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  1. Yeah... kinda wild. Someone with access to info is being pretty irresponsible there. I understand why a school might elect to "leak" info sometimes, but for UT, it's *never* strategically positive for them it seems.
  2. Ugh. Per my wife (it's her job to know), Cancer Centers of America *may not* be the best place to be going. Better service experience as they're very patient centric in that regard, but outcome data not released to insurers/employers (which is generally not a good sign) and 30-40% more expensive than other places deemed centers of excellence (based on outcome) - to the point that they are often carved out of insurance plans (even as out of network providers). Definitely hope things go better for her though second time around and that she's getting the best care that she can.
  3. Schumann appears to still be a name in consideration for LSU's open DC spot. Hoping he doesn't take it at this point and we can make it through '21 with the majority of our staff in place. Meanwhile, Kirby appears to be potentially looking at a less conventional hire for DB coach in Glenn Ford. Formerly played with Kirby at UGA. Founded iDareU training facility in Atlanta. Still another interview with an unnamed candidate at this point.
  4. That's more a product of who the offense wanted to match up on our corners, rather than who we wanted him covering, no? Honestly haven't spent that much time reviewing defensive film of late, but I know that while Deandre Baker was still in Athens, he essentially only ever covered one side of the field, regardless of where a receiver lined up. Have we altered our approach on this front?
  5. Basically a gamble on his 40 time... given that he knows his speed potential, probably a good gamble... but the on field performance has probably been closer to early 3rd round than 1st round by itself. Measurements and combine performance will likely determine where he lands, but hopefully it all works out and he goes no later than 2nd round (ideally in the 1st).
  6. Webb had already declared for Senior bowl which was basically a declaration from draft. I think Daniel did as well? Either way, both are expected to be gone in 21 to my knowledge.
  7. If it ends up working out for him long term, great. But with the depreciating quality of his YT content, I'm going to speculate that he'll find it's hard to drive as much traffic to the Patreon channel over time. Time will tell though.
  8. I like his film review generally, but hate that he had to gate the majority of it behind Patreon... I think he said he was having issues with copyright concerns, but I don't really understand how that wouldn't qualify for fair use. Now most of his YT vids are 50% fluff.
  9. Yep. McKitty leaving may also be a Kirby/team preference as they're still trying to manage DW and prevent transfer portal concerns there. As far as DJ Daniels goes, if he's gone next year anyway, I think I'd rather see what one of the youngsters offers us in the bowl game and get them the extra practices/snaps. At a minimum it lets Kirby know how hard he's got to plan around the position and/or hit the recruiting trail/transfer portal for additions. Once we lost to UF, a lot of mental calculus likely had to change around ensuring the team is setup for success going forward.
  10. He has a $23.5M buyout through December of next year. I'd be shocked if it were anything other than Tom Allen leveraging for a raise.
  11. FWIW, they've proven now for a few years in a row that they will maximize WR value and help propel them to the draft. UGA is going to have to prove it with Pickens, Burton, etc in 21 or we'll likely continue to struggle to get the players we would like there.
  12. This would be an exceptional pickup on short notice if we can make it happen. Figure out the money and make it happen.
  13. I'm not arguing for him to go elsewhere, but I do think it's fair for positions with relatively low contributions from players deeper on the roster to at least be a bit more selective with how heavy we get there. At QB, the problem was managing the egos in the room. If we stack the TE room 3 deep with elite prospects (Washington + a Gilbert transfer + Bowers joining) there are going to be some hurt feelings in all likelihood. The upside here would be that Gilbert has the ability to flex out, and Bowers could redshirt and/or be a bigger special teams contributor in year 1. We only have about 15
  14. "shocking" is always such a relative term. I suppose we'll all see how shocking it is/isn't once it happens. There was some chatter that JRob was complaining about being lied to at some point, so I still think he's the most likely candidate, but who knows. If I were going to look for a guy coming off injury, I wonder if Dom Blaylock might be worried about depth challenges upon returning from ACL?
  15. The hope is that he learned a few lessons. 1) the company you keep matters a lot, even more so when you have a lot to lose 2) no amount of talent in the world is going to replace the need for making good impressions around your focus, dedication, and work ethic I would love to see the Falcons take a shot on him.
  16. Every time I see your username, I think it says Red Banana... then I think about the Mitch Hedberg joke about traffic lights and bananas...
  17. It's about darn time!! And yeah.. I'm very likely to go overboard liking every Sac post for a bit.
  18. Whole bunch of phone calls, text messages, dms, etc will be sent between now and then. ****.. the coaches will have time for hand written notes.
  19. Curious what Jamie Newman's course load will look like... He's got further to go given that he didn't have the extra year in the system like Burrow, but would be nice if he's got that extra bandwidth to really push things.
  20. If I had one criticism of how Cochran comes off in that article it's this portion: I can understand if he truly has a fair amount of experience and time spent with their special teams planning, coaching, etc... But if he doesn't (it's been vaguely hinted that he helped run Scout ST, but that's not quite the same thing), this would be one of those situations where you've proven you're as good as you can in your current arena and you need to find ways to gain the knowledge/skill in the new area you want to develop. I can easily see some correlaries to colleagues who've wanted to move
  21. Yeah. I'm not worried about paying it out. Just was curious as to the rationale. Definitely looks like we're all saying the same thing... Demotion changes terms and gives potential legal basis for Coley to argue... We certainly don't want to be seen as an unreasonable institution with regards to salary/contract to future hires. All in all makes sense to pay it out.
  22. Reading the article is because he had 2+ years remaining on a 3 year total deal through 2022, but it's still a bit odd given that he was seemingly given the opportunity to remain on staff... Maybe legal language was iffy enough that a demotion constituted a breach of contract, so voluntarily leaving in the wake of that change may not have nullified buyouts... Or at least it was questionable enough to not waste time/PR on not paying it out.
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