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  1. FA: Dante Fowler Jr. / DE / 24 years old - If some recall, Quinn actually recruited Fowler when he was the DC at Florida. Fowler has been an effective role player throughout his first 3 years, but PT and a system like DQ's could be just what Fowler needs for a breakout season. He has produced decent numbers over his first 3 years, including 8.0 sacks in 2017. He has also managed to only miss 1 game since he tore his ACL prior to his rookie season. The FO were big fans of him in the draft process. Fast forward 4 years, and we now are now getting the player I wanted us to trade up for in 2015. IMO, signing Fowler would be an upgrade over Beasley. I truly believe that his best years are ahead of him. We would be getting a player that fits the system perfectly. We would also be addressing the minor need at DE, before it came a HUGE need when Beasley leaves in 2020. I think Fowler still has alot of potential in this league, and has showed flashes of excellence over his first 3 years of PT. Atlanta is the perfect situation for Fowler, and I believe he may also be the perfect player to bolster our D line. He has all the tools as a pass rusher, and has been a solid run defender to start his career. I think his personality and skillset are the perfect long-term compliments to Takk as the bookends to our DL. KJ Wright / LB / 29 years old - Riley has been disappointing, and Oluokun gas performed admirably. With that said, signing a veteran leader like Wirght, would do wonders for this defense, similar to what Alex Mack did for the offense. Wright has plenty left in the tank, and would give us some much needed experience, and leadership to this defense. With Quinn taking over the playcalling for the defense thus year, I think getting a familiar star pupil in Wright would take this defense to the next level. Wright would give us a dynamic LB duo, along with DeBo, for our nickel situations. When I think of what Wright could bring to this defense, I think of the veteran leadership Calais Campbell brought to a young Jaguars defense. Wirght and Quinn have had a great relationship, and I think this would give us that 3rd starting caliber LB that we have needed for years. DRAFT: 1) Cody Ford / OG / Oklahoma - While I'm not certain about the future of the RT and RG position, I am certain that we will be acquiring a starting LG in FA or the draft. Ford is a phenomenal OG prospect, and has all the tools to be a All-Pro player at the position. Ford is absolutely massive, and pairs it with a nasty mean streak. Despite being right around 6'4" and 340 lbs., Ford is a great athlete that has great lateral quickness and gets to the second level with ease. Plugging Ford in-between Matthews and Mack would give us one of the better left sides to an OL in the league. A mauler with a mean streak, like Ford, is just what this OL has been lacking for as long as I could remember. His athleticism and football IQ would allow him to flourish in a ZBS, contrary to what some AFMB members have said. ***TRADE*** - Atlanta trades there 2nd, 4th, and 2020 2nd to move back into the 1st round. 1) Christian Wilkins / DT / Clemson - Wilkins is the disruptive force that would pair perfectly with Grady. Wilkins is cut from a special cloth. He is a locker room leader, and shows up biggest on the big stage. He is a freak athlete at the DT position, and is truly a game changer. Wilkins plays the run well, but also can collapse the pocket with regularity. He compliments Senat and Grady perfectly, and would be a welcome addition to the DT rotation. The fact that he shows up when it matters most is a testament to his work ethic and motor. He has dominated the college football playoffs over the course of his career, and that type of talent and leadership would be welcomed with open arms in The Brotherhood. 3) Rock Ya-Sin / CB / Temple - Rock has really taken advantage of maximizing his stock this draft season. He dominated Senior Bowl week, and has checked all the boxes for being a press coverage CB that uses there god given length to disrupt WR's and their routes. Rock could ease into the lineup similarly to how Oliver did in 2018. This selection would allow us to comfortably move on from Trufant in 2020, and give us the promising duo of Isaiah Oliver and Rock Ya-Sin in the outside, while we use Kazee as a chess piece both in the nickel, and as a 3rd safety. 4) Lamont Gaillard / OG/C / Georgia - Gaillard opened some eyes with his versatility and skillset at the East-West Shrine week. Gaillard is an athletic OL that has made 42 starts over the last 3 years, with 13 at OG, and the last 29 at C. Gaillard is a perfect fit for the ZBS, but also has some obvious strength and power. He was 1st team All-SEC in 2018, and is somewhat flying under the radar this draft season. I think Gaillard could compete for the RG spot from day 1, and could also become the long term replacement for Alex Mack. 5) Jeffery Simmons / DT / Mississippi State - The sudden ACL tear, paired with the incident involving him hitting a woman a few years ago, and Simmons draft stock gas plummeted. This is what many would call an investment and/or a luxury pick. It is worth noting that many inside sources agree that Simmons' violent incident a few years was simply a one time mistake, he has learned from the stiuation, and there is a consensus that he will have no similar troubles in his future. Not necessarily making excuses, but he was young, and the woman was slandering his recently deceased relative. I simply believe he was a young kid, who made a poor decision, and learned from the situation. 5) Kendall Joseph / LB / Clemson - Joseph would bring some much needed depth to our alab group. In the next year, we could lose Campbell(lack of funds) and Riley(lack of talent). Getting a late roung LB now that can learn the system could be fairly important. Joseph would atleast be a solid ST addition from day 1. Joseph had a productive career at Clemson, and has the good possibility of, at the very least, being a solid depth LB in the NFL. 6) Qadree Ollison / RB / Pittsburgh - Ollison is definitely a diamond in the rough in this year's RB class. He is a power back, that has deceptive quickness and breakaway speed. His combination of size, speed, quickness, and vision would be the perfect compliment to Freeman and Ito. Not enough can be said about Ollison's vision. He reads blocks well, and is patient like a young Le'Veon Bell. Not saying Ollison is Bell, but I see alot of similar similarities in there running styles. 7) Easton Stick / QB / NDSU - Stick would be a solid long term investment at QB. He could learn behind Ryan, and possibly Schaub, on how to be a NFL QB, while also giving us a mobile QB to add to the practice squad for scouting reasons. Stick has strong physical tools, and could be a sleeper QB to groom as the long term back-up to Matt Ryan.
  2. At the end of the day, I think we end up drafting a starting LG in round 1, and that will probably be the only changes made to the 5 starting OL. IMO, I think we may draft some competition in later rounds, but the starting OL in week one will be as follows: LT: Matthews LG: 1st round pick C: Mack RG: Fusco RT: Schraeder I think a sleeper in this situation is RT Gono. I think if Schraeder doesn't bounce back, the team could be hoping for him to seize the moment and snatch the starting RT spot. I would personally like a high priced FA, and 1st and 2nd round picks replacing LG, RG, and RT. I have been a fan long enough to realize that high of a turnover will not likely happen. Also, the FA/2nd and 3rd round pool is not impressive at all this year(except for Risner), and we may be better off saving the money, or allocating it to the defense.
  3. How in the heck is Fowler considered a 'High Priced FA'? Author of article must not be too familiar with his impact on the field so far in his career. Fowler will probably be seeking more along the lines of a 'prove it deal'. If he is seeking multiple years, he will not get too much annually. Definitely not consider a 'High Priced FA'. I'll bet anything on it. He won't come even close to sniffing 8-10 mil annually.
  4. I am trying to make a mock off-season, and trying to make it as realistic as possible. I was wondering what you all thought about our OL situation. The FA pool for guards is poor. The OL pool is above average, but would be expensive for a considerable upgrade. The draft has a lot of first and second round OL, but I think we want to add some talent to the defense. Given this information, do you think our FO will give Schraeder and Fusco 1 more year, while only upgrading the LG spit early in the draft? Or do you think we will cut ties with one, or both, Schraeder and Fusco to start an OL cleanse?
  5. We also interviewed David Sills at the senior bowl, so we may be looking for a big bodied WR in the mid-rounds.
  6. I mainly doing this to gauge what route we all agree in with how to fix the OL. I think Risner in the 2nd or Brown in FA, with an OG in the 1st is the way to most efficiently infuse out OL with the most talent.
  7. I debated replacing Richardson/Fowler with Brandon Graham, but with Beasleys contract being in the double digits, I'm not sure we would tie that much money into the position, especially considering he us 31 y/o. I would gladly welcome the addition of Graham though. Richardson has stayed out of trouble, and would bring a nice skillset to our DL.
  8. Scenario 1: FA: Sheldon Richardson DL - A versatile DL who Quinn can move along the DL, and get the job done in a multitude of ways. KJ Wright LB - A much needed veteran in the LB room that would give us another leader, along with a highly productive player who is familiar with the system. DRAFT: 1) Cody Ford OG Oklahoma - Ford gives us an old school mauler who has all the makings of a day 1 Pro Bowler at one of the OG positions. 2) Dalton Risner RT Kansas State - Risner is a textbook RT who plays with a mean streak. Rianer would be a nice compliment bookend to Matthews. 3) Chase Winovich DE Michigan - Winovich has a high motor, and is an underrated athlete. He should turn into a good pro due to his work ethic and burat off the edge. Scenario 2: FA: Trent Brown RT - A high prices FA that would give us a Pro Bowl level RT to help protect our franchise QB. Brown has produced in NE and SF, and would be a more than pleasant addition to our OL. Dante Fowler Jr. DE - Fowler is a DE that would be cheap, but Quinn could probably get more out of him than any other coach due to mutual respect and familiarity. Fowler was productive in 2017, and would potentially be a low risk/high reward signing. DRAFT: *Trade down in 1st to pick up extra 2nd* 1) Dexter Lawrence NT Clemson - Lawrence would do wonders to our defense, and his size and athleticism would open things up for our athletic LB and DE. 2) Elgton Jenkins G/C Mississippi State - Jenkins has the skills to make a smooth transition to one of the OG spots, while also having the talent to contribute immediately. He would also give us an option as a replacement for Maxkk down the line. 2) Mack Wilson LB Bama - Wilson is a big play, game changing LB that would compliment DeBo tremendously, and also play off the 1st round pick of Lawrence perfectly. He has a very high ceiling, and the right coaches could turn him into a versatile and highly productive pro player. 3) Rock Ya-Sin CB Temple - Rock would give us a long term option to pair with Oliver on the boundaries. Ease him into the lineup like we did with Oliver, and have a trio of Oliver, Rock, and Kazee at NB for quite a few years. I know some might want to mix and match these scenarios, but I think these are 2 good offseasons we could come up with, depending on what route we would choose in FA and the draft.
  9. A large majority of me thinks Oliver will be a stud, but a small part of me is worried he will be a bust, due to his weight. Many point to Donald, but Donald carried an extra 15-20 lbs, and had monster sack numbers. If he isn't a bust, I am also worried that Oliver is going to be a one trick pony, and that being an undersized DT that is just simply a stout run defender. I would much rather have Rashan Gary than Oliver. Gary has showed major flashes to be a 'Michael Bennett' type player in this league, where he can stop the run and rush the passer from the DE and DT position. If Gary is there at 14, and we have our OL situation planned out, than I would be ecstatic with Gary. Dude is going to be one of those players that has a much better pro career, than college career. He is so young as well, and is simply a monster. He's light on his feet, and a freak athlete for his size. His ceiling is probably the biggest of any DL in this draft, along with Quinnen Williams.
  10. Another dream would be somehow moving up from 4th to snag another 3rd, and getting Terry Godwin. I think he would be perfect to groom with Ridley. He has ALL the skills you look for in a high caliber #2. He can create seperation, take the top off the defense, excels in YAC, has great hands, runs great routes, can play inside and outside, and has breakaway speed. Someone is going to get a steal in Godwin. He would also allow us to move on from Sanu in 2020 before age starts to really show, while also allowing us more cap flexibility.
  11. I originally had trading back for Lawrence and picking up a 2nd. In the 2nd I had us getting Mack Wilson(then getting Fowler instead of Kwon) and Dalton Risner(moved to OG). I just thought the value of getting a high caliber OL with our first pick is a necessity. Most places I've seen Lawrence go in the late 1st, so trading up from our 2nd is not out of the question.
  12. I'd be all for keeping Alford, had we NOT drafted Oliver last year in the 2nd. He is, on paper, the carbon copy of what Quinn looks for in a boundary corner. Alford's contract, the terrible year he had, along with Oliver being drafted, and that all points to Alford being a prime cut candidate. Age is also not on his side at all, like it was with Fuller, Peterson, and Peters.
  13. So, I thought it would be fun to try and come up with a 'Dream' off season, while trying to keep it as realistic as possible. I had multiple scenarios going through my head, but this is the one I think would fix our short-term, and long-term, problems the quickest. CUTS: RT Ryan Schraeder CB Robert Alford DE Brooks Reed OG Brandon Fusco FA SIGNINGS: RT Trent Brown - Gives us a young bookend OT to pair with Matthews for the foreseeable future. IMO, Brown is a consistent Pro-Bowl/All-Pro caliber RT, and is just starting to reach his prime. Had great success in SF before moving on, and dominating for NE. LB Kwon Alexander - Alexander would bring his playmaking ability and athleticism to a LB group that already has 2 athletic freaks in DeBo and DeVondre. He has a real nose for the ball. DRAFT: 1) Cody Ford OG Oklahoma - Ford is the type of OG talent that is capable of being a Pro-Bowler from day 1. Brings a much needed toughness and grit to the interior OL. *TRADE* We trade our 2nd, a 4th, and our 2020 3rd to move back into the 1st. 1) Dexter Lawrence NT Clemson - Lawrence is the perfect NT to slide next to Jarrett. His ability to collapse the pocket and command double teams will open things up for the entire DL, while also allowing our 3 freaks at LB to flow freely to the ball. 3) Chase Winovich DE Michigan - Winovich has the type of character that passes the Falcons Filter with flying colors. His motor runs hot, and is never low on fuel. Winovich is a great compliment to the current DE group, and could be the long-term replacement for Vic Beasley. 4) Lamont Gaillard G/C Georgia - Gaillard's versatility give him an edge with this pick. I honestly believe he could compete for a OG spot from day 1(and win), and also possibly be groomed as Mack's replacement at C. 5) Qadree Ollison RB Pittsburgh - Ollison is the perfect compliment to Freeman and Ito. Ollison is a pure power back with great vision, fluidity, and has deceptive breakaway speed. 5) Isaiah Johnson CB Houston - Johnson has only played CB for 2 years at Houston(WR his first 2 years), but he has quickly learned the nuances of being a CB that excels in press man coverage. He has exceptional length, and has the background that Quinn loves to work with. 6) John Cominsky DE Charleston - Cominsky is a DE that can rush the passer, but also is a devastating run stuffer. He has all the tools to be a base DE in our scheme. Has a high motor, and is a locker room leader. 7) Easton Stick QB NDSU - Stick has the numbers to back-up his versatility and high potential. He has the ceiling to possibly become Matt Ryan's long-term replacement, and his ability to run the ball would add a whole new element to this offense down the line. He very well could not be groomed as Matt's replacement, but his skillset would be interesting to see if he is the man to be the heir to the throne. Let me know what you guys think. I had another scenario where we trade back and pick up another 2nd, while taking Lawrence in the 1st, but I think this scenario would bring us the biggest talent increase at areas of long-term need.
  14. Signing him is simply giving him a shot at competing in TC. It is also a familiar face, while saving money. I never think FA OL is the long-term way to build a team. You often pay much more than you are getting in return. Williams and Lindstrom are perfect fits for what we need, and the OL is in far worse shape than the DL.
  15. I just don't see Freeman as the long term answer, and Coleman proved this year that he might be the RB of our future. I think signing him, and then designating Freeman as a post June 1st cut in 2020(save about 3.5 mil) is the way to go. Then we have Coleman and Ito for the few years after. I am near 100% convinced Freeman is not going to return to form. Letting Coleman go is going to hurt our run game immensely over the next few years. Id cut him this year, I just definitely don't see that happening this year.