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  1. Friendly bet?
  2. Assuming they're healthy I think the Seahawks win.
  3. Nah worst case is we go 2-4 in the division, lose against NE, SEA, GB, DET, DAL.
  4. I just don't see them winning in NE or SEA. We may beat the cowboys. The first game against TB is the closest thing to a guaranteed loss.
  5. ummm... an arm bar is just when a defensive player grabs/restricts the WR's arm. The difference in time to do that and catch a football is insignificant.
  6. All of the examples occurred before the WR touched the ball, hence they were PI.
  8. Assuming you split the division. I just don't see them beating the lions, packers, pats. I think the Vikings, dolphins, and bills games are tossups.
  9. I see 5-6 losses: @NE vs. cowboys @SEA vs. TB @CAR
  10. First off let clarify, I do believe the play in question was indeed PI, but that picture did not support that claim. Defensive PI can only occur between the time the ball is thrown and when it is touched by the offensive player. I would link you directly to, but you can look it up yourself. That picture clearly shows Julio's hand on the ball and Sherman's hand on Julio. SOLELY BASED ON THAT PICTURE, there is no PI. Based on the full play, there is PI. Learn the **** rules.
  11. If we don't then he is probably going to SF or TB.
  12. no trolling, I see 9-7 as the Panther's ceiling.