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  1. I was there and I called it before it happened. I knew he'd make the call and I was confident it would backfire... My wife the UT fan disagreed with me stating there was no chance that they would go for 2... as did the entire Tech crew we were sitting next to (got into the game for like 20 bucks but had to sit next to the Tech band... the things you do for your spouse). I had so much fun listening to salty tech fans on the walk back to the car.
  2. Even with his "love" for Coach Fox, there was a very low probability that we kept his commitment. It was pretty much always a matter of whether Kentucky had space in the class to take him. I can't wait for the people to chime in with "should have kept Fox"... Crean doesn't have an easy path forward, but needs to put a ton of focus on 2019 and then 2020 classes. If you get 1-2 game changers top 50 caliber players in those classes, you're in great shape... if not, you're gonna have to be incredible on your evals of guys between 100-350.
  3. Uh... what? We talking about T-Will? He's been at Auburn since 2014. In that time, they've managed to sign only 3 top 200 LBs in total, only one of which was in the top 100 (#98 TD Moultrie - '17) and the other 2 (#172 #198) happened in his first recruiting class which would have been mostly the work of the existing staff and prior coaches. They've done quite well recruiting the DL, but LB has not been a particular strength for them from a recruiting standpoint. They *have* done quite well at getting better than serviceable play from the guys they are getting though.
  4. Introducing new transfer DB, Mick Lubbin...
  5. Don't look now, but the Baseball team is doing things y'all... Mums the word though... or it could all fall apart like a house of cards.
  6. All good but pretty sure Unknown may have beaten you to this one. It was just before he was announced as our coach.
  7. I was there. Used to string her racquets. Would crawl through broken glass for that one.
  8. To drop it, you've gotta pick it up, right? That was a shiitshow.
  9. Full presser recording... Let's just say he's a little verbose. Impressive that he gives the whole talk with no notes (and I don't see any obvious looks into a teleprompter). Might have done well to trim the "one door closes, another door opens" type stuff... little overly focused on how things went poorly during his tenure at Indiana... but I'm also hyper selective on what words I opt to use while he seems to be a little more stream of consciousness. Edit: Seems like there is a weird gap between videos 2 - 3... different angle, but this seems to pick up at the right point:
  10. Maybe a little overly "rah rah", but not sure he has much choice. Just kind of an awkward video to have to make. I like that he's embracing "the Steg" right off the bat... I also think it's smart that he's embracing the idea of leveraging the university's success in sports (read: football) to drive excitement in the basketball program... Early on, it seemed like Fox was on board with this, but it was always somewhat unnatural. Will be interesting to follow to see if there are co-branded events with Crean/Smart and/or if Crean creates basketball events to dovetail with UGA events like G-Day or other "fanfare" events that we may have on campus.
  11. "Likes personal touch" - we bout to get into trouble for hookers?
  12. Noticed that as well. They took it down right afterwards - some poor production manager was like "WTF... just take it down... the video is enough"
  13. Before I realized Matta was an option, he was my favorite for UGA. I think that will be a strong hire for them... I was wondering if UConn might give him a look though...
  14. They fell into a bit of a trap it seemed like. They needed to have someone that was *not* Felton... but were gunshy on going after anyone with any hint of gray area in the past post Harrick. I still maintain that they never should have moved on from Harrick... take your lumps for what really wasn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Appeal the ruling and don't give the NCAA anymore than is required. We didn't figure it out then, we didn't figure it out with AJ Green's jersey, or Gurley's autograph situation... We did get the worse end of that search firm. Same group that helped place Fox with UGA placed Tony Bennett with UVA... Things would have looked mighty different if that was reversed...