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  1. Rumors out that Frost to Nebraska may be a done deal... 7 years, 35M was the number thrown out there. If so, that's a big hire for them. Permanent tOSU matchup is going to limit the immediate upside IMO, but otherwise they should be able to have some success if he's able to get the recruits to implement his offense there. Bigger bonus if true... No safety net for UF if Kelly falls through their hands. Frost is the coach I least want them to land.
  2. Dunno about that... I think the insinuation was that Salyer was only going to visit Clemson if there was legitimate interest from Mays in committing there. Again, grain of salt.
  4. Grain of salt and all, but one of the more plugged in guys on another board said this has as much to do with where Salyer stands as it does Cade Mays...
  5. As excited as I am for Zamir White being in this class... wondering if we should either a) unpin this thread or b.) update the title to be more of a placeholder for any upcoming announcements?
  6. Probably highly dependent on the remainder of his staff... Offensively, his system is not quite as "innovative" as it was 8 years ago or so, but at the same time, he'll have access to a quality of recruits that he didn't really have at Oregon... instead of operating on mostly 3* evals, he can actually get 4/5* guys... whether that improves things for him or not though, I'm uncertain. I think if hired, he instantly makes Florida more dangerous than they were under McElwain... but "dominant" I'm not sure of. He didn't have a huge history of playing SEC teams while at Oregon (1-2, win over a bad UT team, losses to 2 very good teams in Auburn and LSU that won the SEC in those seasons...). The most direct comparison is that his team generally was less successful offensively against Stanford... a team in the Pac12 that tends to recruit the LOS very well on the defensive side of the ball. I'd rather UF hire a guy like Charlie Strong or Mike Norvell than Chip Kelly/Scott Frost, but I don't know that I'm terribly "afraid" of the situation either. The upside to Kelly is that he may bolt in a few seasons if the right NFL job came knocking... alternatively, he could bail just due to the ******** that comes with a larger program. A lot of the discussion right now are in hangups from Kelly's side of the negotiation on mandatory upgrades to facilities and reducing the mandatory glad-handing for Kelly, who simply has no patience for that BS. He doesn't like recruiting and doesn't like dealing with Alums... if he doesn't have a lot of success early, that's a bad recipe. Upside is he's inheriting a pretty depleted roster.
  7. Good call... had not seen that:
  8. Makes sense... just to close the loop, as everyone anticipated, he announced for Oregon last night.
  9. Any chance at Will Richardson or is he basically an Oregon lock? I know he signed already, was announcing today. hadn't seen an update.
  10. You've got Davis and Barmore backwards I believe. Here is the recap on Barmore:
  11. Possibly. He's already said they aren't getting an official visit, though he hardly needs an official visit... They are on a bit of a clock on this hire IMO regarding this year's recruiting class due to the early signing period. Both Mays and Taylor want to sign early. There are probably others that may want to do the same that aren't being discussed as much.
  12. Meanwhile, Alontae Taylor has named UGA his leader apparently. Believe he is visiting this weekend as well.
  13. Bama has been pressing hard. Would not be surprising to see a flip there.
  14. Cool. Anything that opens up a secure spot for Barmore if we can get him makes me happy. I think kid has a high ceiling.
  15. Interesting... Had wondered if he would stick or not... Who else are we looking at that has legitimate projections at DE? KJ Henry? (A lot of HS DEs project more as OLBs)