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  1. All of this is true, but it's equally true that LSU's all world offense has not yet played a top 100 defense IIRC.
  2. Weird... I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up a medical DQ at this point... I hope that isn't the case, but I'm with many of the replies there... unless he were to lose his housing and other benefits with a med-DQ, seems odd that he'd leave a free ride at a top school if he truly can't play again anyways. Not to mention the possibility to be an extra arm at practices still and potentially transition and to learn a coaching role in the future if it's of interest.
  3. Lulz...
  4. Problem for us is that QB @ UGA is not exactly a statistically appealing job. If you're Ohio State or Oklahoma, you are a very desirable landing spot for the right QB as you know that it's a great place to pad your stats and potentially elevate your draft status. Jake Fromm is one of the best QBs that UGA has ever had and he barely registers on heisman watch lists, he shows up as *a* top draft target, but not ever considered *the* top draft target... Not to say we couldn't pluck a very fine QB out of the transfer portal, but just that it might be a little more challenging. Wish there was a scenario where Caleb Williams could re-classify for 2020... put 2 years of separation between him and Gunner Stockton and give us an extra QB in this year's class... let him and Beck duke it out.
  5. His RT is a joke... Just watched a few of the highlight clips... Still, without a grad transfer or an electric QB add, I'll go ahead and say I'm skeptical that Beck could be anything more than a placeholder in 2020. Maybe we'll get lucky and Fromm will stick around, giving us one more year to get the next guy in, but if not, I for one will be prepared for some very real problems on offense... I'm not in the "Smart and Richt are basically the same dude" because they're clearly not - BUT - it is wild how we basically had a very similar issue with Greene/Shockley and Fromm/HeWhoShallNotBeNamed*... difference being that Shock (probably wrongly based on his utilization if we're being 100% honest) stuck around. Richt managed to pull Stafford in on the heels of those 2, Kirby still working on finding that next dude. Unfortunate that Caleb Williams and Gunner Stockton are still another year and two years away respectively...
  6. How is everyone feeling about Beck at this point? I know the party line has been to not worry about his performance on the field this season because his OL (and/or the entire team) sucks, but to that end, great players make others better... if his strength is understanding their offense and knowing how to read defenses, I'd expect him to perform just a little better than he has this year. Any chance we target a second higher caliber QB this cycle? Is it grad transfer or bust? Luke Doty would seem to be an interesting target now that USCe has had to start Hilinski this year... might be harder to unseat him and we'd have a more attractive QB depth chart in 2020... just don't know whether he'd 1) have any interest in leaving the state of SC or 2) if our staff has any interest at all. Maybe our staff isn't remotely concerned, but having trouble meshing the reality with the expectations and what we need coming into 2020 from whatever QB(s) we pick up this cycle.
  7. Tennessee fans on the internet are just gold...
  8. Since like 1981ish, LSU has only beat UF by 2+ TDs twice or something like that... I'm with you... I wouldn't touch that line
  9. I'm down and to the right of the video board... It was a fun atmosphere.
  10. I trust my gut... saw his footage ages ago and IMHO (as I said at the time) he was up there with the best RBs in the state. I like him more than Tank for sure... but my opinion on Tank at this point should not be a surprise.
  11. There is some online speculation that CBS is forgoing the UF/LSU game (as well as AU/FL) in order to try and get a second primetime game for UA/LSU if both teams are undefeated... It may be pure BS, but it would explain the decision for CBS to pass up the LSU/UF game which objectively should be a much better draw than Bama vs unranked aTm.
  12. The issue I think I've settled on for PFF is this. In the NFL, the difference in talent from the worst team to the best team is fairly slim. So even when you're playing the Dolphins, it's still at least a "similar" caliber opponent. College football has no such level of parity... within a conference, there are clearly "trophic levels" of competition... PFF seemingly ignores difficulty of opponent for a pure metric, that ultimately ends up being pretty useless unless you're comparing how team A performed against team X vs how team B performed against team X (and even *still* it's a stretch).
  13. Dammit...
  14. Yikes... Mr. I <3 Fields is going to comment on bromances? I've seen it all now I suppose. I'll leave his clues a mystery I guess.
  15. Of course right after I post that I get forwarded a screen shot of Bulldawg Bob agreeing that 3 commits are coming very soon.
  16. Honestly, not sure I'd anticipate any specific commitments. It's possible, but to me seems more likely that in several weeks we start to have things trickle out. If I'm Kirby, I want next week to be a celebration of what was accomplished this weekend (presuming a win)... recruiting wins can trickle out over the following weeks to come.
  17. Likely would have been younger kids... 2021 and out
  18. I had seen that Clemson picked up a commit from a 4* WR and was hoping that would be a good sign for us with Arian Smith, but it was a 2021 prospect, Dacari Collins from Powder Springs. Anyone familiar with the kid? Is that a loss for us at all?
  19. He did not.
  20. I still maintain he might be the highest upside back in the state...
  21. Is there? I didn't recall that being a thing. I don't think there's any scenario where 3 teams from one conference get in anyways, but can you link to that one?
  22. What was this in response to? Fantasy or something else?
  23. Slick... Need to get Drob and Dom watching his evolution this year.
  24. This was an issue for him last year also. His Soph footage is with a better OL. Guess they just don't have the horses up front... Might be why he was so adamant about going somewhere with a great OL... He now feels the difference.