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  1. they werent designed for 18-34. they are telling 18-34 what to like. 18-34 dont know what they like. they wait for sopmeone tell them what to like, so they can be sheep with the crowd
  2. tied for 6th, of all the new ones, with the Rams
  3. he isnt going anywhere. not even worth the time to wonder
  4. sorry, the Chiefs dont have a chance in ****. QBs under 25 have won 5 SBs. he's not ready. SF is a major market team thats been there plenty. it will be a dog fight under the total. thats an SF won game.
  5. he didnt do a **** thing. All you ever saw was a few pictures of houses and dogs. You cant for one second proove the origin of any of them. throwing a guy in jail for dog fighting? really? does this make him a great guy? no. Why? because he got paid by the nfl to be that guy. its all a show. There wer no deflated balls. Kraft never went to strip mall for a handy. Vick never had a dog fighting ring. Its all made up. But fools just turn on their tv and worship every word. Now Vick forever will have yo put up with stupid ,fat, white women probably freaking out when he walks by. Like he's a murderer. a dog dies, you get a new one every 15 years. Shut up and move on. If sports were real, Vick wouldnt have been able to come back. No amount of working out will help a guy that old keep up to a pro level. Sports is staged entertainment. Brady runs like 13 year old who hates sports. But yeah, he lasted this long without getting blind sided? fans are dumb.
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