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  1. He needed a game like this to avoid falling behind in the MVP race. I was getting worried after the last few games 😂
  2. Even before seeing the numbers I had noticed that same thing. It seems like every time we run outside zone, or even a sweep, it has at least moderate success, but he keeps ruining power up the middle for short gains instead.
  3. Well thanks for that raiders! Such a shame, we should be tied for first right now, but instead we had to falcon it up.
  4. For real. Their first offensive play after they got they got the ball back with 4 minutes and change was a 12 yard run for a first down. Falcons would’ve had a run up the middle for no gain 😑
  5. I’m so glad I’m not a UGA fan, it must really suck for you guys who are fans of both teams 😂
  6. Julio was clearly hurt and doing his best to be a decoy and open up things the other receivers.
  7. Freaking joke, and now we lose because of the two point conversion
  8. That’s exactly what happened. Knew right away. Always doing shady stuff for the cowboys smh
  9. They still have to recover an onside kick no matter what. And they don’t have Koo so we should be good 😂
  10. They changed the call on the field just to help the cowboys because they knew it would be impossible to overturn otherwise.
  11. A fake one but I’ll take it! We’ve been called for that bs plenty of times before
  12. That’s so fake, I had a feeling they would try to count the Timeout they took as the one they lost
  13. Challenge lol, better not change the call. We’ve been screwed in incorrect spots before.
  14. LOL that was so dumb! They didn’t have to do that yet! McCarthy is dumber than Quinn 😂
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