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  1. Can’t blame any one player for that mess. And as we found out, the talent was there all along, but the coaching wasn’t.
  2. Drew4719

    Jays @ Braves

    Amazing way to win that game lol
  3. Drew4719

    Mets @ Braves

    That was awesome!
  4. Drew4719

    Mets @ Braves

    Man that was sooo close!
  5. Finally! He hit that one a little harder than the last one!
  6. I really thought the players would have ranked Julio as the best receiver. Shows how much they know lol. Good thing I don’t care about the top 100 anymore. Never should have 😂
  7. I pray that Kyle Wright is good. It would change the whole course of the season if he can do what soroka did last year.
  8. That was a nice double play!
  9. Oh how I’ve missed games like that! It feels so good!!!
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