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  1. This close to having to hit the button... But at the last second, memory problems prevented him from finding it, or possibly even remembering it existed to begin with... It's a modern marvel that he remembers to eat and get dressed every day.
  2. Absolutely. Let me know what you think. My buddy was funny about it. Apparently he'd only gone because he knows one of the owners but once he went he was like... "holy crap, this is awesome". Hope you have a blast!
  3. I said all that then pinged my buddy who moved back to Athens a year or so ago... Fastest reaction time possible when asked for good burger spot: Clarke's Standard, near GA Theatre...
  4. Grindhouse has a location in Athens I haven't been to yet, but I've been to their location in Atlanta and it's a good burger. Farm 255 is unfortunately closed these days, that was an exceptional burger White Tiger has a good burger as well as other sandwich options. I've not eaten at Clocked, but heard it's good. Unless someone else has a better suggestion, might trend toward Grindhouse, but take a look at those options above and their menus (as well as anything you see on chowhound/yelp). I'm a big fan of the Hillbilly style - pimento cheese, chili, jalapenos - hold the onion. Their fried pickles are pretty good as well, but they for some ridiculous reason use the long sandwich slices instead of the chips... which is less than optimal.
  5. So far seems like a bit of a non-story. Needs corroboration from people that don't have something to gain from the situation.
  6. Food type/style preferences? I always tend to steer toward staples from when I was there... Cali-n-Titos Little Italy With Achim's K-Bob gone, I have hit up KEBA which is not quite the same but still good. Last Resort for higher end option Curious what other people still like going back for.
  7. This feels straight out of the playbook. Take several sources. Feed info out there that he's getting fired to some, that he's just getting suspended to others... let it play out then fake outrage about getting to facts around what is being reported... Make the story less about what you do/don't do and more about what is being said about that action... Drag feet... take time... let news cycle overwhelm. Eventually, couple of game suspension and "training" is likely all that comes out of this. Will be pleasantly surprised to see Meyer actually ousted though...
  8. Check the replay...
  9. Welllll Shatner. Wish I had checked the boards yesterday. Might have tried to work out a draft from my phone. Guess it's now time to hit the waiver wire and see what I can substitute.
  10. Looks like this may be correct: Returning Two-Year Transfer. [FBS/FCS] A student-athlete who previously was an initial counter and who transferred to a two-year college shall not be an initial counter upon return to the original institution.
  11. As far as I know, this is accurate. Basically he is an "initial counter" against UGA regardless of the fact that he didn't initially qualify. If he had to remain at JuCo to graduation, he gets treated like a new recruit again (ie. another initial counter in the new class), but if he's able to rejoin the program he initially committed to after meeting the necessary entrance requirements, he is simply a late addition to the program but still an initial counter in the prior class. Wyatt *didn't* happen that way because he was brought in under the previous rules where you could back count a new signee into that slot (think that might have been how we took Crumpton?). Admittedly, details on all of this are not super clear, but that is how I understand it currently at least. If anyone has better info, feel free to update.
  12. It's just so... Beautiful.
  13. Nothing actually changed on the limits. The only change was that if a player fails to qualify, you can't replace him with another player in that class. So as long as you have mid year enrollees Ave space under the previous class's 25 total signed, backcounting is still fine. Lots of people didn't understand the rule change and mistakenly thought it was going away.
  14. So in the interview (conducted round about 3:30pm I think they said) with ESPN, he basically contends that there was no domestic violence and that it was a private matter between a husband, wife, and their kids. Will be interesting how this stacks up with that.
  15. If he didn't, this is the biggest bonehead move of all time. I can't fathom that he paid lawyers to help him and he has no way of proving that he "reported" it.