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  1. I haven't looked into the Mediterranean diet but will do so. "Slow Carb" has generally been a meal plan that I've been a fan of. I don't need to lose weight, but I don't want to eat like a pig either... so try to monitor how much refined carbs I take in. As to what you ate, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries are actually all pretty decent, low sugar content/glycemic index per serving - at least relatively for fruit and can be had on keto in smaller quantities. Pineapples are pretty high I think. Would imagine sweet potato is as well, but not as bad as white potatoes either. Bread (whole grain) and rice (brown) are not keto friendly but are slow carb friendly in moderation... Been helping my wife for a while with this. I can't stay on keto for very long or I literally waste away (I almost always drop like 10-15 pounds the first month and I'm only 155-160ish as it stands), but about to go back on for a cycle soon so will be following along. Some favorites (trying to pick a few different sites, as they have more than one good recipe): (too good to not also share) (this one is nice because you can do it on the weekend and then portion out breakfast for a few days) (because my wife isn't a fan of vinegar sauce...) If you do like vinegar sauces, try one of these: (big fan of this one because it's easy... you can play with it as well... switch up flavors and do mexican with some salsa and black beans... on the buffalo I also dice up some celery really small and sometimes bacon if I had left over) This dude has great videos and recipes - particularly if you like Indian food (though he does other things): (direct website and video below for alternate recipe) Another easy one isn't really a recipe so much as just picking a recipe that you like and then adding zucchini. We went to Italy a few years ago and came back with a Bolognese recipe that we love making. It's pretty low in carbs so pairing that up with zoodles or even just small half medallion sized sauteed zucchini works well. This works fine with any meat heavy "sauce". If you start getting sick of zoodles, these things look incredible but haven't tried them yet: Easy companion recipe with them if you like mushrooms: I need to see what the carb breakdown is on my crockpot carnitas that I've done forever... there's OJ, beer and salsa among other things that go in, but it's really just braising/cooking liquid... can't imagine that it's that much per serving once shredded and drained but will try to see if I can find out ... did some quick research looks like 4-5g of carbs total. Could be even less if you opted for something like broth instead of beer, but really no big need either... Generally speaking, crockpot meats are a hit for me as it allows me to focus on either all prep, or making one "dish" without having to cook protein separately or do too many stages on any one meal. Also... speaking of stuffed mushrooms and peppers: These are just ideas, but stuffed vegetables is a great way to create a "vessel" that can be difficult with low carb/keto meals. Haven't tried them yet, but just saw a keto "enchilada" done with cabbage leaves as well... similar concept. Eating out: Never shy away from bringing your own lettuce to a taqueria and enjoying a break from cooking as well.. typically most taco "fillings" will be on the lower carb side of things unless you're getting fried breaded protein, so this has worked well for my wife also. Sort of random... We have a little burger/breakfast spot near us that does a weekly special sometimes that is a smoked meatloaf. (side note: if you can figure out the binder, this is a great addition if you have an egg/smoker/etc) They charge say 9-10 bucks for the sandwich with the meatloaf... Alternatively though, they only charge $2/slice of meatloaf as they ring it up as "extra meat"... We will go and get lunch there, then buy 4-6 slices of meatloaf (each slice is about a half pound or so if I had to guesstimate) to go and it makes for a really cheap protein for a few subsequent meals (keep in mind that meat is gonna run you at least $3/pound for crappy ground beef... often more... you can't make the meatloaf for that price - especially once you factor in shrinkage of cooked meat) On that note, it reminds me that I should share the garlic green bean recipe: Can't remember which of these I used last, but pretty sure I've done both... (I think this is the one I use most often - but I never stick to a recipe anyways unless I'm baking... it's an entry point.) We also do a "cole slaw" with no mayo... don't have a recipe but basic oil/vinegar dressing, salt/pepper/oregano, sliced grape/cherry tomatoes, and feta... can make tweaks however you like... pepper vinegar for a bit of kick for example (or just go full on hot sauce dash). Desserts... personally would skip them or do something simple like strawberries with homemade whipped cream (stevia sweetened), but sometimes you need to treat yo self (or maybe it's a birthday party or something and you want to have something while everyone else is eating cake and ice cream... Lot of work for this recipe, but it's really good: (alternately, she has a lot of dessert recipes - and plenty that don't take this long... I just made this one for anniversary because of the aforementioned trip to Italy.) Anyways, that's all I can think of off the top of my head... Let me know if there are any specific foods you are a fan of. I'm good at finding and qualifying recipes by looking at them and always game to try new stuff... my wife will be happy to change the game up a bit.
  2. nm.
  3. 247 has always claimed to at least try to stick to 32 5 stars by the end of the cycle for that reason. There have been years where they had 33-34, and some with 30 or so, but 32 always seems to be the target number and they always use that logic... whether it's accurate or not...
  4. Torrian Gray back to UF after a short stint with the Skins. Pretty good recovery for them in all honesty after UGA poached Warren. Many trying to say they upgraded. Not sure I'd agree with that, but certainly not a big step back either. He said the move was to get closer to family/home last time and then left after a year... will be interesting to see if it sticks this time or not.
  5. He's said we didn't send him an NLI at all... We made our bed one way or the other
  6. Been chatting with Rusty all morning... Unfortunately, this seems to have turned late with the Holyfield draft grade news...
  7. FYI - I'm going to be heading to Sports & Social for the ESD event. Got a few posters from AD's board as well as Dawgrant meeting up, but anyone from here that wants to come is welcome to. Just message me and I can plan on trying to get a larger table.
  8. Is this the part where I blow up your initial comment as a massive overreaction? It still means "estimated time of arrival"... when it's used in that context. In the context of a message board post that has been modified and no expectation of arrival time is implied, it can also mean the other. It's almost like abbreviations can have multiple meanings... ETA...
  9. Also, appears that Solomon may have been in 5 games this year, not 2.
  10. Found this recap after the last round of rules changes:
  11. yeah... information is *super* light on that stuff in general. I saw something in the walk-on > scholarship athlete along with one other resource that led me to believe that he would count as an initial counter... *but* it is kinda weird that if they are considered initial counters that they are *not* added to class recruiting rankings.
  12. Why? After 2 years, not supposed to count to my knowledge? ETA: Think I'm getting that confused with walk-ons granted a scholarship after 2 years... I'm really unclear on transfers.
  13. lol... literally had just typed almost the same thing on the dawgrant. He was out with a leg injury for most of the season this year IIRC? NCAA has been granting those waivers a lot more often of late.
  14. Ok... we can agree to disagree.