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  1. No this isn’t his fault but I’m neither happy nor sad we lost. We won’t win the Super Bowl this year so lose out. But to answer your question no this is on the defense and coaching. We should’ve went for the field goal while you 1 and been done. Also the defense shouldn’t be letting up 40 and 50 yard bombs to a team with NO timeouts but that’s another story all in itself.
  2. This made my night. Let’s find a good 1 2 punch for our next hire.
  3. Oh I know and he’s the biggest person that needed to fired last year. I don’t disagree that Quinn is a huge issue. His drafting strategy is draft whoever the fan base doesn’t know or want lol
  4. Please don’t make my day lol. I don’t have time for anymore false hopes today lol
  5. I hear you. Just mark my words he’s part of the problem but praise him as much as you want we won’t win anything with him in the FO.
  6. Lmfaooooooo seriously?!? TD built? We’ve had the same team since then and before that SB. Why haven’t we flourished? All coaching? When we have a vet qb that still can’t make a play call in his 15th season?
  7. Honestly I have ALWAYS hated the amount we gave up. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan as you can tell but I thought it was extremely irresponsible as well.
  8. Bruh everything he’s done since getting here. Drafting JULIO for a whole team for starters and everything horrible draft wise since then. Oh thank goodness he’s a “cap room” genius. Signs horrible players for a bunch of money under cap. So we can have a sissy team. So helpful. He’s a problem! We need a real gm who can spend more money accounting talent than he does in his whack hair.
  9. All of you fans make me HATE being a falcons fan. I hope they keep the bum TD Y’all will have the same mediocre team with a new bum coach just watch. More of the same.
  10. TD has been the issue and if you don’t see that you’re part of the problem and can be fired with him lol.
  11. Because he’s an idiot!!!! Been an idiot and a HUGE problem! Keeping anyone o. This staff would be a problem. He SUCKS at his job can’t scout or find players who can play or draft them. Won’t sign good players just washed up bums who HAD good careers. He has to go with this bum of a OC and DC.
  12. I hope this is true. But he’s not the only one that needs to be gone. The whole staff has to be fired ESPECIALLY dimitroff!!!!
  13. They should’ve let him stay on the booze lol
  14. You know what. You’re right. These past two weeks have literally brought me to the brink. I’ve never been more high to hit low since the superbowl we messed up
  15. **** the falcons I’m done with everything about atlanta. This is the worst team in the history of the league and shouldn’t even be here anymore. **** Matt Ryan **** the coaching staff and the players. This is the dumbest **** I’ve ever seen. **** any admins who have a problem with this too. This is the worst **** I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m done rooting for these bums. **** everything falcons forever. I’m tired of being losers every year.
  16. 7th round pick can’t be too bad. We shall see. A lot of players seem to do better with a change of scenery. Would be interesting if they trade takk and sign a better de after this.
  17. I watched that video yesterday. He really breaks it down well.
  18. I know we drafted Terrell but a double dip at cb with Bryce y’all would be nice. That kid can ball and if he didn’t get hurt may have been drafted already. Although I still want an edge rusher like anlae (however you spell it). Think we could test our luck with LB with free agents or udfa.
  19. Mine too. Although I have to get me a Hennessy Jersey now lol
  20. This kid has heart. Nothing close to hageman. E will thrive
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