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  1. Really? Hostile? Funny how you are the one throwing insults and I'm the one getting warned lol.
  2. Glad to see our mods are impartial. I see this place is ran on the buddy system. Continue on. You abuse your power sir, I'm just calling it how I see it, others probably feel the same but would rather go with the group. Probably why FFS70 got banned. Tell me what valid reason you have to warn me? Other than you don't like my opinion?
  3. Should be temporarily banned for taking a good thread off topic. You people bait FFS70 and then cry to the mods when he shows up. This is some ********
  4. Fair enough, hope old pappy stays strong and sees the birds holding the trophy up this year. id much rather find a way to buy the man a beer
  5. Prayers to my fellow Falcons fan... Hope you get well soon
  6. ASJ getting roasted by Drew Garaboo on the radio for bailing on a charity event for kids with cancer too
  7. ASJ going off on Twitter, look it up. Your momma jokes gone wild and offering to meet people at 1 Buc place for a fight lol
  8. Sorry, my hatred for New Orleans got the best of me. I know better then that. to the poster who lost a loved one, I'm sorry for your loss
  9. Been a bad off season for Saints pass rushers both current and former
  10. Watch any game, you can find a few on YouTube. Dallas, Washington, both New Orleans games and I found San Fran too, examples in every game show the liability that Paul and Willy mo where last year
  11. Why are people upset that our OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR controls the offense? Look at the Broncos, they ran that pass happy soft B.S. And got abused in the 1st Super Bowl by a great defense. Then again by the Colts sorry defense a year later. Kubiak came in running the same offense we have, took control away from Manning and they rode all the way to a Super Bowl. Does anyone think a pass happy Dirk Koetter style offense would really work when it counts? I don't. it wasn't uncommon for Matt and Atlanta to have great offensive stats but get shutdown when it counted pre-Quinn/Shannahan. We were never and offensive power house except maybe 2012 and that was with a HOF player Tony Gonzalez and effective Roddy White.
  12. Jones will start week 1, no doubt about it. Worrilow was awful in the middle last year. Poor angles, missed tackles, in every game. Re-watch the San Francisco game and you'll see blain Fuxking Gabert pull an Aaron Rodgers okey doke on him
  13. "I love this offense" Roddy would have you believe that everyone hated this scheme. Roddy was resistant to change because he knew he didn't have years left to reap the benefits like our young guys
  14. Can't argue it, Ryan had a bad year. Needs to step up in 2016 or we could be looking for a new QB in 2017. I believe eve he will step up, a lot went wrong last year that will get fixed.
  15. We are literally copying everything that Seattle does. Falcon Tackle lol
  16. the more I listen, glad Roddy was cut. He Didn't buy in to the team plan. Had fans questioning Matt for not checking shannahan. he was a cancer, it's obvious.
  17. Still love Roddy but he definitely sounded salty. Didn't appreciate him or Finn making fun of Dan Quinn. Called him the t-shirt guy and were mocking his catch phrases. Said he didn't interview well with ESPN. Finn questioning Vic Beasley playing SAM was frustrating because he made comments about how Vic wouldn't be rushing the passer as much. A lot of haterade served on this show.
  18. Man I love listening to Devonta you hear the hunger in his voice, know he's been carrying a boulder on his shoulder for a long time. A lot of the stuff he said about telvin you know he felt the same way. he came from nothing and is looking to prove everybody wrong. Can't deny fire and heart!
  19. This seems like a topic That should've occurred right after the season. At this point it really doesn't matter all we can hope is that everybody on the team plays better. right now is the time for hope when the season starts we can see what the true reality is
  20. Coach Quinn had Hugh ready to get back in pads to compete if that doesn't show you something about our coach I don't know what to tell you
  21. DQ looks for smart players with the physical tools needed to be successful in his scheme late in the draft. he is counting on his staffs abilities to develop players to make this picks pay off for us. we cried for years because Smitty didn't develop players, give DQ a shot at least.
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