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  1. Wow, another incredible game from TP
  2. Likely rules out my hope of cousins going to Denver instead of Minnesota. Ain't that a shame
  3. Espn app just told me he's out for the rest of the season(although I guess that is only several weeks for us). I hate that he's injured because I know it feels terrible to have to watch from the bench. But this also makes it worse that we couldn't trade him before the deadline. I was hoping that if he continued to play well the rest of the season we could use him and/or one of our late first rounders to trade up in the draft and get a guard if we draft Bagley or Ayton in the the top 5. Does anyone think this injury will affect his trade value going forward? I could be overestimating his trade value anyway.
  4. That's great!
  5. I just realized how much I hope Kirk doesn’t go the Vikings, that would make them a legit super bowl team. Hope he goes to the afc
  6. Great effort Hawks. Too bad it had to end that way
  7. I know, lol. At least Collins finally gets a start, he deserves it. Dorsey's been playing well too.
  8. Finally we show some composure at the end of a close game. Great job guys.
  9. Man, you are the biggest Wes supporter on the board(although I still have hope for him as well). If you’re not careful you’ll become like R the great with James stone, lol.
  10. I thought he would be the sub for cox or donald in the pro bowl. It's dumb that he didn't make it, he deserved to be there with debo and neal.
  11. I think bud gave up on this game late in the 3rd. I don’t think Dennis or taurean even played in the 4th and they were the leading scorers. It is disappointing that we couldn’t win with the cavs as shorthanded as they were.
  12. Dang. I used visit a Hawks forum sometimes. So many idiots wanted Kyle gone. I can't even believe what he just did to end that quarter. I still hate that we traded him to Cleveland of all teams.
  13. Man, I can't believe we didn't get more out of today.
  14. Great win Hawks, 38 points off turnovers is insane.
  15. Can't say enough about how impressive John Collins is.