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  1. 1. I actually like the new Falcons uniforms. 2. Every cosmetic change the Rams have done this off-season has been horrible. Logo, uniforms, everything. 3. I have a weird pet peeve of people shortening “uniforms” to “unis” and I’m not sure why. Just really strikes me as being unnecessary.
  2. This is the only answer I’ll accept. First thing I thought, too.
  3. They aren’t wrong when they call Grady and Daevison the NT in varying schemes, but it obviously doesn’t mean they’re gaining weight for those roles. It’s just talking about the responsibilities they’d have in those alignments. It’s all just fancytalk for GRADYSMASH.
  4. Basically, yeah. That’s traditionally what you mean. There are so many hybrid defensive fronts though that will use those terms though that it blurs the lines. A 3-4 would use a DE on either side of a NT. These would all be bigger guys. Think two Grady’s, one on either side of a Vince Wilfork. When the Falcons signed Paul Soliai a few years back, however, they called him a NT even in the 43Leo scheme and played someone smaller like Hageman or Babineaux as the penetrating Under Tackle beside them along with an edge rusher like Beasley and a base end like Tyson Jackson.
  5. I think they are using those terms only for alinement purposes. Same way you would talk about a 3tech and a 5tech, or a base end and a Leo, you would have the concept of a nose tackle and an under tackle just as far as scheme/positioning/responsibility.
  6. I wonder why Pinkney (TE-Vandy) went undrafted. He could have the best shot of sticking of all the UDFA. Hurst, Graham, Pinkney is a pretty solid TE group for a team that just like a player at the position making $11M annually.
  7. Remember when the Colts had Peyton Manning and the number 1 pick. Peyton Manning went to a new team and went to two Super Bowls but Indy still made the right choice. You take Trevor, let him learn behind Matt, and then let Matt decide what his future in football is once Trevor is ready to take over. Either take a pay cut and be the Veteran backup like Schaub has done for him, or go somewhere else for a chance to start.
  8. Rather than throw tantrums, vilify yourself on the board, ‘eat crow’, and repeat... why don’t you actually start approaching things with a more patient attitude? Why not take a wait and see approach? No one cares to read all the crying you’ve been doing since the Terrell pick and we for **** sure aren’t going to care about your ‘crow eating’ when he starts picking off Brady and Brees on the way to a Probowl. If you’d chill out and stop being such a pest you wouldn’t have anything to apologize for. [Side Notes: It’s Davidson, not Davison. If you’re going to like him you should at least learn his name, especially because there’s also a Davison at the position. And a player that wouldn’t have made it to pick 20 being taken at pick 16 is not a reach.]
  9. Eric DeCosta is absolutely crushing the home draft.
  10. Does it matter? Hennessy is ours now and was taken before Cushenberry so my preference doesn’t matter at all. I support my team.
  11. Falcons fans make me so thankful for Dimitroff.
  12. Henny on the Rocks. All you need is Hennessy and Ice.
  13. Because you needed a reason to make another thread. Cry louder.
  14. Someone should have made a round 3 pick prediction thread.
  15. Man, I’m glad someone said it. I saw one report that said Quinn was trying him at safety!
  16. Eat enough bbq and you can have everything you want all by yourself.
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