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  1. Would rather have it not carry over to the regular season where the margin of error is nonexistent. We have tough competition for the division, and playoffs, and it could come down to a simple win or lose, which could be decided by a kick or two. Missed waaaaaay to many already in preseason.
  2. Tavecchio is trash, can't risk losing games or missing playoffs due to a bum kicker. Fix this now DQ and TD. He's been god awful all preseason.
  3. Troffed
  4. Lol how is Kyle fuller 17 spots higher than Von Freaking Miller? Shaw Mason is higher that von Miller. Akiem Hicks is higher than von Miller. Deion Jones isn't even on the list? Sorry, but no way Grady should be higher than Matt and von miller. Nice to see him get some recognition, although the source seems to be ret@rded though.
  5. I don't think we would win a SB without Matt getting a ton of credit, give the offense's success is basically built around his success.
  6. Why were you doubting him? I am hoping the long term plan is to have kazee at FS, and Sheff at NB. You can't teach his speed and stuck to his receiver like glue alot of the time in college.
  7. Hoping Gage steps up and can take over Hardy's spot, and can hopefully give us what we were hoping to get out of hardy over the past few years. Other than a few timely catches, hardy has vastly underperformed, imo, since drafting him.
  8. Really? Shut up.
  9. The way his wife reacted to his release, im assuming he is healthy. I hope tavecchio balls out and we have our kicker for the next decade plus, but I think we let go of one of the best K in the league in favor of a youth move. It's nice knowing that if he isn't ready, that Bryant is still a FA.
  10. Duke doesnt deserve to be on the 53. Would much rather have Jermaine Grace take that spot. I actually like Grace alot as a depth LB.
  11. 1. DeBo leads the league in INT for a LB, and is a top 3 PFF graded LB on the year. Also a legitimate DPOY candidate. 2. Truant returns to about 90% of his 2014/15 form. 3. Tavecchio underperforms, and we re-sign Matt Bryant by week 6 (unlike Tavecchio, and want him to flourish) 4. Grady hits double-digit sacks. 5. Cominsky ends up getting more snaps per game than Vic by the start of the playoffs. 6. Foye outperforms Campbell, and is the breakout defender of the year on the team. 7. Duke doesn't make the final 53. 8. Rico either loses a step, or gets re-injured(god forbid), but our defense improves with Kazee at FS, and Sheffield at NB. 9. Oliver finishes with atleast a 80.0 PFF grade. 10. Julio gets atleast 12 TD 11. Ryan finishes top 3 in MVP voting, and also has 40+ TD and less than 10 INT. 12. Freeman stays healthy, and performs well, but Ito Smith becomes a big part off the offense. 13. OL gives up 0 sacks in atleast 4 games, and less than 30 on the year. 14. We win the the NFC south, and have a first round bye. 15. DQ wins coach of the year, and coordinates a top 5 defense. 16. We are top 3 in TO differential. 17. Neal notches a career high with 3-4 INT. Might be considered very optimistic by many, but I think this is a VERY special group.
  12. In the long run, I just hope we don't move on from Kazee in favor of Rico at FS. Achilles is a terrible injury. I wanted Kazee to replace him before the injury. Fits this defense so much better. Rico has just been a solid player, that I probably take for granted sometimes, but i think Kazee replacing him in the long run will make this defense take a big step forward. He will not be missed in some ways, will be in others, but Kazee would be missed much more if we let him walk a couple years down the line. If rico has lost a step this year, I hope Quinn is smart enough to make that replacement QUICK. He's just always been a player I have wanted replaced, because the FS spit can transform this defense, and while he doesn't do anything to hurt the team, he doesn't do much to elevate the team either, except for his experience on the back end, which is very valuable when lining up teammates and making calls. Kazee has had that duty for a full year now, and I hope we can make that transition sooner, rather than later. As long as it is at some point, rather than never. I also think NB is holding Kazee back from his full potential, unless he is on the field atleast 75% of the time, and Rico hasn't lost a step.
  13. My username isn't probably familiar with anyone here, as I've lost passwords for multiple accounts over the years. Been coming to this Message Board every day for about 15 years, and Tandy was always a constant. Hoping that our birds can put on a show for you this year! I also hope you get better in your personal life. Rise up for Tandy.
  14. I swear to god if we let kazee go in favor of Rico, we will regret that decision for years to come, and that was before the Achilles...
  15. As long as we win real life games, as well as playoff games, Idc. It's obvious they have an agenda, or don't really watch the games. Ridley for example, as already one of the deadliest route runners in the league, and has the stats to prove his one of the best young WR in the league. Kazee is a ballhawk that tied for the league lead in INT. Both of which can't break an 80? That's a joke. Simply a joke. Matt Ryan has identical numbers to his MVP year, and played behind an awful line(minus Mack and Bloodline),and be can't break a 90? C'mon man. Julio isn't atleast tied for the best WR rating? Ridley should be an 82-85. Kazee should be 84-86. Ryan should be 91-93. If Julio is a 98, then no other WR should be a 99. Takk should be an 84 minimum. Jake should be 85 minimum. Trufant should be 87 Max. Grady should be 91 minimum. Keanu should be a 90 minimum. Vic should be nowhere near Takk. Mack should be a 95 minimum. I think these ratings will be agreed with a majority of people that see this, and that's coming from a falcons fan, who tries to be unbiased when it comes to things like this.