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  1. um.. yes, yes they can make it up. they did make it up. just like people are so stupid, they cant figure out the pass interference was fake. jeez.. get a clue. its staged. its wwe
  2. I was referring to atl fans here as a whole. You are effectively in denial for calling my extensive well thought out explanation,drivel you dont want to hear = you dont have the critical thought to realize this is planned out years in advance and cant comprehend what you dont want to. you are in denial. as i already said.. 3 or more championships in a short period obviously has historically proven that you will lay down for a long while after. Only the Giants and Steelers seem to get godfather like status to bypass this.. the nfl and its teams were founded by mafia and bookies. Cleveland didnt get robbed? as i already said, the nfl knows exactly who is moving and when, years in advance, Browns didnt go rogue.. and as i said.. Ravens move, get new stadium and win super bowl short years later. yes, because its true. contradicting me doesnt challenge or disprove the reasons i gave. get new owner or build a new stadium or move and its almost 99% that a extensive playoff appearances or SB is coming.
  3. when a team has a long dynasty as the Cowboys, Packers,Steelers, Browns,Lions, Redskins ( 3 championships or more in a short period of years have,) they then know..the owner knows..he'll be taking a back seat for a while.. and yet while they havent won championships, they still kepp making the playoffs. Taking away the chances for all the other teams that never get there at all or never win big when they get there. you say- well, Dallas and who ever would keep going. well,what do you call Brady-Manning x3, Roethlisberger? its the same teams going over and over. Panthers,Falcons, Jaguars,Titans, Chiefs,Chargers,Jets etc. just keep getting screwed over and over. Dallas lost in the playoffs? so what? they took a playoff spot and made money from it and historically are known as winners.Atl is known as that team that lost to Elway/Brady
  4. this is why its so easy to fool the common man. Theres more than one variable but there are distinct repetitive patterns. Jones bought the team in 1989 and got 3 championships, 92,93,95.. Dallas had 2 dynasties in the 70s and 90s,, they can stay on the back burner for a while..and yet they still get a playoff spot,to keep that star inbedded in your brain.. that was Jone's reward and the precursor to the new stadium. The Lions were successful in the 50s and 60, while helping the city and auto industry boom.. then govt turned the place into a slum.. its got nothing to do with making the fans or owners happy. Its about mocking you,teasing you. Giving you hope and jerking it from your sweaty hands.. The owners dont care who wins as long as youre dumb enough to buy tickets no matter what. You, as an Atl fan, should be all to familiar with that. Black Jesus never got further then 2 losses to Eagles in playoffs and never got an MVP.Falcons Losses to Brady and Elway because thats what the nation wanted.Eugene didnt get caught with a pro-. that was all made up.. you have an entire history of being ripped off and still cant see it. They took Deion Sanders from you. Rison got a SB in Green Bay. Dominique just kept losing to Bird/ Sixers/,Bucks/,Pistons.
  5. Luck says, hold my beer
  6. thats what they wanted you to believe. keep making them favorites and screw the bettors. Also , you'd notice over time that they tend to screw fan bases in the country ,that are the higher black populated areas. Hawks never win, Falcons never win the big one, even with black Jesus. Saints got one SB win.. after they finished rebuilding the stadium. nothing before or since. they may go again but only to lose to Brady.
  7. thats nonsense. so, in order for you to know the league is staged. They would have to do it the way you would think it was staged? thats ridiculous. the fact is, if you actually looked at it a lot longer.. you'd notice more than one simple pattern but they are consistent.
  8. lol what did I just say? I said they are stories. that was a story too. they can act out a lie. its just govt busy work. believe? lol I dont believe anything. Something either is or is not. Belief wont change or influence it. i dont believe the nfl is rigged, I know it is. There is no other conclusion. the Falcons prove it. They built a new stadium and were in a SB in short order. it happens over and over again. its based on money and profit. not on competition.
  9. just made up stories. The nfl is one entity. one business. No owner goes rogue or he would be thrown from the club. they just make up stories so you think you can relate to it. the nfl knew and planned on the teams moving years in advance. it was no surprise or secret to them. notice how 3 or 4 years after they moved, the Ravens/Rams/Titans all ended up in a Super B. looks like they were being rewarded for moving and not hated.
  10. lol he isnt paying for ****. Wealthy people are wealthy because they took your money. he isnt losing a godam dime of his own money.
  11. Braves did quite well for a long time after Turner bought them. He was the Baseball Kraft at the time, who owned the world. the Rams new owner will take that heading now
  12. or your cognitive dissonance refuses to see the obvious. All youre doing right now is repeating a line you heard. dude, youre just mad because your favorite team lost. Who better to see corruption than someone who watches a game so deeply and intently, that they see an inconsistency. Ive been honest enough to watch a game so closely that I knew my favorite team got a call that there was no way they should have if honesty and correctness had been present.
  13. SB 51 was the compensation for building a new stadium and hosting the SB.. it also got Georgia second place in the ncaa. the fact that happened the following season should be fishy to smart people
  14. They should make the playoffs. They had to lie down this year for hosting the SB
  15. those penalties wouldnt have done crap if they had run the ball more. but regardless. but what you dont recognize when typing that example is: its all planned. thats how they laid down