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  1. Early nominee for thread of the year?
  2. Are you insinuating I'm trash? Wow. Reported. That's abusive/belittling language.
  3. Yes, they produce really interesting shifty statistics. Their player grades are the worst. They probably started outsourcing the player grading to India or some ****.
  4. You can go ahead and put those two-cents back into your piggy bank, champ.
  5. It's the truth. Sorry, but you can't claim a player a bust or not a bust after one season. Especially when that player wasn't even a starter.
  6. Designed by Mr. Plow
  7. Nah, it's me vs. anyone who starts spewing idiotic, illogical, homer ****.
  8. Stfu. I'm seriously concerned about the op and want him to come back. Don't ever quote me again with your fish ***.
  9. Lmao. Dude hasn't proven **** in this league. You can't claim a player is a bust after one season and you can't claim a player isn't after one season ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DIDNT EVEN START. Idiot.
  10. I was asking you a question, hence the question mark. and what do you mean by non-miss? lol
  11. And 3rd round TEs aren't generally hit or miss?