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  1. Knew what it stood for, just not the reference. Thanks for the clarification. I still prefer DQ.. but maybe that's because I'm such a tub of lard. #OreoBlizzard
  2. Like, seriously. I understand the redraft exercises a few years after the draft when certain players do and don't pan out, but before any of them take the field? Absolutely pointless.
  3. Was waiting to see what G-Dawg had to say about this. Someone said trading up to 2 for Robinson was a better move than trading up for Clowney at 1, and I think it was him. Hindsight people would tell you Donald was the best pick for us at 6, but I'll stay solid with my drum banging of Jake Matthews. I was ecstatic with the pick at the time, especially with Mack off the board, and am just as happy we took him now. I do still fantasize about Clownie being in Atlantie though....
  4. That doesn't fit the agenda, silly. Southern's gonna suck until they get rid of Tyson, I fear. He doesn't have the support of the fanbase at all.
  5. That's the one. Fantastic school, incredible fan base, and state of the art renovations to facilities. As opposed to having to drop money from the sky just to get people to show up, or having to use other team's stadiums because Atlanta Night School doesn't have their own.
  6. Great school. Rising standards, as opposed to one of the other schools in the state.
  7. I just hope he doesn't go to GAyST. That school is a cesspool. He should check out a real school like Georgia Southern.
  8. I thought it was a number change as well. Would really piss off everyone who has bought a jersey.
  9. I long for the days that my favorite team doesn't have to be compared to every other franchise that tastes success in their sport. I can't wait for the days someone says "Do you want to be losers? Or would you rather be like the Atlanta Falcons and be successful?!"
  10. I was gonna say someone tell unclever like they both have first and last names, but it seems there's actual football discussion going on here. Carry on, gentleman.
  11. Good post and point of view.
  12. Not to mention, LeBron took a Cavs team that was 33-49 the year before and turned it into a 53-29 team in a single year. KD went to a team that had just had the best regular season in NBA history.
  13. Tom Brady, Julio Jones, Brandin Cooks, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski sounds like an incredible fantasy lineup.
  14. Not gonna lie, Julio makes any uniform look good. That man is a beast. I hope to never seem him play for another team just like the rest of you guys, but you can't tell me he doesn't look like a boss in that Patriots uniform. Put him in the Browns, Bengals, Chargers, etc. and he's going to be just as impressive. Always glad that he's a bird, though!
  15. These threads never fail to disappoint. It's been said hundreds of times. Not everything needs a nickname.
  16. I really thought this was something about Von telling Vic they should go play together in SF when their contracts are up. I was terrified and heartbroken at the same time.
  17. My favorite player!
  18. Don't forget Jesus.
  19. I'm not a Ward fan. The only reason I'm okay with him being on the roster is because I thought he was an okay pass protector. I didn't think we burned a pick on him though?
  20. F*cking nerds, man. They can do everything.
  21. This thread is funny because Kelvin Benjamin is fat.