook kneejerk emotional response and the kudos to the plan, with a veiled admission of payout. Very interesting.
  21. Whatever. If you can accept a trophy after eating the d1ck the NFL fed us on Sunday more power to you. I can't watch this WWE bull**** anymore.
  22. At this point you have to face the obvious truth, it is happening not because of incompetence but because the fix was in. Blank and Quinn got screwed by Scamahan, as did the rest of Atlanta. It's ok though because the Falcons are scheduled to win it all in 2019 or 2024 to cement the legacy of Ryan and bring Atlanta out of it's sports coma. Are you really going to enjoy that when you saw what happened here Sunday?
  23. If you are who you say you are then you have to understand that, as a competitor, all I want to know for sure is that it is an even playing field. I can never get behind what happened on Sunday because it was completely fraudulent, just like the BS Seahawks loss to them was. They keep framing it as people made stupid mistakes trying to outsmart BB, when in reality these people are making the kind of rudimentary mistakes you learn not to make in the 3rd grade. It's like forgetting 2x2=4. What that tells me is not that these peoples egos get the best of them, it's that one team was made to win and one to lose. We were setup by the Scamahan and it's co-conspirators.
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