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  1. Sign of things to come? Maybe on the 27th? Eh? Eh?
  2. Don't think so. Not per this article from back when he committed: 3* - #116 safety - Same as current on 247.
  3. Derrick Allen that's committed to ND right now? Unclear how those 3 are linked? Either way, if that's the case we could do a lot of damage to that recruiting by curb stomping the Irish this fall and probably sealing the fate of one Brian Kelly.
  4. Dang. Was hoping there was an update I'd missed. Either way, Kipp and Jake Rowe updated today to UGA, so still like where the smoke is blowing. Hopefully we offer that DT on a conditional basis if grades are the concern... It's not like we couldn't use some more bodies at the position anyways...
  5. Not disagreeing but where do you see this? I see his CB from August of last year. I do see Jake and Kipp added theirs today though.
  6. App State... If we lose this, we've got bigger problems than we think. It likely means we've had no cohesion along the offensive line, Eason has stagnated or regressed, and our defense flat out didn't show up... The reality is App State nearly took down Tennessee were it not for a *very* fortunate fumble recovery. They are going to sneak up and bite someone, but if it's us, literally the season after they showed that they've got the goods, I've got some concerns with Kirby and Co's ability to keep our team grounded and motivated. Notre Dame... Yes it's on the road early in the season. Yes it's Notre Dame. Yes, it's probably their biggest game not against a team from California. [I'd argue it could be bigger than both because it's early... they have a bye before facing USC at home (top pre-season ranked opponent) and Stanford will be a big deal but it's at the end of the season... a lot can happen between now and then]. And no, I don't care. This team went 4-8 last season... Their wins were Nevada, Syracuse, Miami (FL), and Army. Let that sink in and then add in that they'll have a first year starting quarterback (albeit a Junior) Smart should have this team 2-0 coming out of this game... If we drop the Notre Dame game in a very competitive game, probably no need to panic, but a loss to App State or a decided loss to ND and this will set a poor tone for the rest of the season as well as the recruiting trail... neither of which can we really afford. Samford - No reason to drop this game. This should be an opportunity for the team to work out kinks before getting into the meat of the schedule. If we see another Nicholls type performance where starters are in the game late, again... red flags. Miss St/Tennessee/Vandy/Mizzou - These games I kind of bucket together, though could easily argue that they could be bucketed differently (first 2 second 2 for example). Miss St probably has the best offensive unit we'll see out of the 4... unclear yet what their defense will look like under their newly acquired but familiar to dawgs Def. Coordinator, Todd Grantham. At home, assuming the previous 3 weeks have gone according to plan, I see this as a very winnable game for UGA. This isn't the terrible Miss St. team of years past, but it's not a juggernaut and it's our SEC opener... Tennessee lost a ton to the draft and neither of the last two matchups were unwinnable for us. On the road can see this one being tough, but we should be favored in this matchup and look to avenge the last 2... Also, our athletic trainers need to spend a ton of time the week before working on stretching and agility exercises to prepare for the minefield that is Kneeland. Vandy loss last year was inexcusable... take care of business. Mizzou plays us a lot tighter than we'd like... Drew Lock has shown flashes of brilliance and we did not have a great answer for their offensive scheme last year. Falling a little later in the schedule and at home, would look for this game to be a little less interesting. If you have to drop one of those 4, probably would prefer it to Miss State, but most likely would be Tennessee if I had to guess. Losing more than one of those games would be very problematic. Florida - F--- em... Smart has to know this is *the* game... yes losing to Vandy and Tech last year was embarrassing. But they were both winnable games with some coaching mistakes... those can be corrected and learned from. It feels like it's been a while since we really went into the UF game and looked particularly competitive. And even longer since it felt like we were really in control. Gators lost a lot to the draft and call me crazy but I don't see Zaire as a particularly compelling starting QB. In limited play at Notre Dame, he was not terribly effective, and he couldn't seize the job for a somewhat lackluster team, why is the expectation that he'll be significantly better at Florida? Make him beat you in the air seems like a simple concept, but clearly we struggled with it 2 seasons in a row with possibly Florida's worst starting QB in history, so at this point who the heck knows... The game should be winnable, but it's not one I'll count in the win column until I see it... USC - Will be better than last year and better than most people expect. At home, I expect we should take care of business but would not be surprised in the least to see this game a lot tighter than we would prefer. 2018 and they might actually be pretty scary on the road. Auburn - Who the heck knows. Generally speaking, Auburn is good when people think they'll be bad. And bad when people think they'll be good. The expectations are sky high this year... Right now, I have a tendency to believe that Stidham is going to be good for them... I'd count this in the loss column today but would not be surprised in the least to see them flounder. UK/Ga Tech - Neither of these games should be concerning on the surface... both of them were tight last season, obviously with the loss to the nerds. If Smart drops either of these to wrap up the season, it will be either an unsightly blemish on a good to great season, or it will be the starter switch to hot seat conversations... The only 2 games I would chalk up as highly probable losses are UF and Auburn... both of which we should have more than a punchers chance at winning, say 60/40 or so... After that, your next 2 games are probably Tennessee and Notre Dame which I would put us somewhere in the 60-70% likely to win category. From an expectation standpoint, with our schedule and returning players, I would call less than 10 regular season wins disappointing, unless there is a win over Florida... at that point, maybe losses to some 3 team combination of ND, Tenn, Miss St, and Auburn would be acceptable, particularly if they're very competitive. Not going to get into the bowl game projection (or possible SECCG) because it's so dependent on how the season goes. UGA is poised to really create a talent gap right now between itself and the rest of the East, but it's going to take a shift in perception of UGA's *on the field* product to help make it a reality... Florida has had a hard time acquiring talent under McElwain... That game has possibly the single biggest impact on not only this season but the trajectory for both programs over the next several IMO...
  7. FWIW, they can't add crystal balls for LSU while he's committed there. Not saying there isn't reason to be optimistic, but also have to realize there's a degree of gamesmanship going on... if there is a chance he flips back to the good guys, have to get the CBs in while they can.
  8. Reading the tea leaves, it seems like maybe OSU no longer feels good about White, maybe are throwing all their eggs in the Teague basket (even possibly to the point of telling Teague that White is going to UGA in order to make their depth chart look more favorable). I'd take it all with a grain of salt though, as Teague's interview the other day made it seem pretty clear that he didn't intend to adjust his commitment timeline and I find it hard to believe that with a single visit, that because an offer came that they instantly become the favorite. It's certainly possible, but it feels an awful lot like an attempt to sell subscriptions.
  9. Expand that to available RBs after this season: White (maybe Teague), Swift, Herrien, Holyfield... My bigger concern is *can Chaney even figure out what to do with it all*... As I alluded to earlier and as others have outright said... Chaney even more so than the entire staff is in "show me" mode this year. If I'm Kirby and I have that kind of talent already enrolled and more on the way, we can ill afford to put the wrong guy at the helm on offense. Kirby has his strengths on the defensive side of the ball, we know that he'll have a big hand in that product, but offensively, it's got to improve from last year, and not just incrementally... orders of magnitude better.
  10. Smallwood with a positive update on Fields. Says that Fields made an unannounced visit to UGA a couple of weeks before he decided to open up the recruitment. Intends to spend some more time with Fields this weekend at the 5 Star challenge, but says that he'll probably be adding Fields to his predicted UGA class unless something changes his mind. Trent had a strong showing in terms of our predicted class for 17, so I'm inclined to give it a little more weight than I might normally. AU probably the next closest to us in his opinion as well. Lastly, seems to be fairly confident on Zeus as well... All in all, not a bad update.
  11. Same boat here. I think we have some built in advantages (sister committed to UGA softball certainly helps, and parents have some pull), but our QB room even with only 2 is not a slam dunk to say "yeah, I can walk in and take the starting role in year 2". Beyond that, I very much believe that a lot of recruits are in wait and see mode with UGA. It's why I believe the opening of our season is *critically* important. Can't mess around with the App State game. Have to show up, kick ***, and leave no doubt. If we're sweating in the 4th quarter, we'll be sweating for the rest of the year when it comes to recruiting. Similarly, we need to go into South Bend and make Notre Dame look like the 4-8 team that played last year... not revitalize them. If we start out strong, we can weather a bad performance down the line, but if those games go poorly, then we put up a stinker against UT/UF/AU/GT, then it looks like more of the same even if we end up at 9-10 wins. The schedule is such that we can actually look better than we might really be even with most of the bigger games on the road, just given our draws and the relative losses to teams like UT and UF. 2018 and 2019 recruiting is going to be heavily dependent on on the field results though... for better or worse.
  12. LOL, funny tagline... Penn State's decommitment list is better than Alabama's recruiting class
  13. Wrong link? I see Sankey talking QBs while LSU/Arky play stickball.
  14. Bleh... This rumor has been strong a couple of times now but never happens. Will wait to see it happen.
  15. And now Byers has committed to Mizzou apparently? Will be interested to see if he still comes to G Day... Maybe Smart and team could work some magic.