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  1. Bye Felicia. This is the worst argument ever.
  2. Anytime you have to begin a thread title with 'Not TATF' just don't post it in TATF.
  3. I'm glad you edited your post. I almost called my sniper.
  4. If you don't eat at the Vortex, don't come back.
  5. This doesn't have /everything/ to do with the starter, and yet it appears that's what some of you think. Matt is the reigning MVP. Matt Schaub is both comfortable and capable in this scheme with a lot of experience. Wentz has been impressive at times, but hasn't accomplished that much. Nick Foles is the backup and he's been bounced around the league a bit and hasn't looked good the last few times he's started. Stafford has always been a stat guy. His backup is Jake Rudock, who probably hasn't taken a meaningful snap since the Citrus Bowl nearly two years ago.
  6. I thought it was just 'Money' Matt Bryant. When did the word 'man' get added to it?
  7. My favorite has been the same since we traded up in the draft to take him. He was the one guy I wanted that year and we went up to get him. I've worn his jersey every Falcon Sunday since, and will continue to do so.
  8. I loved Devin Taylor as a prospect coming out of SC. Overshadowed by Clowney in college (But who wouldn't be?) yet there is a lot to like about his game.
  9. Vance Walker, yeah?
  10. I'm okay with this only because I hate the old logo. Edit: Hate is a strong word. I very much prefer the new logo. If we were to go 'back in black' as an alternate, I would much rather use the 2004 all black uniforms rather than these. I don't like the old logo, I consider it a downgrade, and I don't enjoy the black on white look - much like my adult video preferences.
  11. Why do the mods allow people to post garbage threads for every thing that pops into their head during games? Just post in the game thread and go on about your day.
  12. Sigh. TATF.
  13. Besides Ryan and Flacco, Henne is the only other QB from that class still in the NFL I think. Brohm coaches at Purdue these days.
  14. He was saying that Julio came over to Ryan and gave him some dap. Meaning they did a little handshake of sorts. But the OP butchered the post and the board made it into this thing that you use to taunt people who don't type coherently. Draftnut and Mashburn are constant offenders with their terrible use of the English language.