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  1. Same, but could see us moving up to 7-10 range for Simmons or Okudah. After them, CJ Henderson, Chaisson, Fulton, Baun and Jaylon Johnson are my targets. Johnson, Fulton, and Johnson could be had in a trade back, or trade up from our 2nd round pick possibly.
  2. Chad Reuters new 4 round mock has Simmons dropping to 11, us using a 3rd to trade up(possibly 5th and/or 7th as well/not in mock), then getting Marlon Davidson for a DT spot in round 2. Will go back and look to see who he has us getting in 4th. Id love the idea if we kept a 2nd amd our 4ths, but wed HAVE to get a CB in round 2. I could see us trading up for Simmons if he drops, or Okudah. We need a CB and SLB in the WORST way. Either pkayer would transform our defense. Coverage is needed since Tom Brady and Emmanuel Sanders are now in the NFC south. EDIT: Khalid Kareem EDGE Notre Dame and Kynn Bowden WR Kentucky in 4th.
  3. Y'all are hating if you dont thinj the saints defintiley uograded with top level talent. With that said, the falcons also deserve at least a B+. Was a home run offseason for everyone but the panthers lol. Probably wont have a 2020 season anyways due to Mr Covid. 1 year contracts better not count if it's cancelled.
  4. We need a SLB regardless. Foye will more than likely be the WLB.
  5. A lot of people are doubting he will ever be the same.
  6. Yes he gas arthritis that wont go away, and will only get worse. We will be running a RB by committee, which still make him A LOT more efficient. He also has a chip on his shoulder now, and brings a lot rmti the team outside of his running. - His blocking is one if the best in the leage for a non-OL player. - His presence in the passing game will make losing freeman a non-issue. Gurley is arguably a better pass catcher than Freeman. - Whether its through the air, or on the ground, we just got arguably the best red zone RB in the league. He can carry guys past the goal line as a runner, or use his big body like a TE or WR through the air in the red zone. Most impirtantly, thisballows us to spend every pick on the defense in the draft, except maybe a WR or IOL at some point. With their jobs on the line, TD and DW have jnicked the offseason of the park. Our remaining needs are(in no order): - SLB - CB (probably 2) - DL - WR (mid-late rounds) - IOL It really allows us to go BPA in the draft, and I could see us trading up for CB Jeff Okudah now as our CB1, as he would really be an improvement over Trufant, and take our defense to a whole new level with his coverage and tackling. The NFC south us going to be FUN, and I could see us having 3 teams from the division in the playoffs with the field being expanded to 7.
  7. Screen on phones been acting up. Josh uche goes in 2nd or early 3rd.
  8. Thought i did. Fixed it though.
  9. I didnt say i would, i said you could make a legitimate argument for it. The fact that we got a 2nd and that we were going to have to cut him thus offseason anyways is what showed sanu the door. I like gage, but reeeaaallllyy doubting him as a legitimate #3 WR on a high octane offense. His big play ability is non existent, at this time.
  10. Ive mentioned before, i would add videos, pictures of the players, and other things if i had a conouter to do it from. Doing it from your android isnt ideal lol.
  11. I think our offense would be stagnant if we dont add a viable option outside of Julio, Ridley, Hurst, and Graham. We need another WR that can make plays consistently. If we didnt have a gaping hole at CB, you could make an argument for someone like ceedee lamb in the 1st.
  12. lol ok boomer. Every single mock is "throwing darts" if you think about it, regardless of a trade or not.
  13. I guess someone wants a WR or maybe DL/LB at 16, then we offer enough value to move up in 2nd.
  14. Notable FA Signing: RB Todd Gurley - The leader for our RB by committee. Lower touches, will keep his knees fresher. Elite blocker and redzone option as runner and pass catcher. Draft: !TRADE! Trade back in 1st, and pick up a 3rd and 5th round pick 1) Jaylon Johnson CB Utah Junior 6'0" 193 lbs 31 3/8" Arms 9 3/8" Hands 40: 4.50 Bench: 15 reps Vertical: 36.5" Broad: 10'4" 3 Cone: 7.01 20 yd shuttle: 4.13 2017: 10 G/25 total tackles/1 INT/6 PD 2018: 14 G/41 total tackles/2.0 TFL/1.0 sacks/4 INT(1 TD)/4 PD 2019: 13 G/36 total tackles/1.0 TFL/2 INT(1 TD)/11 PD - 19.5 passer rating when targeted 10+ yards downfield since 2018(best in power 5 by large margin) - under 60.0 passer rating in each of his 3 seasons - 3 TD given up in 944 career snaps Johnson has exactly what were looking for in a CB1. He has that special swagger you look for in all of your top CB's. He has supreme confidence, and it shows on tape. He sticks to his WR like glue, and picks the right moment and times to make a play on the ball. He is at his best in press coverage, but also is very good in zone. Been described as a "boundary bully". His best football is ahead of him. Will make a bugger name for himself in the pros, than he did in college. His coverage ability is rare, and going to help our pass rusher immensely. !TRADE! Trade our 2nd, along with a 3rd and 4th round pick, to move up into the bottom of 1st/very top of the 2nd. 1/2) Zack Baun SLB/EDGE Wisconsin Senior(RS) 6'2" 238 lbs. 32 3/4" Arms 9 5/8" Hands 40: 4.65 Bench: 24 reps Vertical: 32.5" Broad: 9'7" 3 cone: 7.00 20 yd shuttle: 4.31 2015: RS 2016: 7 G/15 total tackles/3.5 TFL/1 FF 2017: missed season w/ foot injury 2018: 13 G/62 total tackles/7.5 TFL/2.5 sacks/1 INT/2 PD/1 FR 2019: 14 G/75 total tackles/19.5 TFL/12.5 sacks/1 INT(TD)/2 PD/2 FF - 91.0 pass rush grade in 2019 by PFF - Only draft eligible EDGE with 100+ coverage snaps - Led all draft eligible EDGE with 86.9 coverage grade Baun is the perfect SLB to takeover for the departed Campbell. Baun not obly has experiencebin coverage, but excells at it. Whiel he is great in coverage, he is an even better pass rusher. While playing SLB in the base formation, he can give us an option at DE in the nickel formation. He brings potential as a blitzer from the LB position. He is also a great tackler. We met with Baun at both the Senior Bowl, and at the NFL combine. The interest is there on our end. 3) Michael Pittman Jr. WR USC Senior 6'4" 223 lbs 32 1/2" Arms 9 1/4" Hands 40: 4.52 Bench: 13 reps Vertical: 36.5" Broad: 10'1" 3 cone: 6.96 20 yd shuttle: 4.14 2016: 9 G/6 REC/82 Yds/13.7 Avg 2017: 9 G/23 REC/404 Yds/17.6 Avg/2 TD 2018: 10 G/41 REC/758 Yds/18.5 Avg/6 TD/1 Rush/9 Yds 2019: 13 G/101 REC/1,275 Yds/12.6 Avg/11 TD With us losing Sanu and Hooper, we need another weapon, along with Hurst, to add to the passing game. Pittman is believed to be a sleeper by many, as he moves very smoothly for his size, and is also a big target for a QB. With NFC south bloodlines, getting a big bodied WR like Pittman to add to the passing game will really open things up for this offense. 4) McTelvin "Sosa" Agim DT/DE Arkansas Senior 6'3" 309 lbs 33 1/2" Arms 10 1/8" Hands 40: 4.98 Bench: 27 reps 2016: 9 G/20 total tackles/5.0 TFL/2.5 sacks 2017: 11 G/37 total tackles/7.5 TFL/2.5 sacks/3 PD/2 FF 2018: 12 G/45 total tackles/10.0 TFL/4.5 sacks/1 PD/1 FR/3 FF 2019: 10 G/38 total tackles/8.5 TFL/5.0 sacks/1 FR/1 FF Like Baun, we have met with Agim on multiple occasions this offseason. After watching his tape, there sould be no surprise as to why we like the Arkansas product. Agim has great versatility, and conbines it with phenomenal athletacism for his size, and strength to rush from the interior, or off the edge. Agim can bend the edge around a OT, or use his hands and quickness to aggressively get by opposing IOL. With his physical tools, Agim is a good coach or two away from unlocking a world of potential, and will be a terror all along the DL. He can play the base DE or DT spot, while also giving us another big bodied pass rusher to put next to Grady in base packages, or nickel packages. "Sosa" simply can do it all along the DL. DQ loves these kind of DL as rotational pieces. 5) Reggie Robinson III CB Tulsa Senior 6'1" 205 lbs 31 1/2" Arms 8 3/8" Hands 40: 4.44 Bench: 22 reps Vertical: 36" Broad: 11' 3 cone: 7.09 20 yd shuttle: 4.18 2015: RS 2016: 12 G/37 total tackles/0.5 TFL/7 PD/1 FR/1 FF 2017: 12 G/38 total tackles/2.5 TFL/9 PD 2018: 5 G/19 total tackles/5 PD 2019: 12 G/38 total tackles/1.0 TFL/3 INT/13 PD/2 FR Robinson III is exactly the kind of versatile athlete thus Falcons brass likes to target at this point in the draft. Not only is Robinson III a stellar athlete with great size, but he has potential to be moved to the Safety position, and his athletacism allows you to groom him anywhere in the secodnary. I think he would be best fit as an outside CB, due to his incredible atheltacism and size to matchup at times with big bodied WR like Mike Evans and Michael Thomas. The sky us the limit for him with a great DB coach like Raheem Morris. 7) Calvin Throckmorton OL Oregon Senior 6'5" 317 lbs 32 1/2" Arms 9 1/2" Hands 40: 5.57 Bench: 23 reps Vertical: 27" Broad: 8'1" 3 cone: 8.07 20 yd shuttle: 4.98 2015: RS 2016: 12 GS at RT 2017: honorable mention All-Pac-12/13 GS(10 at RT, 3 at RG) 2018: honroable mention All-Pac-12/13 GS(6 at RT, 5 at LT, 1 at C, 1 at RG) 2019: 3rd team AP All-American/1st team All-Pac-12/14 GS(12 at RT, 2 at C) While his testing numbers arent not impressive, even for an OL, his 4 years of starting experience at 4 of the 5 OL positions, while being in the Pac-12, is very impressive. Throckmorton guves us a versatile OL that can spot us at multiple positions. Hes a very intelligent young man, as he was even a 2nd team Academic All-American in 2019. His big frame, intelligence, and versatility leaves room to wonder what he could blossom into. Starters: QB- Ryan RB- Gurley FB- Smith WR- Jones WR- Ridley WR- Pittman Jr. TE- Hurst LT- Matthews LG- Gono(hopefully) C- Mack RG- Lindstrom RT- McGary DE- Fowler Jr. DT- Jarrett DT- Davidson DE- McKinley WLB- Oluokun MLB- Jones SLB- Baun CB- Johnson CB- Sheffield FS- Allen SS- Neal CB- Oliver I understand theres more than 11 starters listed on offense and defense, but thats due to NB and Slot WR being the 3rd CB and WR.
  15. I think its a great deal. 1-2 year deal with no guranteed money. More draft picks for defense. I like it. Still has a tear or two on thoae knees before tgeir conpletely done. Better than what we have lol. Healthy lindstrom and OL continuity will help him.