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  1. who? Eifert/Graham will cost too much.
  2. Warning: This is by no means how I would like the draft to play out, but more so a prediction. 1st Round: Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma A towering red zone threat, Andrews has been productive when thrown the ball, which has been sparingly, but has increased over the last two seasons. Experienced at lining up both inside and outside, the 2017 season saw his targets increase, showing off his ability to be a matchup nightmare for defenses. Has an excellent ability to catch anything thrown his way. Immediate upgrade and starter at TE. Would provide a much needed red zone target. 2nd
  3. Good for him. He's killing it today too.
  4. I thought Fowler was out of the league.
  5. Assuming they're healthy I think the Seahawks win.
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