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  1. I highly doubt these decisions were made unilaterally in a vacuum. Very good chance that Kirby and the staff had a lot of input here. I don't think Pittman is terribly concerned about his pay, he's already one of, if not THE, highest paid OL coaches in the country. He's said previously that Athens is a final destination for him as well... so from a "poaching" standpoint, I don't think he's a significant risk. He's not at a place in his life where someone is likely to want to pick him up as an OC (nor do I believe that he wants that). He likes what he does and he's **** good at it... I think there is something commendable about that in the year 2018, in a current job culture that essentially amounts to seeking promotions until you reach your "highest level of failure". I would like to have seen more money go Dell McGee's way if we're using recruiting success to heavily drive salaries, but at 550k, it still gives us room to go up and he's one of the top paid RB coaches at the same time.
  2. Most think he'll take over QB and/or passing game coordinator, with Chaney shifting to OC/TE, and Cortez rolling onto WRs. Don't know that anything has been officially announced on that front.
  3. Yup. Impressive honestly. Much bigger than I expected us to be able to go. Particularly with Smart's salary undetermined at this point.
  4. The only way I see it being a concern is if some of the elite programs get wind of enough info to part ways with coaches during or immediately following this year's tournament... if UGA is going to make a move and they haven't secured "their guy" by then, we could find ourselves pushed away from the feeding trough until the best talent is gone. Hopefully not the case, but could definitely see it being problematic.
  5. Would be a poor decision IMO... particularly if the specifics/details of these investigations don't really roll out until after the tournament (could easily see the NCAA look to try and "get their ducks in a row" and just try and keep this year's tournament in tact, then worry about any sanctions/penalties/investigations afterwards)... If we can land "our guy" before or during the tournament through back channels, then no matter what teams end up having to re-shuffle, we're in good shape (probably worth slapping a higher buy-out tag on whoever if we're concerned about another team trying to pluck ours). I don't know that I see a high quality coach being super interested in taking over a Louisville for example if there is a 2-3 year post season restriction (let alone any scholarship reductions, since basketball is already a smaller roster)... will hurt recruiting and put a lot of pressure to make the tournament and have success to "right the ship" in year 4/5.
  6. Yeah, was going to recommend that one as well, but it's a bit of a "wall of text"... would be better if it was aggregated by position and then broken down more like the roster example I gave, but definitely can be useful. Cheers.
  7. Wasn't there last year, unfortunately had some international travel during that weekend (rough life ). I went the year prior and it was pure chaos. I think the remarks I saw were that we were probably still at 50-60k attendance last year, so about 2/3 of full attendance. Given the results this season and the excitement around the program, good chance it could be back up to 80k+ in attendance. Would definitely plan on getting there early. Hopefully someone who made it last season can chime in with what improvements to the experience were made as it was more or less a mad house the year prior, with nowhere near the level of organization needed to run the event smoothly. Not yet sure if I'm going to be able to attend this year, but if I do, I'll likely be coming in the night before to stay with friends. Enjoy the weekend!
  8. FYI, was trying to do that for a 2019 recruit and the breakdown was all wrong (was showing me the wrong position), so just something to be aware of... not sure how reliable it is right now.
  9. If you are curious about specific positions, the easiest option is to look at a recruit that we signed this year at that position. Then click on the offers, and click the # on Roster link. Example: Justin Fields: 4th column. Click the link that says 2 on roster, 0 commits. Will show you enrolled players by year with star rating. Once the spring rolls through and we start to see what transfers/attrition there may be, we'll probably see some more updated resources on that front.
  10. Seems like a perfect addition to the staff honestly. Grinder - never a highly touted guy, so going to preach Kirby's message of competition and chopping wood. By all accounts a really cerebral guy, student of the game type as well... As to production level from receivers, Vandy had increased receiving yards each year he was there - part of that is the transition to Shurmur at QB and him evolving, but their WR corps has looked better each year as well... he had to have someone to throw the ball to. From a recruiting standpoint, tough to gauge IMO. Up until this year, Vandy didn't pull any better than a 3* WR, and no particularly strong presence in Louisiana... but it's Vandy... so the ratings battle isn't terribly surprising (4* WR in this year's class, but local to the Nashville area) and Louisiana not known for producing a lot of elite *scholar* athletes either, so while being an athlete at Vandy may not equate to the same stringent requirements that a non-athlete has to meet, they do seem to be a little more selective about the type of student they target. I'd be surprised if we attempt to have a heavy presence in Louisiana (Kirby big on the 2 hour and 5 hour radius concept), but no harm in making LSU (and other schools that want to recruit there) invest more time on the guys they want if we can do it with little to no loss on our in-state recruiting.
  11. Doubtful. We're pitching Pappoe on ILB (as is Clemson I believe) while most other schools have still been targeting him at OLB... Trezman is already an ILB. Tindall was the only true "ILB" in this class. McBride and Rice in the previous class. We loaded up on OLB/WDE players this class, but it was understandable with Zo and Davin on the way out, Walker leaving after this year as well, and we'd lost Chauncey Manac to transfer before the 2017 season started... from a roster standpoint, we needed OLBs that could contribute. Some of those guys may find their way to the interior of course. If Natrez manages to make it through the offseason and plays for us in 2018, that should help to ensure there is at "least" one spot that is up for grabs going into 2019... and if it's McBride or Rice in the other ILB spot, they are there for 1-2 more years tops by the time either of these guys come in. I also don't see either of those guys as afraid to compete. Doesn't mean we'll definitely land them, but I don't think the depth chart is going to scare them away.
  12. Didn't we have a ~2 page diatribe back and forth where you got on a soapbox about how people should be "above" this kind of thing? Am I in an alternate reality right now?
  13. FWIW, the post you replied to wasn't talking about his time at Vandy, strictly Penn State, and he didn't really inherit a dumpster fire there... that was already mostly taken care of by Bill O'Brien. He ate the 2 "post Paterno" years and still kept them at 8 and 7 wins respectively (with no bowl game). Franklin has definitely improved the W/L totals of late, but didn't have a win over a ranked team until midway through year 3. He's a good coach, but I do agree it's largely overblown to this point. Doesn't mean he'll never deserve the hype, I just think he gets too much of a free pass for losses but credit for wins, due to the 2 programs he's coached at.
  14. Definitely this...
  15. I don't find it to be a waste of time... perhaps not terribly productive, but I enjoy the nuance. The only thing that is unclear to me right now is: 1) Is someone getting greyshirted or going to Juco for a semester (Walthour) OR 2) Is there actually room in the 2016 class that 2017 EEs were back counted into in order to do the same in 2018 to create room... Otherwise, I've been correct whereas people who repeatedly told me "no such thing as back-counting anymore" were wrong. (not here specifically...)