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  1. Mackenzie Salmon? Wait a minute… @MSalmon explain yoself!
  2. For someone that always talks about needing rest, ‘70 sure does stick around here an awful lot. No one is holding you hostage here, guy.
  3. Knew it wasn’t Julio, just wanted to see who it actually was. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Someone feed him a couple of Rare Candies. Works like a charm.
  5. There are so many things I wanted to say about this and then I figured he was trolling or it’s a joke I don’t know anything about. 😔
  6. I read something that we’re required to play this London game because we hosted a super bowl. I found that interesting. Like it’s part of the SB bid that if you get it, you also have to go to London for a game. I hadn’t heard that before, but maybe I’m out of the loop. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. The last bit of your reply was pretty unnecessary, but thank you for clarifying.
  8. Who is DH again? I can’t place the initials. I know I’ll feel dumb when you say it.
  9. Take it for what you will, but the Falcons website has Patterson listed as 84 on their roster. I don’t think Roddy is the problem here lol.
  10. Doubt it. I think he goes one pick ahead of us to the Jets. That leaves us to pick possibly between JOK, Levi, Moehrig, Samuel Jr., Aaron Robinson, Tyson Campbell, and Christian Barmore. Lots of really talented players sitting there that fit Atlanta’s needs. I wish we had two of the next ten picks.
  11. I’m good with Dickerson or Koromoah (sp?) the LB from Notre Dame.
  12. Ughhhhhhh. I knew he was going to the Steelers.
  13. I’ve been saying all night get Pitts at 4, Najee at 22 (AS connection to Titans). Offense is fixed and then throw whatever picks remain at defense.
  14. I would like to see 88. It’s 84 (college number) + 4 (selection number) and it has ties to our last HoF TE, Tony Gonzalez.
  15. We all know he wore 84 at UF, but now that Cordarelle Patterson has taken that number for the Falcons, what number do you think Pitts will select for himself?
  16. That’s funny, because Gronk had quite the performance in the SB this year. Wasn’t the first time he won one, either. And did the other SB team have a good TE? I can’t seem to remember. Blanket statements made just to support an agenda are too easy to dissect. Do better.
  17. Might mean you could have commented in the other thread instead of posting a new one.
  18. I appreciate the shoutout, man. I’m the mock hipster - projecting Pitts to Atlanta before it was cool! 😂
  19. Ima need that 2023 first as well if I’m going back all the way to 15.
  20. Is this baby missing some fingers or something? Or could you still count Schaub’s starts on an adult’s hand as well? 😂
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