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  1. Would be interesting to see last year's splits against P5 teams only. Mullen and Miss St have made a living off of bad OOC schedules. I think that Fitz is a good QB, but sure seems like the numbers this year are more reflective of 2 bad opponents and an LSU team that essentially quit. I like our potential to force him to be a passer first. If he beats our secondary, then so be it.
  2. His comments would lead me to believe that will depend on where he commits. Certainly, minds change, but his last interview seemed to indicate that if there is a chance to start as a freshman, then he would likely consider enrolling early, but otherwise he will likely stay for his senior baseball season. Given the injury situation at FSU and UGA, as well as Stidham struggling here early, I'd say none of those 3 likely offer a great opportunity to start as a freshman now, so I'd agree most likely not enrolling early unless his school choices have shifted.
  3. This week should tell us a bit more about LSU. I'd be pulling for the Tigers except for I've really been enjoying the CFB Imperialism reddit, so Miss State needs to acquire some land this week with a W. Also, would be better for UGA SOS if we're able to get out with a W. But I'm not married to the idea... hard to pull for the cowbells...
  4. Oof. @ South Carolina in week 2 for SEC opener. That game will be tougher than most probably think right now. Year 2.5 of Bentley at QB and Muschamp has been doing solid work there increasing the talent level. Going to be a tough out.
  5. I may make a separate post about this in a few weeks if this D continues into the SEC slate, but can we give some credit to Tray Scott now? There were many here (and elsewhere) knocking the hire. We may not be lighting up the DL recruiting trail just yet, but these boys look like their technique is improved significantly over the Rocker days - and I liked Rocker fwiw. The hands to the face stuff is going to have to get cleaned up, but so far, I've been really impressed by how much the *entire* DL is contributing, rather than it being mostly the Big Trent show.
  6. Nice. I can get behind that. Also, not sold that Auburn is going to stay that high. It's a long season and if they can't get right on the offensive side of the ball it's going to be a rough ride on the Gus Bus.
  7. Where are you seeing that? 15 Georgia, SEC 2- 0 9.0 - 3.4 0.5 11.2 19 15.5
  8. Bingo. You want to play teams that have won prior to playing you, the more the better. Additionally, the more their opponents had won prior to that matchup the better as well. Kind of fun to go through the matchups and play what if though.
  9. That's some next level deer antler spray boys... Kirby playing 5D chess. #thestudentbecomesthemaster
  10. Anyone been following the "College Football Imperialism" Reddit thread? Pretty funny to follow... essentially played as if CFB was a Risk Boardgame, based on proximity of schools to specific counties. Unfortunately, I think we're not in play for any new "land grabs" this week even though Samford is 2-0, just due to their competition level, but I for one am pulling for Miss St over LSU if for nothing else to capture some more territory. As to the CBS GOTW *maybe*... It might be enticing though if Ole Miss continues to play well for them to take Bama/OM, as it gives them a chance to talk about the "chaos" in Oxford... blah blah blah. I think there's a better than 33% chance that we're the game, but not guaranteed just yet. Of course the Nick Chubb returns to Kneeland to crush the hopes and dreams of Vols and Bootch would be a pretty compelling story line as well.
  11. Miss St @ UGA kickoff set for 7pm.
  12. 247 Message Boards. Don't have subscription but someone else gave the synopsis. Post was by Kipp so would tend to believe it.
  13. Sounds like Wyatt has been cleared to enroll at UGA in December. Still need DT(s) in this class, but that's definitely a big boost.
  14. Yep. It's an open weekend for Harrison. Gotta like that it's kind of a "meh" matchup for LSU even if it is the home opener... also, distance still not in their favor.
  15. It was actually pretty weak... those dudes sounded pretty drunk. But either way, still laughed.