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  1. It's about darn time!! And yeah.. I'm very likely to go overboard liking every Sac post for a bit.
  2. Whole bunch of phone calls, text messages, dms, etc will be sent between now and then. ****.. the coaches will have time for hand written notes.
  3. Curious what Jamie Newman's course load will look like... He's got further to go given that he didn't have the extra year in the system like Burrow, but would be nice if he's got that extra bandwidth to really push things.
  4. If I had one criticism of how Cochran comes off in that article it's this portion: I can understand if he truly has a fair amount of experience and time spent with their special teams planning, coaching, etc... But if he doesn't (it's been vaguely hinted that he helped run Scout ST, but that's not quite the same thing), this would be one of those situations where you've proven you're as good as you can in your current arena and you need to find ways to gain the knowledge/skill in the new area you want to develop. I can easily see some correlaries to colleagues who've wanted to move up or into different responsibilities because they outgrew their current role, but maybe felt a little too entitled and didn't actually go prepare for that next role. Hopefully, given the commentary we've seen so far, Cochran knows he needs to ensure he's got the necessary knowledge ASAP, because this isn't a great place for OTJ learning.
  5. Yeah. I'm not worried about paying it out. Just was curious as to the rationale. Definitely looks like we're all saying the same thing... Demotion changes terms and gives potential legal basis for Coley to argue... We certainly don't want to be seen as an unreasonable institution with regards to salary/contract to future hires. All in all makes sense to pay it out.
  6. Reading the article is because he had 2+ years remaining on a 3 year total deal through 2022, but it's still a bit odd given that he was seemingly given the opportunity to remain on staff... Maybe legal language was iffy enough that a demotion constituted a breach of contract, so voluntarily leaving in the wake of that change may not have nullified buyouts... Or at least it was questionable enough to not waste time/PR on not paying it out.
  7. Seems high? He wasn't making more than 1.5 total here was he? And on a 2 year contract?
  8. I'm waiting for the sales pitch as well. I'm not saying it's a bad hire, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around why it should be an exciting hire... Presumably, there are other ST specialist coaches that are out there that we could have targeted. Just not sure why we should be the proving ground for a coach that has never done the job on the field. I appreciate that he's got a ton of experience at a top program, but I do worry that ST will become a bit of an extension of the old "just beat your man" philosophy that Kirby had on offense, as opposed to actually scheming for success. We shall see I suppose.
  9. We look good so far. Tough to take much away just yet, but happy to see the fight in the team in some of these games where we've started out sluggish.
  10. I'll take that share as well... Not one that I recall hearing about.
  11. Somehow this crap *** team managed to beat Auburn tonight.
  12. UGA/Clemson adding a matchup on 9/4/2021 in Charlotte... Pretty impressive late add, though I am getting kinda meh on the neutral site season openers.
  13. I don't disagree... Though they can afford him... That may be the only fit they're looking for at this point.
  14. To answer the question specifically, "parts" is used for relative ingredient ratios. As you can see in his response, he replaced parts with tablespoons, or for a larger batch it was the same ratios but 1 part was two tablespoons. Just an easy way to give the general idea of how much of each thing. Frequently used for dry rubs, spice blends, and sauces where quantity needed may vary.
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