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  1. 7th round pick can’t be too bad. We shall see. A lot of players seem to do better with a change of scenery. Would be interesting if they trade takk and sign a better de after this.
  2. I watched that video yesterday. He really breaks it down well.
  3. I know we drafted Terrell but a double dip at cb with Bryce y’all would be nice. That kid can ball and if he didn’t get hurt may have been drafted already. Although I still want an edge rusher like anlae (however you spell it). Think we could test our luck with LB with free agents or udfa.
  4. Mine too. Although I have to get me a Hennessy Jersey now lol
  5. This kid has heart. Nothing close to hageman. E will thrive
  6. Omg this was the funniest thing I’ve seen all night!
  7. Welp over my “we reached” and on to the next. I think we reach every year so idk why I get surprised. Let’s not trade back into the first again this year so I can sleep
  8. We could’ve traded that pick to Jacksonville for their DE honestly
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