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  1. Kirby playing 37-D Chess... getting the injury bug before they get here, so that the odds are better that they have a healthy career at UGA.
  2. Just saw... :| Hate it for him... pretty sure he was going to EE, so on the upside, he'll be able to handle his recovery under the supervision of Ron Courson and his staff. Hopefully guys like Chubb and Gurley able to reach out to him as well to give him some encouragement. The upside (if there is one) is ACL has become a very recoverable injury...
  3. Roquan... I'd say less than 10% right now... he's projected as a first rounder, #1 or 2 LB off the boards by most accounts... there is very little for him to come back for other than loving UGA... which while admirable I just don't see as a legitimate reason. I think Smart and the staff would encourage him to go if he's projecting in the first round anyways (same thing that Saban has done at Alabama). Trenton... Honestly, I think he *should* stay... I have no idea what the odds are... 50/50 seems fair. He has had a good but not stellar year, and due to the lack of disruption caused for him this season (as opposed to how he finished last year), could see him sticking around for another season to try and increase the shine factor and further distance from the odd offseason "medical" concerns (which I've still not seen an explanation of any kind for that made sense). The push to leave though may be real as he's still probably projected in the early rounds and he's been ceding a lot of starting time to Tyler Clark this year.
  4. Same... a lot probably hinges on the IB result. If they beat Bama, anything other than a blowout loss to UGA (which would be unexpected) is probably sufficient for him to stay... and potentially get an extension with an increased buyout to stifle off suitors. Auburn's AD situation though may make that a difficult task.
  5. Yeah... re: Jimbo... that would be wild. Seems like such a bad trade IMO. As to Gus... as much value as the UGA win may have just provided, if they get beat in the IB, he goes right back to being on the hotseat in the minds of most Auburn fans at least... ****, I know a lot of guys who even *after* that win, were still saying Gus should be fired. He's just not got a lot of goodwill there... couple that with maybe wanting to go back "home" and you could see a path at least. Lower expectations, 3-4 years of almost guaranteed time vs next year likely the only thing he has "guaranteed" at Auburn... buyouts are great and all, but getting fired has a way of tarnishing one's brand... and therefore future earning power. Sometimes it makes sense to get out ahead of it. (This may also apply to Fisher if he's worried about the rebuild process at FSU due to the state of their OL.)
  6. Offensively, one would anticipate that we improve - though how much is going to depend on a few factors: 1) Who is the replacement for Wims' big body 50:50 balls... Hoping Landers can be this for us. 2) Is Andrew Thomas ready to take on the LT role... and if so, who rolls into the RT spot? Wilson? Can Cleveland retain a starting OG spot? There are some good bodies there to work with, but going to play a little round of musical chairs. Given what Pittman has been able to do in this past off-season, I like our chances to do no worse than hold serve here. I am going to miss Wynn though... just really like him as a player and hope he is able to find success at the next level. 3) How does Fromm improve, and more importantly, how do we grow the trust that Chaney and Smart have in him to rely on his arm more when we need to. 4) Not really a question, but I guess technically we do need to ensure no drop off at RB... I wouldn't anticipate any with the guys still on the roster + White and Cook, but Chubb/Michel have been a **** of a tandem to say the least. Defensively, I'm not sure anyone can predict just yet. Assuming we lose both OLBs, Roquan, John John Atkins, Trenton, and 3 "starting DBs" in Aaron Davis, Dominick Sanders, and Malcolm Parrish... that's a *lot* of bodies to replace but as Carter mentioned, the only guy you'd say is truly providing "elite" performances is probably Roquan. We have talented guys to step in, and fortunately, we've given a lot of them experience this year, but it's a lot to ask. At DB, going to have to see guys like Richie LeCounte, Gibbs, and either Speed/Stokes step up and earn some playing time. Meanwhile, Tyrique McGhee will hopefully continue to develop a bit. He has had some good contributions to work on. Up front, I have no idea who's going to really own John John's spot... Fortunately, we've had a good rotation up there, so I don't anticipate as big of a drop off there as I might have after 2016. LB is going to be the spot that probably hurts the most. Right now, most are assuming that Natrez comes back, but keep in mind one more pot suspension gets him popped for the season. That will be a situation to monitor. If he were to leave in addition to Roquan, we'd literally be losing our starting 4 LBs. Outside, I think Deandre Walker will be ok, but he's going to have a lot of work in the off-season on being a leader and maintaining discipline... he's been on the receiving end of a lot of bad flags. Walter Grant has earned time this year, and probably finds his way onto the field in the other OLB starting spot. Monty Rice and Juwan Taylor were good, not great in fill in duty... Roquan is going to be **** near impossible to replace assuming he leaves. Hoping Nate McBride is able to contribute on more than special teams next year though... his speed could set him up for the more sideline to sideline role of Roquan, though I'm not sure he's got the same play recognition skillset that has made Roquan such a stud (also unsure of his tackling ability).
  7. My one concern on Kentucky is that it came back once their spirit was mostly broken. After they scored the second time and then we responded again (they have a pretty woefully bad corps of DBs, giving *very* soft coverage all game), they seemed to fold. At that point, Snell still had success running the ball... which isn't a huge surprise, but at least we started playing more fundamentally sound in the front 7. Just not sure how much we can read into that as being "better". I still anticipate a win over the nerds unless we have some kind of epic meltdown... they're better than their record, but they're still an option offense... do your job, and don't get caught with your pants down. We're not a blitzing team generally, so as long as Parrish or another DB doesn't fall asleep back there, I don't see why they should be able to have a lot of success offensively. Hopefully Smart and Co saw that Tennessee was lining up almost 2-3 yards off the ball, thus giving up 5 yard minimum runs for most of the first 3 quarters. As to an Atlanta matchup... I actually like our chances against Alabama not too bad. Their LB corps has been ravaged, so they should have a harder time absolutely stifling the running game. Their DBs are probably a little better than Auburn, but they'd have a hard time *playing* better than Auburn did in that matchup... have to be able to beat press man coverage by throwing when *we* want to. Defensively, we've had a lot of success containing mobile QBs this season. I don't *hate* a rematch against Auburn, but I think it will be a more severe test of our ability to scheme/gameplan effectively, which makes me nervous about Chaney's involvement. I do think we played our worst and they played their best, the 23 point blowout really hinged on about 4 plays in the middle... dropped/errant pass to Godwin, OL collapse on the flea flicker that would have gone for a TD, leaping penalty, and the muffed punt. In and of itself, those 4 plays resulted in essentially a 28 point swing. It's not quite that simple, but it went from a game where we were playing defense poorly but managing to recover in the RZ to "oops... the bottom fell out" in about 10-12 minutes of game time or so IIRC.
  8. FWIW, she kind of is closer to Fravel than Rusty. She also CB'd Zeus and Salyer to Clemson (neither with any real substantive reasoning) before backing off of those... she just tends to back off of CBs that she puts in as it gets closer to a decision timeframe so that she can be "right" more frequently, whereas Fravel holds out sometimes all the way just to be contrarian it would seem. Not saying Mays absolutely won't be a fight, but a CB from her doesn't particularly concern me.
  9. Honestly, I feel like this is no lose for us. If they hired him, I think he'll be a slight improvement over Mac but ultimately not as good as they hope. If they miss, and Frost lands at Nebraska, then they are farther down the list of underwhelming backups.
  10. Rumors out that Frost to Nebraska may be a done deal... 7 years, 35M was the number thrown out there. If so, that's a big hire for them. Permanent tOSU matchup is going to limit the immediate upside IMO, but otherwise they should be able to have some success if he's able to get the recruits to implement his offense there. Bigger bonus if true... No safety net for UF if Kelly falls through their hands. Frost is the coach I least want them to land.
  11. Dunno about that... I think the insinuation was that Salyer was only going to visit Clemson if there was legitimate interest from Mays in committing there. Again, grain of salt.
  13. Grain of salt and all, but one of the more plugged in guys on another board said this has as much to do with where Salyer stands as it does Cade Mays...
  14. As excited as I am for Zamir White being in this class... wondering if we should either a) unpin this thread or b.) update the title to be more of a placeholder for any upcoming announcements?
  15. Probably highly dependent on the remainder of his staff... Offensively, his system is not quite as "innovative" as it was 8 years ago or so, but at the same time, he'll have access to a quality of recruits that he didn't really have at Oregon... instead of operating on mostly 3* evals, he can actually get 4/5* guys... whether that improves things for him or not though, I'm uncertain. I think if hired, he instantly makes Florida more dangerous than they were under McElwain... but "dominant" I'm not sure of. He didn't have a huge history of playing SEC teams while at Oregon (1-2, win over a bad UT team, losses to 2 very good teams in Auburn and LSU that won the SEC in those seasons...). The most direct comparison is that his team generally was less successful offensively against Stanford... a team in the Pac12 that tends to recruit the LOS very well on the defensive side of the ball. I'd rather UF hire a guy like Charlie Strong or Mike Norvell than Chip Kelly/Scott Frost, but I don't know that I'm terribly "afraid" of the situation either. The upside to Kelly is that he may bolt in a few seasons if the right NFL job came knocking... alternatively, he could bail just due to the ******** that comes with a larger program. A lot of the discussion right now are in hangups from Kelly's side of the negotiation on mandatory upgrades to facilities and reducing the mandatory glad-handing for Kelly, who simply has no patience for that BS. He doesn't like recruiting and doesn't like dealing with Alums... if he doesn't have a lot of success early, that's a bad recipe. Upside is he's inheriting a pretty depleted roster.