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  1. Ive been a die hard since 2003, so pickens i dont know anything about outside of just hearing his name. Is he a bigger bust than aundray(?) bruce? Ive seen him listed many tiems as tge buggeat bust in falcons history.
  2. I felt the post was very unorganized, and ended up going in multiple directions. Left out some AFMB kegend pkayers like jordan beck, kerry meier, laruent robinson(my name is satirical btw), dj shockley. I forgot JA98, but thats because i never even liked the pick. Most(not all) the busts i listed were pkayers i actually had high hopes for. I never liked the jalen colins pick though, but started to during the end of 2016. LSU is DBU, but it seems like they are either stars(Mathieu, peterson, adams, tredavious(?)) or disappintments/busts(collins, landry, claiborne). Doesnt seem to be alot of in between pkayers. Well see how delpit, greedy, and fulton turn out. J have high hopes for Fulton though. 50/50 on delpit, and didnt like greedy too much as a prospect, but he flashed his rookie year.
  3. Jimmybhad a much hugher potential than Collins IMO. Like i said, he was the closest DB to a sean taylor comparison in that era. 6'2"-6'3" 215ish. 4.3 40 on a good day, with consistent 4.4 speed. Could flat out lay the wood. Side note, did anyone remember just how BAD the 2012 class was? Holy shnikes.
  4. When it comes to biggest busts, I am going to go with a okayer that I had HIGH exoectstions for, and I was beyond ecstatic when he fell to us in the 2nd. A DB whos scouting report had him running between 4.3-4.4 in the 40 at ariund 6'2"-6'3" and 210-220 lbs. A supreme athlete with sideline to sideline range. Was touted as a top 5-10 pick before the draft process due to his sideline to sideline range, and his ability as a thumper to flat out take someones head off. I am talking about the one and only Jimmy Williams, DB from Virginia Tech. Like most busts, he simply had a **** work ethic, and was horrible at making choices off the field. When it comes to being the whole package by being athletically and physically gifted, I would say he was one of the DB's that were closest physically and athletically to Sean Taylor that we've ever seen. Many thought he would be a 6'2" lockdown CB, or a FS with limitless range and elite hitting ability. I didnt really know how to scout back then, like i do now. Thats mainly because I was only 13 and didnt know how to eye talent and notice the small things that seperate great pkayers from average players/busts. With that being said, I noticed the character flaws from the get go. The fact that he was that talented, and went from a projected top 5-10 pick to dropping to the 2nd round was a MAJOR red flag. I think he got into legal trouble before the draft, and/or failed the combine drug test. Id have to go back and look. Tge next player is one of the most underrated, and overrated CBs of the oast 20 years. Underrated because he is also suptemely gufted athletically, and put up monster numbers(especially in ATL), and also overrated because his "me first" mindset, and his bad habut of being burnt or getting flagged for PI. Of course we are talking about DeAngelo Hall. He could do something only 2 or 3 CB's in the entire league could do one play, and then look like a complete bust the next play. His first 4 years in the NFL were of course in the A, and he put up 17 INT and 48 PBU in his first 4 seasons. Thats elite level production, but was also a locker room cancer. Thats why we shipped him off to OAK. While he definitley had his lowlights, he started be more conaistent and matured aomewhat as he got older(especially during hus tenure in WAS). Hes had 4 INT in a game, and has over 40 career INT. If the HoF was easier to get into, he could statistically make a casr to ve inducted. If he was dedicated to the film room, and being a team first player, he would be one fo the bst CB's since at least 2004. When he was at the top of his game, he reminded me alot of Champ Bailey, but slightly faster. He was a beyond special athlete. Evidence of that apecial athletacism was the fact that he ran a 4.19 at Va Tech. If Jimmy Williams and DeAngelo Hall had the mindset of players lile Desmond Trufant and Keanu Neal, we would have either had one of the top CB duos of the mid-late 2000's, or one of tge best CB-FS duos in the league(depending on where Jimmy Played). I know that last sentence was what A LOT of us were hoping to happen/envisioned when we snagged Jimmy in the 2nd round. Sadly, it never panned out. They would have added a whole other dimension to our defenses on the 2010 and 2012 season especially(when they would have been in their primes). We also would have probably not gave the Brinks truck to Dunt Robinson. We still probably would gave traded a 7th for Asante Samuel(still weird to think that we had Samuel on the team. Would have been nice to have prime Asante on the team. He was the 2nd best CB of the 2000's IMO, behind only Champ Bailey). We coudl have taken that Dunta Robinson money, and maybe we would have been able to sign a Julius Peppers instead of Robinson that offseason. Maybe that would agve just had to go to Hall though. Too bad they had **** for brains, were a team cancer, and/or a ****ty work ethic. I also wanted to incoude players that will go down in AFMB and Falcons history as players thay were far too overhyped, and never lived up to those expectations(for many different reasons) were, as well as naming more notable disappointments/busts. I also want to include some AFMB legends/meme players who were also faaaaaaarrrrrr too overhyped: - CB Chris Owens - He was overhyped by being a young CB with promise as a 4th or 5th CB, but the lack of CB talent on the roster had some people thinking he would develop into a #1 or #2 CB lol. Shows how bad the CB group was Pre-Trufant and Alford. I biught into the rookie year hype, but **** did I look like an idiot. - LB Joplo Bartu - Similar to the Owens situation, Bartu's legend was ampligied by the lack of talent around him, as well as the storyline of us starting 2 rookie UDFA LB's(worrilow) who beyond exceeded expectations and performed admirably. - DE Jonathan Massaquoi(?) - One of the players that I think would have a completely different career trajectory had he been drafted by DQ instead of Smitty IMHO. Mass was a speed rusher with the physical tools to be a decent pass rusher. He never had the Coaching stagg to untap that potential. I think DQ would have gotten it out of him, or atleast get him to a point where he would have been getting 6-8 sacks a season. - DL Ra'Shede Hageman - Talk about a disappointment. The definition of built like tarzan, and plays like Jane. To be fair, he has dominated drives, and occaionally a quarter or most of a game(especially during the SB run). Like Hall and Williams, Hageman would have transformed the defense had he known how to conduct hinself ad a professional. I mean the dude messaged people om IG looking for weed. An example of how stupid the dude was, and where his priorities were. Hageman with a Grady mindset, along with being oined up next to Grady, would gave given us a top tier DT duo, and possibly the best in the league. A real waste of talent. - LB/EDGE Prince Shembo - even though he didnt put up the numbers, I think Shembo was about to become a solid pass rusher, especially under DQ and his staff. Only here for a year before being cut(due to kicking and accidentally killing his GF's dog), Shembo didnt out up the numbers, but was progressing as a rookie, and it seemed like he was getting more oressures with every game under his belt, and was getting closer and closer to tge QB with every snap. He was definitley developing, and I think theres a very good chance he would still have been our starter to this day, unless another team wanted to overpay for him. Maybe we get another pass rusher isntead of Campbell if shembo was on the squad, or we have Camobell at WLB, Shembo at SLB, and DeBo at MLB. I had a lot of confidence that Shembo would have been a very solid pass rusher, had he not had his whole life and career ruined by one kick. I live animals, but dide deserved another chance. He was pretty much blackballed though after that though. Dude had the right midnset of an NFL player, and had a mean streak as a pass rusher as well. Since I think he had what it took mentally and physically to be at least a solid rotational player, or starter for us, I have to put him at the top, or near the top, of biggest diappointments/what if's when it comes to pkayers since 2000ish. - S Darren Stone - I think everyone who was following the falcons when Stone was drafted remember ESPN showing a video of him jumping over a car during the NFL draft after he was selected. Leave it to AFMB to hype up a player for jumping iver a car, and gawking over a player for doing aoemthing that has nothing to do with football lol. - LB Jermaine Grace - Grace probably doesnt gave the AFMB legacy that others on this list have, but **** I think he fits DQ's system perfectly, and was surpised be didnt get more PT after being a standout in pretty much every pre season game hes ever suited up for us. Great athelte, who hopefully will be back as a depth player. - CB Jalen Collins - One of the more recent disappintments. Collins was thrusted into a key role after Trufants injury in 2016, and was even the best CB on the team for multiple weeks down the stretch of that season. Sadly, his story is pretty much identical to Hageman and Jimmy's. Simply didnt know how to be a professional, and got to the NFL based on dominating less talented college players due to superior physical tools. Collins looked like he could very well devlop into a solid #2 in quinns scheme. Too bad we drafted anther idiot. - C James Stone - R The Great, what the **** wete you thinking? Hot garbage. Nuff said. As a bonus to this post, what are your top 3 worst draft picks in the TD era?(order not necessary). My top 3 worst TD picks(not in order) would be: - DT Peria Jerry- even thiugh he showed flashes early in his rookie season before injury(when was he NOT injured?), Jerry was a wasted 1st round pick that I was not a fan of from the moment his name was called. The fact that he retired VERY early(even thiugh he was 24 or 25 as a rookie) AND the fact we used a 1st riund pick makes the pick that much worst. Not to mention he never had even 3 or 4 straight games of him showing us all why he was worth a 1st round pick. - C Peter Konz - The worst IOL i have ever seen. Looked like a fat high schooler who started NFL games as a Make-A-Wish kid. The opposite of a mean streak. Softer than pudding. What makes it so much worse is that we NEEDED to hut on this pick because we didnt have a 1st that year due to the Julio trade. Julio trade is lopsided looking back on it, but Konz is one ot the main reasons why some people would still say the trade wasnt worth it. I never said that, but I see what they meant at the time. - LT Lamar Holmes - After naming the worst IOL i have ever seen in Konz, here is the worst OT i have ever seen. Another reason why the 2012 draft IiS the worst draft in Falcona history, and Another reason why the Julio trade did set us back for a couple years in terms of talent. If we didnt have the success we had in 2012 during the refular season and playoffs, the Konz and Holmes picks would get even more attention as possibly the worst back to back picks in NFL history. No joke. Think of a worse 2nd and 3dd round pick combination a team has ever made. Ill wait. - FB Bradie Ewing - wow the 2012 draft was bad. Forget the worst back to back picks. We DEFINITELY have the worst top 3 picks of a draft class in konz(2), holmes(3), and ewing(5). They dont even deserve to have the first letter of their last names capitalized. - LB Duke Riley - Hot garbage. We all know what he did for us, or didnt i guess lol. Wasted 2nd rounder. - OL Sean Harlow - helen keller could have done better. SIDE NOTE: Do the Falcons HONESTLY own the worst draft class in the ENTIRE hsitory of the NFL with a draft class of: 1 - no pick 2 - peter konz 3 - lamar holmes 4 - no pick 5 - bradie ewing 5 - Jonathon Massoqui(?) 6 - charles mitchell 7 - travian robertson For real. This ACTUALLY has a chance to be the worst draft class for an individual team in NFL history. They would have had better luck drawing bames out of a hat. How does TD have a draft class like THIS, then follow it up a few years later with a draft class lile 2016?(KeKe, DeBo, Hoop, Campbell, Poole(UDFA), etc.) Makes me wonder if the 2016 class was more DQ or TD? If it was TD, then HOLY **** he has the MOST bi-polar draft hustory of any GM ever. Unless maybe Smitty had soemthing to do with the 2012 class. Either way, tltheres no way anoher team ahs ever had a worse draft class. I find it impossible to believe. These players werent really even busts either lol. They were all gead scratchers from the get go. Even konz was looked at as a C with a high bust rate. Once again, our 2012 veteran roster and success saved TD from being fired years ago. We dont succeed in 2012, and the firing squad is COMING for TD the next offseason. Being one game away from the SB, and the success of Julio individually helped cover up the worst draft class in NFL history, and made sure TD's kids would still be able to go to college lol. TD should be donating half his salary from here on out to Julio. If Julio only never makes a pro bowl and is average, that trade combined with the 2012 class would have been the worst 13 month span by an NFL GM possibly ever because the Ray Edwards signing was also in that 12 month span. Eeeeewww. The fact that Julio will go down as a top 2-3 WR ever (in terms of yardage and oute talent) makes it all worth it. If he wants to play until late 30's, then Julio definitley ahs a chance to break Rices yards record. Already beat rice as fastest to 12k yards by being like 17 or 15 games quicker. Ok, so i have came to a bug conclusion today. After years of defending TD's track record, I think if you took the 2009-2015 drafts, and didnt incoude the 1st rounders, we mught have the worst 6 year draft record in the NFL. For some reason, TD usually does a pretty good job at finding "cornerstone picks" in the 1st round. After the first, I think grady is the only pro bowler TD drafted outaide of the 1st round in those 7 drafts combined. Thats atrocious. God awful. Pkayers like Stansley Mponga, Maliciah(?) goodman, dezman southward, and many others were our typical 3rd-5th round guys. Tahnk GOD Pioli and DQ have helped him the past few years. I guess this post didnt really have a point. I mainlyw ajted to bring up our buggest disappintemnts, and bring up former AFMB meme players/legends. I like TD enough to have truat in this years draft, and i definitley didnt make this to bash him, but looking at former draft picks for my list of hus 5 worst players drafted made me realize how bad his track record is after the 1st round, and how one draft(2016), or even just hitting on your 1st round picks(most the time) can amost make up for all tge other blunders, and a few elite players can get you to playoff contention/.500. Surrounding your core with the right role pkayers is what seperates the great teams from the rest of the pack. I have high hopes for this years team. I think the defense is about to ball out. Love that we have Raheem Morris coaching the secondary the whole season. What do you guys think about this random *** post?
  5. Im fine with how things shook out. I am not 100% on terrells talent, but 100% sure he was the smartest option at 16. We desperately needed a corner. We got the best on the board at 16. One of the best CB3's in a draft over the past decade. He just wasnt as good as henderson or okudah, so people think hes not as great of a player. We trade back to 21, and then we are in a **** storm at CB, with only a 3rd or so to show for it.
  6. If we are willing to move up to #2 for our #1 BPA(Young), Simmons very well may be our #2, and maybe looking at 3-5 range as well. Both are game changers. I see us getting one of them, and CB with next pick(whenever it may be).
  7. Td admitted to scouting QBs every year to keep up with trends and eye for talent. Rapoports is just jumping to conclusions, and one of worst reporters. Pauline is the guy to listen to for us. Every team has a #1 reporter to trust, ours has proven time and time again to be Tony pauline.
  8. ***TRADE*** Even if they dont trade the recently tagged Matt Judon, the Ravens need a top level pass rusher off the edge, and Chaisson would be the perfect OLB to add off the edge for the Ravens. Chaisson has exactly what the Ravens look for on, and off, the field. The Falcons, who could use some extra picks, trade back so the Ravens can snag Chaisson at 16, while the Falcons drop back and also pick up the Ravens 2nd round pick. 1) Jaylon Johnson CB Utah - Not only do I love Johnson as a prospect, but he has the skills and mentality to become a high end CB1 in the league. With all the QB and WR talent in the NFC South, the Falcons could use another highly talented CB to join the CB group of Sheffield, Oliver, Miller, and Wreh-Wilson. Johnson is tremendous in coverage, and sticks to opposing WR like glue. He stands at 6'1", and has the size and athleticism to make plays from Day 1. I think Johnson could very well end up being the top CB from this entire draft in 3 years. 2) Marlon Davidson DT/DE Auburn - In Davidsom we get a smart, effective, strong, and versatile DE that can line up anywhere on the DL. He could line up as a DE on some run downs, and can give us some extra juice from the interior on pass downs. Davidson was the starting DE at Auburn, but his most effective spot in the NFL will probably be from the DT spot. Like i said, I also really like the idea of him being a base DE on a lot of the run downs. Davidson is strong, smart, and surprisingly athletic and quick for a man of his size. He moves very well for a man weighing around 300 lbs, whether it be from the DE or DT spot. 2) Terrell Lewis DE Alabama - This draft is all about continuing to fix our weaknesses. Sigming one FA DE doesnt fix the problem. To make sure it remains fixed, we must attack the need from multiple angles. We are way to thin at DE to settle with Fowler and Takk as the only DE's with potential to rush the passer with speed and/or power. Lewis brings some more size, length, speed, and quickness of the edge. With Takk being on the roster already, the signing of Fowler, and now the selection of Lewis, we now potentially have a 3 headed monster forming at the DE spot that would allow us to have 3 fastballs off the edge, and at least one of which will always be on fresh legs. Lewis brings alot more length than Fowler and Talk bring. I think Takk hs a breakout srason, but Lewis could also be a potential insurance policy in case Takk doesn't develop, or gets hit with an injury that keeps him out more than a couple weeks. 3) Malik Harrison LB Ohio State - While Harrison has the speed and athletacism of a new school LB, he also plays with the same violent force and hard hitting ability of an old school thumper at LB. He can step in from day 1 and repalce Campbell, while also bringing a toughness and intimidation factor to the defense that Campbell was never able to bring. I think Harrison will be one of the best LB from this draft class in a few years, and his power and aggressiveness is the perfect compliment to the pure speed that we get from DeBo and Foye. 4) Logan Stenberg LG Kentucky - Stenberg is a massive LG prospect that is a steam roller in the run game, and does it with a nasty mean streak. We need to improve the running game to have any resemblance of a consistent offense in 2020. While we have like 4 players already competing there already, Stenberg is the perfect LG to place betweem Mack and Matthews to help the run game get kick started. Let him come in and earn his spot, and add some much needed toughness and nastiness to the run game. ***TRADE*** The Falcons are lacking a pick in rounds 5 and 6, so they decide to flip one of their two 4th round picks to a team for a 5th and 6th round pick. 5) KJ Hill WR Ohio State - Hill isnt spectacular at anything, but is solid at everything. He's polished, and reliable. He doesnt have the crazy measurables the other WR's have in this class, but he knows how to create speration, and thats enough of a skillset for Matt Ryan to find you in a one on one matchup. Hill is going to surprise a lot of people, as i think be will be a better pro than college player. 6) Amik Robertson CB/S/NB Louisiana Tech - Robertson is a do it all DB that is physical, can read the QB, and can make plays in both the run and pass game. He also brings high energy and great tackling along with his good athletacism. He will also bring some talent to the special teams. 7) Calvin Throckmorton OL Oregon - While his combine numbers wont impress you, his 4 years starting at 4 different OL positions should, plus an Academic All-American selection. Throckmorton will obviously not start, but would give us some much needed depth, versatility, and youth along the OL.
  9. I think brown and kinlaw go in the range around 11. His atheltacism and potential makes kinlaw a VERY intriguing porspect to complete our starting front 4. DE - Takk DT - Jarrett DT - Kinlaw DE - Fowler Jr.
  10. I think its for Kinlaw or Brown. We met with kinlaw at senior bowl AND combine. Brown is also the perfect NT who can penetrate. Both are elite athletes for their size, and would benefit our highly priced investments in fowler and jarrett the most, as well as transforming the rest of our defense.
  11. I would bet A LOT that we are locked in on Brown or Kinlaw. Both have all pro level talent, and would give us potentially 2 elite dt for 5 years minimum.
  12. hes got some some of the worst character concerns in the draft lol. Wouldnt even be able to pass tge filter. The #1 player i will guarantee wont be drafted by us.
  13. Like most years, TD seems to possibly have found "his guy" keading up to the draft. Moving up to 11 would probably only require a 3rd, or at the very most a 3rd and 4th(we dont have a 5th or 6th). Given who is believed to be available at 11, i think it is coming down to either Brown, Kinlaw, Chaisson, or Henderson. I dont think Okudah or Simmons are the reason for this interest in trading up, as i dont believe either of them get to 11. We may be hearing that Henderson wont make it to 16, as he very well could be our CB of choice. IMO, I think its coming down to one if the DT's or Chaisson. Chaisson gives us another pass rusher, while also a replacement for Campbell. Brown or kinlaw would give us a young, and supremely talented front 4 though. A DL of Takk/Jarrett/Kinlaw or Brown/Fowler would improve the defense IMMENSELY. I think its for a DT, and we are finally making VAST improvements to the DL, and that potential front 4 would make life for our back 7 incredibly easier. LBs could flow to the ball carrier earlier, and the constant pressure from 4 guys would improve both our run and pass game by leaps and bounds. It would do wonders for Takks production, give most of our DL single coverage, and would also maximize the production from players like Takk, Fowler, Jarrett, DeBo, and our DBs not having to civer for 4+ seconds lol. I am thiniing we trade our 3rd to move up to 11 for kinlaw or Brown, drafting the best CB available in the 2nd, and getting a SLB in round 4. I am praying to GOD we get this done, and hoping even more that we get to see this new DL in 2020, and dont see the season cancelled. Keeping fingers crossed. Whenever they see the field again, even if its in 2020, we will see a newly formed defense that will hopefully bring us back to the SB, and win it this time.
  14. We need a 1st or 2nd round CB. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Hendersons athletacism transaltes to strong CB play in coverage. His quickness, long and short speed, and recovery time is elite. I prefer a front 7 player in the 1st, and Jaylon Johnson in the 2nd(possible trade up from 47), or a trade back in round 1, selecting Fulton in the 1st, a guy like blacklock in the 2nd, and a trade up from our 3rd for Josh Uche(been begging for him for months).
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