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  1. Yeah just don’t ask the team anything we know the backward answers
  2. I saw trade them all. Get some street backups and you’ll still put a better product out there.
  3. Thanks. I see it now. Ok this press conference will be annoying I know.
  4. Was that a pick six?!? I’m watching the Braves and the app hasn’t updated
  5. Who?!? Lmfao and wooooooowwwwww they scored again?!?!? Lol
  6. Lmfao Dan Quinn is so horrible he doesn’t even know when to challenge lol
  7. Players not even in the league lol
  8. Give up touchdowns lol. Quinn get so much respect for the Seahawks defense but by weren’t his players. Anybody could’ve schemed that amazing defense. It shows more now
  9. Atlanta Falcons, where offenses go to get it together lol
  10. I’m thinking the defense wants a new coach too
  11. Lmfao why do we tackle like we are making love to the opposition. All soft and cuddly lol great scheme
  12. Should’ve never gave him that contract to begin with. We stuck with him now. Still won’t ever win a Super Bowl with him. He missed his opportunity
  13. Lmfao right on que. hold onto the ball bum. Or is that the defenses fault too?
  14. Oh no! I don’t just judge Ryan. There’s a lot wrong with this team. Trufant to me was a stretch when we picked him and then we continue to get people who “think” may do something it’s ridiculous
  15. Matt Ryan is a bum! He has horrible pocket awareness and makes horrible throws. He doesn’t play defense. I’m watching him being his usual self and he’s a bum