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  1. I can't imagine that's exactly the way it was drawn up. If I had to guess, he was supposed to be about 4-5 feet closer in. FWIW I think he had been 3 of 3 on mid range jumpers in the game... Clean up the turnovers, keep working on passing - both accuracy and selection... And don't commit dumb fouls after you're already beat unless you know you can prevent the score. Work in progress, but the product is interesting at least.
  2. They made sure to get the image of him cutting left...
  3. Have heard through the grapevine that it may not be good news on that front. Smart hasn't made public comment yet though, so grain of salt.
  4. Holyfield *could* get drafted, but not as high as if he comes back next year and has a repeat performance... Wasn't implying that Swift could leave, just poking holes in the idea that "all RBs should be looking at UGA as a business decision" concept.
  5. Swift/Holyfield likely to still be on the roster in 2019... Not to mention Cook/White... I get that a lot of us wear red colored glasses... but...
  6. Yep, hearing from others that it will likely be McIntosh as well... but that we might find a way if DJ wanted in...
  7. Seriously... What is Auburn waiting for... They could pay those guys 100k each until the Gus Malzahn buyout is over...
  8. Zach Smith might be available... (If you haven't checked out his twitter feed from yesterday, it's a winner)
  9. Take a look at Nolan Smith's Insta-story (if it hasn't been updated/changed)... another decent look in ETA: it's been taken down, but was good celebration. Dan Lanning looked to be pretty animated and well received too. ETA2: Found it elsewhere:
  10. I'll be curious to see if the games hold up. That's 10 years out. We've had Michigan and Ohio State among others cancel that far out in the past.
  11. FWIW, I saw that it comes at 12:04 left in the 4th quarter after Auburn has punted.. There really wasn't anything happening at that moment that would lead you to believe it would have anything to do with a fine... The more I've seen it the more it seems like: Tomorrow they can/gonna fire me.
  12. Can't remember if it was here or elsewhere, but I commented on Williams a little while back. I agree that he looks more like a 4* dude. He's also related to Edgerrin James if I'm not mistaken. His offer list is ticking up quickly... I've got no issues with McIntosh, but I would put Williams in front of him if it were my recruiting board.
  13. Can't tell for sure, but as much as I *want* it to be that, I'm guessing it's "Someones gonna *FINE* me"... maybe after the targeting call? I know he was very animated on that one... even though it was obvious.
  14. Congrats on a quality win IMO. My wife's a UT grad and was happy to see how this one played out for you... even if it did tank our general strength of schedule a bit.