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  1. Turned out to be a little decent player though.
  2. Dudes got the worst balance ever. It's every single game he falls down, most of the time it's a play that has a chance to go the distance.
  3. This game would have sealed his fate if I was the head coach. St have been horrendous this year. That's a losing football play. Roberts should have been smarter there too.
  4. The field and lighting are terrible on tv from home. GA Dome looked a lot better. It's way to dark and the field is dark and ugly they should change that. Kinda like what the Texans turf looks like.
  5. Gotta go 10-6 to have a shot and that means best the cowboys and Vikings and obviously take care of business in the NFC south.
  6. I'm a little salty but this team is just garbage. No fire no nothing just going through the motions. What a very disappointing team
  7. Same system Shannahan ran, muchmkre ccomished the Sark. But wouldn't be a terrible idea. Former Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak open to a return as an offensive coordinator - CBSSports.com
  8. I just don't get it how we are struggling so much. Looks like we'll be the typical every other year type team. We can't stop anyone or do squat on offense. Pretty embarrassing
  9. He won't get a massive contract if that's what you're thinking. He'll be resigned
  10. Since this will be the first game there, I'm going to to guess nobody really knows?
  11. Looks like Quinn's first year here. Not saying it but the energy and effort is poorus to say the Least. It's the Bears
  12. They're fine with me probably better then most on FOX. CBS anylyst are better
  13. I'm my opinion the field doesnt look that nice on tv. The numbers on the field are bad looking and the field is dark. Maybe just bad lighting?
  14. He'll be suspended half the year, not to mention he isn't he hardest worker and would take the other half to just get in shape. We'll be fine look for us to sign or trade for another DT.
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