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  1. Likely would have been younger kids... 2021 and out
  2. I had seen that Clemson picked up a commit from a 4* WR and was hoping that would be a good sign for us with Arian Smith, but it was a 2021 prospect, Dacari Collins from Powder Springs. Anyone familiar with the kid? Is that a loss for us at all?
  3. He did not.
  4. I still maintain he might be the highest upside back in the state...
  5. Is there? I didn't recall that being a thing. I don't think there's any scenario where 3 teams from one conference get in anyways, but can you link to that one?
  6. What was this in response to? Fantasy or something else?
  7. Slick... Need to get Drob and Dom watching his evolution this year.
  8. This was an issue for him last year also. His Soph footage is with a better OL. Guess they just don't have the horses up front... Might be why he was so adamant about going somewhere with a great OL... He now feels the difference.
  9. Wow! Williams working with what little bit of protection he had to deliver a strike there.
  10. Miami OL is a mess. They're going to basically have to win in spite of it... On the upside, UF offense and Franks @ QB especially looks like garbage thus far. Miami's D could help themselves out with a defensive score or at least getting a big run back on a turnover.
  11. Thought this had some funny parts to it:[UNIQID]
  12. Blount - yes... the guy is a grinder, but Cager - not in year 1 and he's a grad transfer... probably not a reasonable comparison. Every catch that Cager made in his last season with Miami was for a 1st down or a Touchdown... He's also a matchup nightmare with a huge catch radius. Landers - Probably not... I believe Landers is a sub 4.5 guy? His issue is consistency, not explosiveness/matchups Bush - another speedy guy but hasn't developed his body enough yet... probably lean Gilbert here unless Bush were to have a good season in S&C Holloman - no. He's not on the roster anymore, but the guy was setting up to be a huge threat for us... and he's significantly faster (and twitchier) than Gilbert When the knock is consistency, you have to keep in mind that you still have no context for how Gilbert will do once he's not light years ahead of the guys he's playing against. I just don't see a scenario where Gilbert is starting at one of the 2 outside wide-out spots. He would *thrive* in the Charlie Woerner role that we had carved out in 2017... some lighter in-line TE blocking duties, flexed outside as a receiver or a perimeter blocker frequently. Woerner was good as a freshman other than having a hard time staying healthy. Obviously Gilbert is a step above athletically... I could easily see him crushing that role.. but it's still as a TE first, WR duties second.
  13. Wasn't meant to trigger you, just to put some context around it. No single athlete is more important than the culture that Kirby has created in Athens right now... I want everyone pulling the sled in the same direction...