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  1. I have mixed feelings about quinn. If it was any other coach that started 1-5, I would be calling for their head. I am still leaning towards the fire DQ bandwagon, but for these reasons. My reasons: -The main reason he was hired, was because of the Seattle defensive scheme, and success since 2011. That scheme seems to have been widely exposed and figured out by most teams. It simply doesn't work anymore, unless you have an elite DL, and we couldn't be any farther from that(outside of Jarrett). - While I don't think he lost the team by any means, I don't think the defenders believe in the scheme anymore(or at least lost trust In it). I still think the players love DQ and the relationship they have with him. - I like his positivity, but when we're 1-5, it almost sounds like blind optimism when he speaks. He uses the same words, and we are seeing the same results. For the most part, he still talks the same as he did during our SB year. I want a coach who changes his tone and words when we are getting different results. The minority part of me that is hesitant to be 100% on the Quinn bandwagon is for these reasons: - He has proven to bring this team to the highest of heights, even though we probably wouldn't have reached those heights without Kyle shanahan. - he has instilled a brotherhood, and I think the players still take pride in the brotherhood. I don't think he has lost the players belief in him as a coach, but rather the scheme. - he has a vision for this defense, and I think his scheme would work with a great lass rush. Although you could say that about any defense. - I can't get past where he has brought this team, and I wonder if the grass really is greener. Hindsight is always 20/20, so maybe we should have done something unprecedented in 2016, and that would have been to promote Shanahan to HC, and offer Quinn the DC position. At the time, I remember there were some people in the organization who wanted that to happen. At the time, it was the right call to keep DQ at HC, because the defense looked to be on the rise. With all this said, I think drastic changes need to be made. I think DQ is a great leader of men. The only way I'd want him back in 2020, would be if he was solely the HC, and we brought in a DC that ran a completely different scheme, but also that played towards the strengths of our highly paid defenders. I understand if that's hot doable though. I am coming around to the idea that DQ's schemes just light be outdated in today's NFL. I would also hate to lose such a great leader of a HC though. The other half of this post will probably come with much debate, as in not even convinced it would be right. The question is, do we while the slate clean, and REALLY go into a full rebuild? That mainly regards Matt Ryan. In a perfect world, we would make adjustments to the staff OR schemes this offseason, and really improve the DL and OL. That is slot easier said than done. I wanted to open the discussion, and gauge your guy's interest on that you guys think of taking a probably top 3-5 pick, and pick up a player like Tua Tagavailoa(sp?). Matt Ryan could potentially garner a 1st, for a team like Denver or Cincininnati. Is this off-season the time to make the bold, yet unpopular choice, of making a youth movement at the QB position? As of right now, I would ONLY move on from Ryan for ONLY Tua. I don't see any other QB In this class worthy of not only a top pick, but worthy of loving on from the greatest falcon in team history. If we make a scheme switch, and the team succeeds, it may be a while before we are in this draft position to get a top 3-5 pick to spend on a QB. What do you guys think? If we can find the right staff to replace DQ, then keeping Matt Ryan would be my choice, as long as we filled the holes on the OL with HIGH talent, while also spending a top pick on a player like chase young or Derrick brown. As a side discussion, what is your guy's opinion on TD's job security? That's another spot where you have to wonder if the grass really would be greener on the other side? He's definitely competent, but do we need a full slate wiped clean? I think he has done enough to keep his job, and has had success with 2 different HC regimes. He is a cap genius, while also having an eye for 1st round talent, although there is some arguments to be made there about bullets we dodged like carimi in 2011. I guess it's pretty vague, but what would you do in this off-season, if you were Arthur blank? From top to bottom, what would be your plan of action regarding DQ, Ryan, and TD? Please no hat towards other, because there really isn't a right or wrong answer with this discussion topic.
  2. "Needing" Quinn is a big reason why I'm hesitant to 100% be on the fire DQ bandwagon. He's had terrible choices in coordinators though, but I do believe keeping letter would be smart, if we do keep DQ. The second year in an offense is when you see improvements, and that is a big benefit to the players that haven't had him as a coach before. Most of Matt's INT's seem to be route confusion. Without those INT's Matt would be having the beat statistical season for a qb this year. We need a defensive revamping though, and for Christ sakes, we NEED edge rushers, and maybe even a top level FA signing on the DL, and those only if the right player is there. Do not overpay for mediocre pass rushing.
  3. Lol purely satirical. Used to be something along the lines of Darrell Shropshire the goat i think lol. If anyone takes it serious, than the joke is on them lol.
  4. On the Falcons official Instagram account, they have a signed julio Jersey, and 6 signed photos of players that they will be giving away to fans. One of those photos is Kazee. He commented on the picture, "take my picture out". I thinking hes obviously very upset he wasn't pegged to replace Neal.
  5. Tavecchio is trash, can't risk losing games or missing playoffs due to a bum kicker. Fix this now DQ and TD. He's been god awful all preseason.
  6. Would rather have it not carry over to the regular season where the margin of error is nonexistent. We have tough competition for the division, and playoffs, and it could come down to a simple win or lose, which could be decided by a kick or two. Missed waaaaaay to many already in preseason.
  7. Troffed
  8. Lol how is Kyle fuller 17 spots higher than Von Freaking Miller? Shaw Mason is higher that von Miller. Akiem Hicks is higher than von Miller. Deion Jones isn't even on the list? Sorry, but no way Grady should be higher than Matt and von miller. Nice to see him get some recognition, although the source seems to be ret@rded though.
  9. I don't think we would win a SB without Matt getting a ton of credit, give the offense's success is basically built around his success.
  10. 1. DeBo leads the league in INT for a LB, and is a top 3 PFF graded LB on the year. Also a legitimate DPOY candidate. 2. Truant returns to about 90% of his 2014/15 form. 3. Tavecchio underperforms, and we re-sign Matt Bryant by week 6 (unlike Tavecchio, and want him to flourish) 4. Grady hits double-digit sacks. 5. Cominsky ends up getting more snaps per game than Vic by the start of the playoffs. 6. Foye outperforms Campbell, and is the breakout defender of the year on the team. 7. Duke doesn't make the final 53. 8. Rico either loses a step, or gets re-injured(god forbid), but our defense improves with Kazee at FS, and Sheffield at NB. 9. Oliver finishes with atleast a 80.0 PFF grade. 10. Julio gets atleast 12 TD 11. Ryan finishes top 3 in MVP voting, and also has 40+ TD and less than 10 INT. 12. Freeman stays healthy, and performs well, but Ito Smith becomes a big part off the offense. 13. OL gives up 0 sacks in atleast 4 games, and less than 30 on the year. 14. We win the the NFC south, and have a first round bye. 15. DQ wins coach of the year, and coordinates a top 5 defense. 16. We are top 3 in TO differential. 17. Neal notches a career high with 3-4 INT. Might be considered very optimistic by many, but I think this is a VERY special group.
  11. Why were you doubting him? I am hoping the long term plan is to have kazee at FS, and Sheff at NB. You can't teach his speed and stuck to his receiver like glue alot of the time in college.
  12. Hoping Gage steps up and can take over Hardy's spot, and can hopefully give us what we were hoping to get out of hardy over the past few years. Other than a few timely catches, hardy has vastly underperformed, imo, since drafting him.
  13. Really? Shut up.
  14. The way his wife reacted to his release, im assuming he is healthy. I hope tavecchio balls out and we have our kicker for the next decade plus, but I think we let go of one of the best K in the league in favor of a youth move. It's nice knowing that if he isn't ready, that Bryant is still a FA.
  15. Duke doesnt deserve to be on the 53. Would much rather have Jermaine Grace take that spot. I actually like Grace alot as a depth LB.
  16. In the long run, I just hope we don't move on from Kazee in favor of Rico at FS. Achilles is a terrible injury. I wanted Kazee to replace him before the injury. Fits this defense so much better. Rico has just been a solid player, that I probably take for granted sometimes, but i think Kazee replacing him in the long run will make this defense take a big step forward. He will not be missed in some ways, will be in others, but Kazee would be missed much more if we let him walk a couple years down the line. If rico has lost a step this year, I hope Quinn is smart enough to make that replacement QUICK. He's just always been a player I have wanted replaced, because the FS spit can transform this defense, and while he doesn't do anything to hurt the team, he doesn't do much to elevate the team either, except for his experience on the back end, which is very valuable when lining up teammates and making calls. Kazee has had that duty for a full year now, and I hope we can make that transition sooner, rather than later. As long as it is at some point, rather than never. I also think NB is holding Kazee back from his full potential, unless he is on the field atleast 75% of the time, and Rico hasn't lost a step.
  17. My username isn't probably familiar with anyone here, as I've lost passwords for multiple accounts over the years. Been coming to this Message Board every day for about 15 years, and Tandy was always a constant. Hoping that our birds can put on a show for you this year! I also hope you get better in your personal life. Rise up for Tandy.
  18. I swear to god if we let kazee go in favor of Rico, we will regret that decision for years to come, and that was before the Achilles...
  19. As long as we win real life games, as well as playoff games, Idc. It's obvious they have an agenda, or don't really watch the games. Ridley for example, as already one of the deadliest route runners in the league, and has the stats to prove his one of the best young WR in the league. Kazee is a ballhawk that tied for the league lead in INT. Both of which can't break an 80? That's a joke. Simply a joke. Matt Ryan has identical numbers to his MVP year, and played behind an awful line(minus Mack and Bloodline),and be can't break a 90? C'mon man. Julio isn't atleast tied for the best WR rating? Ridley should be an 82-85. Kazee should be 84-86. Ryan should be 91-93. If Julio is a 98, then no other WR should be a 99. Takk should be an 84 minimum. Jake should be 85 minimum. Trufant should be 87 Max. Grady should be 91 minimum. Keanu should be a 90 minimum. Vic should be nowhere near Takk. Mack should be a 95 minimum. I think these ratings will be agreed with a majority of people that see this, and that's coming from a falcons fan, who tries to be unbiased when it comes to things like this.
  20. I can't fathom what your going through, but you **** well bet I'm hoping for the best. My grandpa always told me to plan for every outcome. We are all hoping for life to break our way, but life just doesn't do that sometimes. I don't mean that with any harsh intent. I just want everyone to know that life is not guaranteed, making the most of it right now, is what everyone on this earth should be focused on, instead of waiting til it's too late. I lost my grandma last year to dementia, and I still have some guilt for not going to see her on her death bed. I do and I don't. I justify it by telling myself I simply did not want to see her like that, and that it wasn't her. I still feel like I should have been there for her. One thing my grandpa reminds me is that anyone should never dwell on the past, because It can never be changed. I love you mash, even though we haven't had to many encounters on here(mainly because I didn't have an account for a long time, and was just a reader), I could always respect you because Sven though I didn't always agree, you always backed up your arguments and claims with science and truly believed what you were saying. I have loved your mash reports over the years, and sincerely want them back, but understand if you got other things going on. Like I said, I'm not religious, so saying I will pray for someone doesn't seem right to me, because I don't pray for people. I am going to **** well hope for the beat though, and also recommend that you live your life as if the worst will happen. God forbid the worst case does happen, it will give you a better perspective to cherish life, and the ups and downs it will bring. I'd give up a few fingers or a hand right now to make sure you were OK, but all I can do I say I love you, and everyone else on here, and I am going to hope for the best. Spend time with your loved ones right now, and we will all be here for you as well. I've never sent a heart emoji to a dude before lol, but there's a right time for everything.... <3 Mash. We all do. Life can she ****** as duck sometimes, but we must make the most of it, or it will fly by in front of ALL of our eyes. This goes for everyone on here. My one wish is that we get a SB in honor of your Fandom ASAP, and all the falcons fans dealing with a stressful personal life right now. It won't make anything go away, but it's a memory we all deserve, and one none of us have ever gotten. #RiseUp4Mash
  21. I cannot say that I have ever been in a situation like this, not am I religious. I can tell you what I would do in this situation though, already what I hope I would do, considering all of us will run out of time on this earth at one point. Here is what I would hopefully be able to do, if I was in a similar situation: 1) Starting now, plan as if there is no tomorrow. Spend every second of every day telling your loved ones how special they are, and how much they mean to you. Spend as much time with them as well, because tomorrow could be anyone's last day, theirs included. 2) Mend any relationships that may have ended, that you wish hadn't, or wish had ended on better terms. Peace of mind is something that can do wonders, no matter the situation. 3) Let go of any hate in you. That Amy be easier said than done, part of you I'm sure is very angry that thus could potentially be happening to you. Do your best to cleanse your soul of negativity and unhappiness, and bathe your soul in love and positivity. 4) Do your best to just live in the now, and 100% forget about the worries of today and tomorrow. 5) Make a list of everything you have ever wanted to do in life, and all the places you've ever wanted to visit, and do one thing each day, or make progress towards something on the list, everyday. 6) buy some falcons tickets, or season passes if you haven't already. Clearly this tram means slot to all of us, so just enjoy doing everything you love on a daily basis. 7) Truly live like there is no tomorrow. I don't mean everyday will be extravagant and luxurious , but do your best to never lead another day that will lead you to regrets at the end of the day. 8) spend some time with some people who have shortened clocks as well. Talk to eachother, and really spend some time with some people that are trying to make the most out of their time as well. IMPORTANT: Ask them(or someone you love) to make a list of things they want to do before their time on earth is done, and help them/others achieve their wishes as well. It will feel better than crossing things off your list, because you would be making a powerful impact on another human being, which I think is the most amazing thing someone can do in this earth. 9) similar to #8, but just do your best to make an lasting impact on other people's lives. We will all run out of time at some point, and do your best to leave a meaningful impact on already one person, if not many more, so that your presence on this earth will be felt, even after your gone, whether that's 5 or 50 years. 10) death is always going to be a scary thing, but I think if everyone is at peace in their mind, and have truly rid themselves of any regrets, than death is far less scary than you would have ever imagined. I think that's why some people are not afraid of death at all. That's because they understand that it is inevitable, and they are at peace by filling their hearts with love, leaving behind any negative thoughts or emotions, and doing their best to leave an impact on other people's lives. When the day comes for everyone on earth , there is only one thing we can take with us to the grave. Not money. Not cars. Not anything physical. The only thing we can 100% take to our graves is the impact, feelings, and memories we have left the people behind us with. The 100% raw emotions and love that others will remember us by. That's why I said making amends and impacting the youth, or other who may be struggling, will give you most joy. Simply just make a daily goal of helping another human being. I also wanted to say that I love you, along with everyone on here. Everyone has good and bad in them, and love and similar emotions is what I believe the key is to everyone doing their part in making the world a better place. Peace and love sir.
  22. Pat Schiller used to be cold AF sitting in the back with sun glasses, and not moving no matter what. D Block was a great show. The show should be resurrected with DeBo being the host.
  23. I think they really wanted Tytus Howard, but they were not looking to move all the way up to the early 20's. I think their board for RT probably looked like 1) Jonah 2) Tytus 3) McGary
  24. I'll get these early UDFA reactions out of the way first, before we get into the 'meat' of the post:(Devon Johnson through Logan Scott were just now added at 4:19 AM on Monday) - Devon Johnson OL Ferris State - Johnson is a mammoth at 6'7" 338 lbs. Unlike most UDFA, he actually got to display his skills at the combine. At the combine, he posted a 5.16 40, 27.7" vertical, 7'5" broad jump, 8.34 3-cone, 5.28 SS, and 26 reps on the bench. He was a first team All conference the last 3 years, the conferences OL of the year in 2018, and played in the D-II championship in 2018. Due to his size, and lack of movement, he is projected to only be able to play RT. He will be facing an uphill climb against McGary, Samrailo, and Gono. - Tre Crawford UAB LB - Another out of this world athlete at LB. Crawford, standing 6'1" 228 lbs., rand the 40 in 4.61, posted a stunning 42" vertical, a 10'5" broad jump, a damaged to throw up 19 reps on the bench. Kyle Crabbs of called Crawford a "stud" after that pro day performance. Crawford was a player I was interested prior to his pro day because he posted 12.0 TFL and 8.0 Sacks in 2018. He is a undersized pass rusher with a solid build for a situational pass rusher, and incredible burst and motor. He's simply relentless. - Jayson Stanley WR Georgia - With only 4 rushes for 81 yards, and 3 catches for 32 yards in his career, you can guess why he's picked up. At the Georgia Pro Day, he posted a low 40 of 4.37, and did it at 6'2" 207 lbs. Even more surprising he got this opportunity after getting a DUI and possession of marijuana(both later dropped) at one point in his college career. He's described as a player the coaches love, because he comes to practice everyday, treats it like his job, and does his best to improve. He was also a member of the UGA track team. - Shawn Bane Jr. WR Northwest Missouri State - Coming in at 5'11" 169 lbs., Bane Jr. had one of the most interesting statistical careers at NW Mizzou State. Its interesting because he peaked his stats in his freshamn year, then dropped every year after. In 2015 he posted 82 Rec, 1,207 yards, and 8 TD. In 2016 he had 31 Rec, 707 Yards, 10 TD. In 2017 he had 51 Rec, 675 yards, and 6 TD. He capped off his career in 2018 with 32 Rec, 589 Yards, and 5 TD. Bane Jr. is also a stellar return man, and posted a 4.38 40 yard dash. He's an electrifying player with the ball in his hands, and he has that 2nd level of speed that many players would kill for. - Tony Brooks-James RB Oregon - Brooks-Jamea posted 1,863 yards in his career, 18 TD, on 283 carries, for a 6.6 Avg. He also has 40 Rec for 392 yards and 2 TD. He comes in at 5'9" 190 lbs. and ran a 4.45 40. He also posted a ridiculous SS(4.17) and 3-cone(7.2). Brooks-James also put up another impressive number in the broad jump, with a 10'7". - Kahlil Lewis WR Cincinnati - Lewis has decent size at 6'0" 195 lbs. He had a solid career with 168 Rec, 2,116 Yards, and 21 TD. He has been consistent, but not stellar, as he has never hit 1,000 yards in a season, but hit atleast 600 his last 3 seasons. - DaVondrick Lison DL Southern Arkansas - Similar to Shawn Bane Jr., Lison peaked statistically in his freshman season. In 2015, he tallied 17.5 TFL and 9.0 Sacks. 2016 was an inury plagued year, as he only posted 2.0 TFL and 2.0 Sacks in minimal games. He bounced back in 2017 though, to the tune of 16.5 TFL and 7.5 Sacks. In his final season, he was solid with 10.0 TFL and 3.5 Sacks. Lison is another undersized pass rusher to be an UDFA this year, as he is listed at 6'2" 235 lbs. - Logan Scott TE UAB - Coming in at 6'5" 250 lbs, Scott may surpaide you by his numbers, as he finished his career with only 6 Rec, 70 yards, and 2 TD in his career. He had 51 career Rec yards and was named to the John Mackwy watch list prior to 2018(top TE in CFB). He was named to the watch list because he is a dominant run blocker, and was a huge factor in blocking for UAB's stellar rushing attack. Having a TE like this on the roster is key to any versatile ground game. If Stocker doesn't pan out, or gets injured, Scott could potentially be kept on the 53-man or practice squad as our long term option as a blocking TE. - Olamide Zaccheaus Virginia WR/RB Virginia - Listed at 5'8" and 188 lbs., Zaccheaus had a pretty productive career at UVA. After a 2018 season that tallied up 1,058 yards and 9 TD, he finished his career with 2,753 yards and 22 TD in 4 productive years. He has some experience running the ball with a career accumulation of 551 yards and 2 TD on 7.0 YPC. I wonder if his size and experience at RB would allow him to move their during cam, but that's all speculation . - Alec Heldreth DL Clarion - Heldreth has had one of the most unlikely trips to have a chance at an NFL roster spot. He started his career at Lake Erie College, and was only mildly productive. In his Freshman season(2014), he notched 2.0 TFL and 1.0 sacks. He made improvements in his Sophomore season(2015), and his production rose to 6.5 TFL and 6.0 sacks. He did not compete in 2016, and I'm trying to look more into finding the reason why. In 2017, he continued to chase his dream while attending Clarion University. In his first season at Clarion, Heldreth had 8.0 TFL and 4.0 sacks. 2018 was his best year to date, as many would imagine if he wanted any shot at a 53 man roster, and he took advantage of the opportunity with 12.0 TFL and 5.5 sacks. Heldreth cimes in at a listed 6'4" 270 lbs. He has a solid frame, and has the looks of a raw NFL lineman. - Jaelin Robinson OL Troy - Robinson is a tlbug man at 6'3" 336 lbs. Shared RT duties in 2016, and his role expanded in 2017 as the team's designated 6th lineman. 2018 was his first opportunity to start, and he gained alot of experience alog the whole OL in 2018. He started out 2018 as the starting RT, moved to LT while preparing for week 3, and moved to RG after week 10. He started all 11 games in 2018, and has the look of a raw, powerful OG prospect. - Rashard Causey CB UCF - Listed at 6'0" 195, Causey saw his first consistent PT in 2018. He did not record a INT in his career, but had 7 PBU, 4.0 TFL, and 2.0 sacks in his career, all of which came in 2018. - Trevon Sanders DT Troy - Listed at 6'2" 327 lbs., Sanders is much quicker and has a better burst than those numbers would suggest. He was at least a heavy contributor all 4 years at Troy, and became a full time starter about halfway through his sophomore year. In his 4 years, he totalled 108 tackles, 16.5 TFL, and 6 sacks. The only Pro Day related numbers I found was that he put up 22 reps on the bench. - Durrant Miles DL Boise State - Miles has great size at 6'5" 261 lbs. He is also an underrated athlete. At Miles' Pro Day, he posted a 4.81 40, 4.30 SS, 7.14 3-Cone, 34" vertical, 9'5" broad jump, and out up 24 reps on the bench. If you take out his freshman season(pretty much didn't record anything other than 3 Tackles), he recorded 17.0 TFL, and 7.5 sacks in his final 3 seasons. Each season was a statistical improvement on the previous season. - Parker Baldwin SS San Diego State - Baldwin was a steady contributor for SDSU, as he played in all 54 games of his collegiate career, becoming a starter early on in his sophomore season. He was the team leader on the field and in the locker room. Over his career, Baldwin accumulated 258 Tackles, 7.5 TFL, 21 PD, 6 INT, 3 FF, and 2 FR. Listed at 6'1/2" 202 lbs, Baldwin was regularly used as an in-the-box SS. He posted a 4.56 40, 7.07 3-cone, 4.27 SS, 10'4" broad jump, 32" vertical, and 15 reos on the bench. Baldwin is my early favorite, even over Wilcox, to be the backup to Kanu Neal. He is a great athlete, and a former HS track star. His bread and butter is making big hits in run supports, and often lines up near the LOS. A year or two in an NFL weight training program, and he could be a very solid backup SS, with his athleticism separating him from other run stuffing SS's. - Kyle Vasey LS Penn State - Listed at 6'2" 231 lbs., Vasey is a great LS from a powerhouse school. I'll be honest, its been near impossible to find anything of note on him, other than he is a great LS prospect, and even had a pre-draft visit with teams. That's quite uncommon for LS's. - Del'Shawn Phillips LB Illinois - Phillips is a LB that fits the DQ mold. Listed at 6'2" 220 lbs., Phillips is that slightly undersized freak athlete at LB that Quinn loves. At his Pro Day, he posted a 40 of 4.59, vertical of 37", broad jump of 10'1", and 20 reps on the bench. Over his 2 years at Illinois, he racked up 180 Tackles, 10.0 TFL, 2.5 Sacks, 4 INT(all in 2018), 5 PD, 1 FF, and 1 FR. Phillips flies around the field, and plays up to his timed speed. - Preston Gordon DT Texas Tech - After playing his first 3 season at Rice, Gordon graduated and would use his final year of playing eligibility at Texas Tech, in hopes of getting more attention from the NFL. Gordon did not produce as well at Texas Tech as he had hoped. In 2018, he posted only 2.0 TFL and 0 sacks. In his 3 years at Rice, he must much more productive with 18.0 TFL and 7.5 sacks. Gordon is the stereotypical undersized, quick DT, and is listed at 6'1" 280 lbs. - Willie Yarbary DT Wake Forest - Another potential 3-tech, as Yarbary is listed at 6'2" 285 lbs. Other than a 0.5 TFL his freshman year, all his production came over the past 3 years(most over last 2). In the last 3 years, Yarbary notched 21.0 TFL and 12.0 sacks. In 2018, he had career highs in both, with 11.0 TFL and 5.0 sacks. That's good production from a DT at a big school. He could be a sleeper in camp. - Jackson Harris TE Georgia - Listed at 6'6" 250, Harris brings some much needed size to the TE room. He only has 8 career catches for 79 yards. He is an above average blocker though, and his frame and length offers potential as a pass catcher with a big catch radius. Now, on to the main attraction: R1:P14 - Chris Lindstrom RG Boston College - Like many, I was shocked when we saw Roger Goodell announce Lindstrom's name. In years 2008-2018, TD would have called the OG improvements good enough after FA. That's why we were surprised I think, because all we wanted was OL before FA. We were used to TD patching it up, and focusing on other positions com draft time. TD grew as a GM this year, because he didn't stop at FA for OL improvements. He now has a phenomenal RG prospect, and hungry veterans pushing him for a starting job in camp. That competitive environment is what grooms young prospects into successful veterans. Other than Nelson and Martin, Lindstrom's my highest rated OG prospect since Brandon Scherff. He's got that rare combination of top level power, athleticism, and grit. He's the type of player that will probably end up being the highest rated rookie OL by PFF this year. I have no doubt in my kind that he will be a top 7-8 guard by the end of year 3, and possibly sooner. Lindstrom has the skillset and tools you look for in an elite OG in today's NFL. Having Mack next to him will also benefit his play, and learning curve. He is a great pass blocker, and an elite run blocker. I think you could qualify him as an elite pass blocker, had he been in a more pro-style offense. Heck, I think he would've been drafted before 14 had he been in a more balanced offense. If the offense is clicking early in his career, expect at Pro Bowl nod before year 4. R1:P31 Kaleb McGary OT Washington - When I saw we traded up, I was sure it was for Cody Ford or Greedy Williams. After I let it sink in, this pick made too much sense. I think we wanted Tytus Howard, but McGary was a close 2nd. I think McGary is about 1-2" of additional arm length from being a top 20 pick, and an elite RT prospect. The fact that he will be playing right next to Lindstrom, will be even better because they are both 2 of the grittiest OL in this draft. Like Lindstrom, McGary also excells in north run blocking, and pass blocking. While I think he will win the starting job by week 1, I think the coaching staff wants him to truly take it from current RT Ty Sambrailo. He's not going to ascend to elite level as quick as Lindstrom probably will, but I think he will be a top 6-8 RT by the end of his 4th year. With a line of McGary - Lindstrom - Mack - Carpenter/Brown - Matthews, we will have one of the best OL in the NFL for 2019. R4:P9 Kendall Sheffield CB Ohio State - Sheffield is arguably the most athletic CB in this entire draft class. I think he has the versatility and athleticism to play either outside CB, NB, or FS. He is going to excel in press man coverage at CB, and his speed is going to be a real weapon on this defense. We can match him up against the Brandon Ccooks and Tyreek Hill's(if he's playing) of the world. He has the potential to be what we always wanted Robert Alford to be. He usually sticks with his matchup like glue. We now have Sheffield to potentially matchup with the opposing teams fastest WR, Oliver to matchup with the opposing teams longest/tallest CB, and Trufant to match up with the opposing teams best overall WR. Opposing offenses are going to have trouble finding matchups to exploit. R4:P33 - Cominsky has been someone who I think I've had in all my mocks since the Senior Bowl. Other than Lindstrom, Cominsky is my favorite pick in this draft class. He is an upper echelon athlete at 286 lbs. He has the versatility that Quinn lives, as he can line up at any position on the DL. I want this to be clear, I'm NOT making an overall comparison to JJ Watt, but the blend of size and athleticism has reminded me of JJ Watt when he was coming out since I saw him at the Senior Bowl. He's nowhere near as polished as JJ when he was coming out, but he physically and athletically reminds me of JJ as a prospect. He is already a stellar run defender from the inside or outaide. He has showed plenty of flashes for me to believe he could become a solid pass rusher down the line. I simply love this pick, and have been wanting him under the tutelage of DQ for months. NFL strength programs will take his already great strength to a whole new level. When he matches his production with his potential, he will be dominant at times. When you hear him talk, you can sense he us someone who will steadily improve due to high character, work ethic, and toughness. R5:P14 - Qadree Ollison RB Pittsburgh - Along with Cominsky, Ollison has been my RB of choice for this team since January. He is NOT JUST a power back. He has great vision, and enough breakaway speed to make defenses hurt. He rarely goes down on first contact, and will be the PERFECT compliment to Ito and Free. It's his vision and deceptive speed that has sold me on him from the get go. Not comparing his build to Turner, but his combination of power, vision, and deceptive speed is what reminds me of Michael Turner. Ollison may even take Ito's spt as the #2 RB on run plays, or the success of him and Ito could make Freeman expendable if he does not stay healthy/return to form in 2019. R5:P34 - Jordan Miller CB Washington - I had him on a long wish list of players I wanted in rounds 4-7. While I think Sheffield may bring more to the defense as a whole because of his speed and versatility, I think Miller has the higher potential as as an outside CB. The selection of Miller makes me believe that Sheffield will be competing for either NB or FS snaps, along with outside CB. I think Miller will solely be an outside CB though. Miller is an incredible athlete and has ridiculous length. He will give us a nice #3 option for the outside, behind Trufant and Oliver. R6:P31 - Marcus Green KR/PR/WR - One of the best EARLY competitions in camp will be the veteran-rookie battle at KR/PR between Kenjon Barner and Marcus Green. I emphasized early because I think Green will win it, while also adding some deep speed at the WR position. Green is an ELECTRIC return man, and that's something we have been lacking since Allen Rossum's prime/a few games of Devin Hester. A dynamic Returner is something that can add a couple wins to a teams season record. He's going to out us in better field position regardless, but will also be a threat to out 6 points on the board with every return he takes. I am really excited about this addition. All in all, I think this is one of those drafts that will confuse the casual fan, but people who regularly scout as a passion will already acknowledge that this was a phenomenal draft FOR THIS TEAM. Thus may have been a horrible draft for 20-30 other teams. That's what makes our draft since DQ got here so successful. He has a clear vision for each player and if you are familiar with the prospects, you should be able to see that vision as well. I see it. It may not be a star studded draft, but we got a ton of 'role players' that all championship teams need, and the ones that bring REAL depth and contributions to a team. Role players are starters as well, and the backbone of a team. A role player brings a new specific dynamic to a team. Thus draft, we added: - stud at OG, which Matt Ryan is at his best with a solid interior. - a gritty RT, that will now give us bookend blockers to throw out against even the best pass rushing teams(will take experience to improve of course). - a versatile DB that has all the speed in the world, and may be the fastest player on the team now. We can now matchup better with the smaller WR's that burn most corners. - a DL that can play all along the DL, and stuff the run from day 1. He can give us an extra pass rusher in nickel situations from the inside of the DL. - a RB that has the power to wear down opposing teams. When they are tired from tackling him, we hit them with the speed of Freeman and ito. - a long, tall CB that can add depth to our CB group, and give us more favorable matchups when going against teams with multiple big WR's. - a dynamic return specialist, who will give us better field position, thus allowing things to be easier on the offense. This draft was like hitting a home run in an empty ball park. You may not hear the cheers from the fans, but it sure does add points on the board and help a team succeed for the long haul. When you are able to understand the method to the front offices moves all Offseason, you will understand this draft. Getting our pick of the FA litter before the draft was genius. It also gives our rookies better competition to go up against every day, while also adding more talent to the squad. One thing is for certain, the Brotherhood will breed a very strong competitive nature in 2019, and we are starting the competitiveness in-house. That's the best place to build a competitive foundation..... Another reason we will never be a team to 'tank' under DQ. He can't get enough competition lol. I love it. This team is going to be special!
  25. Person Gordon and Del'Shawn Phillips are my favorite UDFA. I guess you could throw Parker Baldwin in there as well.