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  1. Not really a fan. Looks like Nike may not be planning on keeping them around long, so probably will be a collector's item in the long run... even if it does look derpy:
  2. Ultimately, what that really is showing is that the FPI sees the winner of the west as a slight favorite over us... Auburn + Bama at 48, UGA at 42... But... I'll take it either way.
  3. Pretty much none of his film is going to be valid anymore. He put on about 30+ pounds and grew ~3 inches... Senior film and productivity levels will define rankings and expectations. I've not seen anyone call him "slow". He's not blazing fast by any means, but haven't seen any reference to speed as a concern. Claim from his trainer is that currently even with the increased size/mass, he's not slowed down at all. Will be interesting to watch for sure.
  4. Yeah... I saw he was up to #2 now... did all the services recently re-rank or just 247? Can't recall where he was prior but I don't think it was that high. Cain maybe also dropped? I hate that they don't actually keep a running tally of rankings over time.
  5. Sentell seems to think we take one of the top 3 on our board... Think that was Cain, Sanders, or Emery? Someone correct me if I've got that wrong... just going off top of mind. Ultimately, it wouldn't be a big deal to pass/miss, but I imagine we land one.
  6. Demetris Robertson announcing xfer decision on the 14th... some kind of video. Zion 15th as per above it would seem. Until the xfer decision is made, no appeal/hardship case can be made, so no clue on when we'd find out. Also will likely depend on whether Cal is willing to just waive it or if he actually has to appeal for hardship.
  7. Gotta be careful penciling in those offensive juggernaut totals. It's certainly not out of the realm of possibilities, but in the list of players you just referenced, we've got: A sophomore QB who had an admittedly phenomenal year 1. Time to see how the sequel is... how does he adjust to the conference's adjustment for him. And a freshman QB who both of us believe is immensely talented... but is still a freshman. And a depth chart that includes my old gym shoes as the third string QB. RB: Swift - incredibly talented in limited use. We have no clue how he'll hold up to a larger role. I believe he'll be good, but there is room for pause there. Herrien has been the least productive back in the backfield in his time here... not bad, just not as productive as others. Love his grit, and he's a good change of pace that the coaches trust, but a step back in talent level from Sony/Nick or even Swift. Holyfield is still a question mark. He looks like he might literally run through another human being, but the coaches haven't had a lot of faith in him prior to now. Hopefully that changes as I think he's going to look like a man amongst boys when he gets turned loose. But that's still optimism, no real evidence to back that up yet. Zeus/Cook certainly could deliver, but one coming off injury, the other maybe not physically cut out for a significant role as a freshman in the SEC just yet unless it's more in a receiving capacity. OL... yeah.. they may open an IHOP franchise before the year is over. Nothing to argue there. WR: We're more talented there than we've been in a long time *but*... we have to feel good about having an answer for who catches the Wims passes. If that's Landers or Bush, great... if it's not, we're probably a little undersized for true jump balls, so going to require a slightly different approach. Hardman/Godwin are great at what they do but can see their contributions in a game minimized by a physical DB with size. I'm optimistic as **** about the offense taking a step forward from an already good year in 2017... but we also have to be realistic. We're not likely to be out there putting up Big XII numbers against quality teams... With that said, I suppose outside of Auburn and LSU, we don't have a lot of those on the schedule this year.
  8. In his original message he cited "personal matters"... I think most believe it's health of a family member (whether that is accurate or a "reason" is unclear at this time).
  9. I needed some more drama in my life... We get DRob Part Deux... the sequel.
  10. Yeah, it's unfortunate that we were *starting* from a deficiency there in general... Tray Scott by all accounts is a great coach at the position... yet to deliver on the recruiting trail. I'm not in a "fire Coach Scott" mode at this point, even with the recent disappointments, but am glad that it seems Kirby is taking a much much more active role in recruiting the DL. I do worry about the DL this year with no Atkins given what you had mentioned... I see us having to go to more 4 man fronts, and not sure that's a net positive for us when we're also having to operate with 5 DBs for a good portion of the time.
  11. Yeah... We pretty desperately need Jordan Davis and/or Devontae Wyatt to turn into early contributors for us. At this point, I'd be curious to see what we might be able to do with some of the surplus of talent on the OL as well in terms of getting contributions as role players on the DL... We've got a lot of raw size there... would seem that someone like a Netori Johnson, Justin Shaffer, or Solomon Kindley, etc (depending on where they are on the depth chart) might be able to find the field on the DL easier... Just don't know if any of them would be a good fit there.
  12. I was there and I called it before it happened. I knew he'd make the call and I was confident it would backfire... My wife the UT fan disagreed with me stating there was no chance that they would go for 2... as did the entire Tech crew we were sitting next to (got into the game for like 20 bucks but had to sit next to the Tech band... the things you do for your spouse). I had so much fun listening to salty tech fans on the walk back to the car.
  13. Even with his "love" for Coach Fox, there was a very low probability that we kept his commitment. It was pretty much always a matter of whether Kentucky had space in the class to take him. I can't wait for the people to chime in with "should have kept Fox"... Crean doesn't have an easy path forward, but needs to put a ton of focus on 2019 and then 2020 classes. If you get 1-2 game changers top 50 caliber players in those classes, you're in great shape... if not, you're gonna have to be incredible on your evals of guys between 100-350.
  14. Uh... what? We talking about T-Will? He's been at Auburn since 2014. In that time, they've managed to sign only 3 top 200 LBs in total, only one of which was in the top 100 (#98 TD Moultrie - '17) and the other 2 (#172 #198) happened in his first recruiting class which would have been mostly the work of the existing staff and prior coaches. They've done quite well recruiting the DL, but LB has not been a particular strength for them from a recruiting standpoint. They *have* done quite well at getting better than serviceable play from the guys they are getting though.