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  1. Not sure if it was either of these. This was more recently on the "evolution" of his defense: This one was more technical but described more of what he wanted to bring to UGA:
  2. Make that $1.8 now... Which Florida claims they were going to do prior to the Bengals interview...
  3. Fair enough... didn't remember that. Sure enough: If we want to still be technical about it. At the time that statement was made (2017), pro only consisted of NFL. He is technically not going to be on a sideline of a college or pro team that existed at the time... But yeah... clearly does not compute with what he shared previously.
  4. To be fair to the guy, I am pretty sure he was referring specifically to college football and the associated stresses (it is a 24/7/365 job)... I can't imagine coaching in the XFL is going to have the same stress level.
  5. I believe that Kirby negative recruits just like they all do. I know you don't know and it's not that big of a deal, but curious whether it was really lying or whether it was more just slinging mud and pointing out "true" things but making them overblown. From what I've seen of most coaches, it tends to lean more to the latter than the former.
  6. Agreed. Possibly the dumbest "penalty" out there...
  7. I hold players to the same standard as coaches in this regard. I don't get terribly upset or angry when a kid changes his mind and goes to a different school, even if he strings one program along for a long time only to spurn them at the last moment... Recruiting is a sales pitch... Once you commit to a program (coach or player), if you wanna leave that program fine, but don't scorched earth the mother trucker on the way out. In the same way, I called Lane Kiffin out for the way he left Tennessee, I think it's fair (to an obvious lesser extent) to be disappointed in how Justin managed his departure... whether you want to blame the kid, his family, the advice he was getting... ultimately they were his decisions to either make or allow someone to make on his behalf. Does that make him a lost cause as a human? Of course not... but it doesn't exactly speak to this incredible picture of moral fiber that is really the only thing that is being disputed. Being 18-19 is hard... I get it. But you know when you're making a crappy decision still...
  8. Let me first start with this. In no way was my original comment or reply intended to dissect anyone or take them down. It was a systematic readback of what was said and why contextually they were either inaccurate or at a minimum that a reasonable party with no significant bias could have a differing opinion. With that said... what are you on about here tilting at windmills? No one said anything about a court of law. You have an *opinion*. Not objective fact. An opinion. Many here have a differing opinion... which you continually beat the drum to attempt to dissuade them as though they are the only ones who can be wrong. I've now explicitly shown you why that alternate opinion *could* be not only considered plausible, but perhaps even likely. I DON'T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. I HARBOR NO SIGNIFICANT ILL WILL TOWARD HIM REGARDLESS OF MY OPINIONS ON HOW HE CONDUCTED HIMSELF THROUGHOUT HIS TIME AT UGA OR HIS TRANSITION ELSEWHERE. Hopefully in Bold, Italics, and Underlined you will understand this... But nothing in any of my comments would be conceivably read as "unsubstantiated" or "drivel"... But you keep on. Declare yourself the winner against the windmills. Just because not everyone worships the ground the dude walks on doesn't make them a hater. Just in case you forgot... here is the EXACT QUOTE as I typed it previously... Am I trying to convict the kid? **** no... As I said... alternate view, your opinion... Unsurprisingly, as stated previously, you continue to prove EXACTLY what I said. You are unwilling to listen. But by all means... please continue Mr. Defense Attorney. The "Prosecution" rests for now.
  9. brain fart above. trophy = statue... Need to pick up a PG... Juco or Transfer maybe?
  10. I love the optimism... I'll take an SEC championship and/or a Tournament appearance. If dude delivers a natty in basketball I say we give him a trophy and rename the basketball arena...
  11. not true at all. Go back and read what I wrote and tell me I have given Justin a pass. I had several criticisms of Fields - but I stick to the facts w/o doing the pile on that goes on here - However, I did even dip my toes in some speculation that is negative. Appreciate you making my point for me. Just don't be surprised when literally everyone calls you out for knighting for the kid. If you read everything that I've said in this thread I don't dislike or like the kid... Whether he is successful or not in the future literally will have zero impact on my life or feelings. You however seem to be very invested in the idea that no one should ever make a disparaging remark about him. As I said... let it go and don't ask people to have a conversation with you about him if you can't be objective.
  12. Alright... Let's do this one time. I am very unlikely to respond to further discussion here, as this isn't meant to facilitate more conversation, rather just to clarify that the statements made so far about Justin are not only not unreasonable, but that they are more based in fact than you're willing to admit. Where are the quotes, tweets, etc. where Justin has trashed UGA? have seen nothing but positives and compliments he has thrown Dawgs way. Nothing about these two statements align. Justin didn't just transfer, he timed his name going into the portal to coincide with Early Signing Period. You can claim that it was coincidental, and that's fine. Myself and most rational individuals are going to look at that and say "the kid knew what he was doing... he was a highly rated recruit and understands the process and the important dates". Now... with that said, you can also make the case that it would be pretty ****** to sell a kid on going to play with Fields and then have him transfer, but given that we didn't have any unexpected decommitments, and the only recruit you could conceivably say was "impacted" by his decision was Haselwood pretty much tells us that wasn't an issue to begin with. Ultimately, it is what it is, but Eason handled his transfer significantly differently. What are your sources that show that Fields or his family leaked out or approved of leaking out the transfer? Nothing had to be "leaked"... By choosing when to put his name in the transfer portal, the information was going out the week of ESD anyways... the only thing the attorney did (which could only happen with the permission of the family and/or Justin unless that attorney is shadier than Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss) was then leak out information as to WHY Justin might be contemplating a transfer. This again would have required their permission or at least their agreement once it came out, or they could have clarified that it was not the case... given that they rode with it, that is known as tacit agreement. Tacit Implied, inferred, understood without being expressly stated. Tacit refers to something done or made in silence, as in a tacit agreement. A tacit understanding is manifested by the fact that no contradiction or objection is made and is thus inferred from the situation and the circumstances. If they were okay with playing the race card, I don't understand how they can also be willing to allow their african american daughter to attend such a racist institution. It's two faced. What did Fields say in the video? As I recall it went something like this: Teammate: "You played well today." Fields: "Yeah, I was really good handing the ball off." Was not said to a reporter, was not said for public consumption - didn't even make its way to print/video in public until after the transfer was known. What is the unforgiveable sin there? that is ridiculous Carter. As noted above, you've paraphrased a short statement to make Fields seem less egregiously out of line here. Specifically, it was "Yeah, I handed the ball off good as f&&k. I didn't do ****." But here's the thing about that statement. That it wasn't said to a reporter doesn't actually matter here. It serves as a window into Justin's attitude as early as GAME 3 of his freshman season. In response to a reasonable "good job out there" from a teammate, rather than graciously accepting the praise even if he felt it was unnecessary, he seems to imply here that he could and should be doing more. If you're unhappy in game 3 as a freshman because you're not playing and there was an incumbent starter in your role who just took the team to a national championship appearance and SEC title, I'd say you've got your head so far up your rear end that you may need a flashlight to get out. His audience matters here, but not in the way you think. The fact that this was said to a teammate indicates that this is not just a front, but rather his actual personality and the way he interacted with guys on the team regularly. THAT, is a problem... one that if you didn't know Justin you'd likely have referred to as something akin to a "locker room cancer". I already agreed that I believe there was tension - you could feel it w/ Fromm's comments and you could speculate it with the lack of interaction between the two on the sideline - for this, I would only be GUESSING but to me it is a really bad look for Fields. This is not really assumption/speculation when you couple it with the previous statement. It's more evidence that would lend support to the idea that Justin was unhappy with his role and was largely unable to mask it. That's a stretch. Very good chance that Haselwood never commits to UGA in the first place w/o Fields. If Haselwood's sole reason for coming to UGA was Justin Fields - then he was never really a Dawg to begin with. If you want to knock Fields for Haselwood then at least give him credit for helping UGA staff recruit the players he did in 2018 class - net/net Fields was a PLUS for UGA recruiting. Personally, not even sure that Fields is the reason why Haselwood didn't pick UGA, but there was plenty of chatter that Justin was less than "helpful" with several recruits who were visiting. I'm not going to name names here, but suffice it to say, I've heard from credible insiders that seemingly once Justin had made up his mind, he wasn't going to let his presence be a "point of value" for our recruiting either on several of the late OVs... Again, I'm not that torn up about it, as I think we shouldn't be selling falsehoods, but that's *our staff's* job, not Justin's. Ultimately, I'm a big fan of this quote: "The choices we make, dictate the lives we lead." Blame Kirby/Chaney or the whole staff for the poor utilization of Justin Fields this year... It's fair and rational fans questioned it most of the year... Blame them for Justin deciding to transfer... I'm fine with it. I think ultimately, this one comes down to opinion and speculation. Based on Justin's behavior/personality, it seemed he was destined to go unless he got his way. But, the way it went down and how it was handled, that was Justin and/or his family's choice. Justin's actions/behavior as portrayed by the video clip, his body language on the side lines, etc... it all largely supports the conclusion that he was very much about himself and that's a shame. We all want to do well personally at whatever we do (or at least I hope most do)... but when you allow your personal success to come at the expense of others and don't care how you do it... those are decisions/choices... and they do in fact dictate the life you're living. As I said. Lot of room to grow. Fortunately, I don't have to have any investment in the outcome.
  13. I would believe you.
  14. Everybody's somethin'... How are things settling in down at the U? You feeling good about the new staff? I have no issues with threadjacking this runaway train wreck.
  15. I would have a conversation with you, but you've proven time and time again that you are not only biased, but unwilling to listen to an alternate view that doesn't support your opinion of Justin. It's fine... let it go. The only reason I replied above is because someone quoted me and I don't think they understood what my remark was specifically pointed at.