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  1. I definitely want him. If he can be had in the second round that would be phenomenal.
  2. Lol I agree and that’s my movie so why not go by those standards. I agree the draft wasn’t horrible except those linebackers but pretty good and not his worst by any means.
  3. I agree this wasn’t bad. Only issue I had was how we missed on linebacker four times lol. One of them should have been a hit
  4. We made nine picks and only two are left on our team now. A decent LT and a decent converted safety. Cowboys definitely have two studs over us. Mack alone was a better draft than our and so is Aaron Donald. Who I thought we should’ve drafted over matthews.
  5. I think we could trade down to mid 20s for Murray. His tape seems to be good but not a world beater to me. Definitely a much needed addition to our lb core though.
  6. Well I just looked at it and the Rams, raiders, Dallas killed it, Houston imo, but we didn’t do horribly. We missed at 2 and 3 and linebacker even though we selected 4 of them lol. But three pro bowl caliber players is good. I wanted Mack that year so badly for this defense.
  7. Honestly this draft pissed me off so much because we skip on one of the best linebackers late in the draft like three times. Telvin Smith. We had a need and missed horribly that year
  8. Yes but it seems only the “narrative” sinks in. He’s a stud still. Light years better than what we have and he can’t be the focus for defenses. If they stack the box GOOD luck guarding Julio Ridley hurst and now treadwell who I think will benefit from a change of scenery quite nicely.
  9. Honestly this could be interesting. He hasn’t shown out yet but as the fifth option all he has to do is catch the ball. Definitely an upgrade. Plus has a future hall of famer to learn from.
  10. The more I watch his film the better I feel about the steal we got.
  11. I think I would be fine with this haul.
  12. I agree. He has a knack for the endzone.
  13. Honestly I don’t like it. I wouldn’t go db that early or rb. But I like the talent so not that bad.
  14. Honestly for the price we paid anything close to freeman is a quality contract. I believe he will definitely be a major factor on short downs and red zone trips. If he can get 12 rushing tds on this team we will definitely make a strong playoff push easy.
  15. Lmfao funniest thing I’ve seen all week.