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  1. Much more complete and more of a ball hawk and thumper than xavier. All atound better. I like xavier too.
  2. Thats all i had to say. Best S prospect to come out since Jamal Adams IMO. Complete game. Great compliment at FS to the resurgent Keanu Neal. Either pick him in the teens, or trade back ro get him and accumulate other picks. In the 2nd, get a polished pass rushing DE like Quincy Roche, or a sleeper DT in the Aaron Donald mold like Jalen Twyman if hes still available in the 2nd.
  3. Pittsburgh DT Jalen Twyman. He wears Aaaron Donalds #97 at Pitt, amd is drawing comparisons that are actually deserved. Hes a little bigger than ad at 6'2" 290, but he beats double and triple teams almost as impressively as AD. Marlon Davidson is versatile and can play outside at times, and a pass rush prospect like Twyman next to grady would do wonders for the DL. If not, I like Shaun Wade, Patrick Surtain II, and Micah Parsons alot as well. I understand that Parsons could go top 5. Wade is my top CB right now, but Surtain may very well have the higher ceiling. Noth habe ideal builds to be re
  4. Ive been a die hard since 2003, so pickens i dont know anything about outside of just hearing his name. Is he a bigger bust than aundray(?) bruce? Ive seen him listed many tiems as tge buggeat bust in falcons history.
  5. I felt the post was very unorganized, and ended up going in multiple directions. Left out some AFMB kegend pkayers like jordan beck, kerry meier, laruent robinson(my name is satirical btw), dj shockley. I forgot JA98, but thats because i never even liked the pick. Most(not all) the busts i listed were pkayers i actually had high hopes for. I never liked the jalen colins pick though, but started to during the end of 2016. LSU is DBU, but it seems like they are either stars(Mathieu, peterson, adams, tredavious(?)) or disappintments/busts(collins, landry, claiborne). Doesnt seem to be alot of in
  6. Jimmybhad a much hugher potential than Collins IMO. Like i said, he was the closest DB to a sean taylor comparison in that era. 6'2"-6'3" 215ish. 4.3 40 on a good day, with consistent 4.4 speed. Could flat out lay the wood. Side note, did anyone remember just how BAD the 2012 class was? Holy shnikes.
  7. When it comes to biggest busts, I am going to go with a okayer that I had HIGH exoectstions for, and I was beyond ecstatic when he fell to us in the 2nd. A DB whos scouting report had him running between 4.3-4.4 in the 40 at ariund 6'2"-6'3" and 210-220 lbs. A supreme athlete with sideline to sideline range. Was touted as a top 5-10 pick before the draft process due to his sideline to sideline range, and his ability as a thumper to flat out take someones head off. I am talking about the one and only Jimmy Williams, DB from Virginia Tech. Like most busts, he simply had a **** work ethic, and wa
  8. Im fine with how things shook out. I am not 100% on terrells talent, but 100% sure he was the smartest option at 16. We desperately needed a corner. We got the best on the board at 16. One of the best CB3's in a draft over the past decade. He just wasnt as good as henderson or okudah, so people think hes not as great of a player. We trade back to 21, and then we are in a **** storm at CB, with only a 3rd or so to show for it.
  9. If we are willing to move up to #2 for our #1 BPA(Young), Simmons very well may be our #2, and maybe looking at 3-5 range as well. Both are game changers. I see us getting one of them, and CB with next pick(whenever it may be).
  10. Td admitted to scouting QBs every year to keep up with trends and eye for talent. Rapoports is just jumping to conclusions, and one of worst reporters. Pauline is the guy to listen to for us. Every team has a #1 reporter to trust, ours has proven time and time again to be Tony pauline.
  11. ***TRADE*** Even if they dont trade the recently tagged Matt Judon, the Ravens need a top level pass rusher off the edge, and Chaisson would be the perfect OLB to add off the edge for the Ravens. Chaisson has exactly what the Ravens look for on, and off, the field. The Falcons, who could use some extra picks, trade back so the Ravens can snag Chaisson at 16, while the Falcons drop back and also pick up the Ravens 2nd round pick. 1) Jaylon Johnson CB Utah - Not only do I love Johnson as a prospect, but he has the skills and mentality to become a high end CB1 in the league. With all th
  12. I think brown and kinlaw go in the range around 11. His atheltacism and potential makes kinlaw a VERY intriguing porspect to complete our starting front 4. DE - Takk DT - Jarrett DT - Kinlaw DE - Fowler Jr.
  13. I think its for Kinlaw or Brown. We met with kinlaw at senior bowl AND combine. Brown is also the perfect NT who can penetrate. Both are elite athletes for their size, and would benefit our highly priced investments in fowler and jarrett the most, as well as transforming the rest of our defense.
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