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  1. I expect these players, but not in this specific order: 1) DJ Shockley 2) Jimmy Williams 3) Joplo Bartu 4) Troy Bergeron 5) Chris Owens 6) James Stone 7) Jordan Beck 8 Kerry Meier 9) Adam Jennings 10) Chevis Jackson 11) Laurent Robinson 12) Stansley Maponga 13) Bradie Ewing 14) Peter Konz 15) Darrell Shropshire 16) Peria Jerry 17) Lamar Holmes 18) Quinn Ojinaka 19) Dezman Southward 20) Darren Stone
  2. Saw the idea of Laviska Shenault and a 2nd on IG. There are a lot of young players that could be had in a trade. What do you guys think? Any young names specifically?
  3. Let me get this out of the way: I think Julio is statistically and physically the #1 ranked WR ever. My top 5 includes Julio, Megatron, Jerry, Fitz, and Moss. Hes on that level. With that said, his targets are better spent going to Ridley (middle of his prime and easily WR1 w/o trade), Pitts (20 year old FREAK), Dadby (could really develop with opportunities), and Gage (lets see what his ceiling is). Ridley is 27, and is starting his "prime". KP can play the next decade, and STILL be younger than Julio. Not trying to make another Julio thread, but this is whats beat for the tea
  4. True. He sounds like a man that is just ready to move on, and didn't care what SS did.
  5. I think Julio may have wanted to out it out there. Why would SS do that? He probably knew it was live.
  6. Lol you heard from Julios mouth "im outta there. I want to win." He probably demanded a trade, and maybe has in the past and the TD regime said **** no.
  7. Given the way he spoke on Undisputed, is there a possibility he requested a trade when TF and the new regime came in? Maybe he had made one in the past already, and the old regime said no. I wish he wouldn't have said that publicly, to help our leverage. Its clear now hes gone. Maybe TF and AS have been covering up a trade request this whole time? I remember hearing they didn't want the negotiations to get out, and that obviously someone else leaked it. Maybe not a team, but maybe Julio's agent. We have KP now. It sucks that we will always have "what if" scenarios with this potential offense,
  8. I think he has. I think TF agrees, but also has probably tied them together after his support, like a lot of "next chapter" thinkers.
  9. With Julio on the team, and at least remotely healthy a large majority of the year: 68 REC 890 YDS 9 TD W/o Julio (by trade or crucial injury): 87 REC 1160 YDS 13 TD He's simply different boys. Moves like a more explosive Kelce. I have HIGH hopes. Could go down as like the "LeBron of TE's", where he's just so great from day 1, and if healthy has a chance at #1 ever(at TE), and pretty much every record at TE.
  10. With 17 games becoming the new norm, its obvious we will have seasons with more road games than home games, and vice versa. The issue comes with our overseas game. If we are having scheduled 8 home and 9 road games(which is the case), than why the heck is the overseas game a "home" game, when were already behind the 8 ball in that category? Then throw in we have a VERY early BYE week, and thank god we have a favorable schedule to start strong hopefully. A strong start will dictate amy chance we have at returning to the playoffs in 2021.
  11. Don't know how to find the link, but saw it on IG and didnt see it posted. No surprise, but hoping Ryan is also telling TF that we NEED to keep Julio. He sets a good standard.
  12. I was trying to figure out what lineup AS liked more, or what one he and TF saw the most potential when signing and drafting players to add to the group. I had thought they wanted: LT - Matthews LG - Mayfield C - Dalman RG - Lindstrom RT - McGary I have thought about it more, and what if AS and TF actually envision this OL when fully healthy: LT - Matthews LG - Dalman C - Hennessey RG - Lindstrom RT - Mayfield Maybe AS or TF envision veteran Josh Andrews at LG for a year. Not sure. Wanted to get your guys' opinions. I think it c
  13. Exactly. He was a great edge rusher in cpllege. Not sure why people aredoubting it could happen. Maybe even OLB in 3-4 AND 4/3.
  14. I have no idea why Quinn and Co. didn't rush the passer with Walker more. He did it in college and played DE. He is going to be a great edge rushing OLB in the 3-4 we run. His coverage skills will keep opposing offenses guessing with what he will do because he is very talented in coverage as well. I think he was a factor in us passing on edge rusher until later. Also didn't take any 3-4 edge rushers, so Walker, Copeland, and Fowler Jr. will have plenty of opportunities this year. DL - Graham DL - Cominsky DL - Jarrett OLB - Walker ILB - DeBo ILB - Foye OLB -
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