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  1. 11-0 when scoring 20+ 0-7 when scoring under 20
  2. Man, I’ve been seeing Matt ranked in the 15-20 range for fantasy QBs by almost everyone. That seems insanely low. I can’t help but think he’s due for a huge season after last year, maybe 80-90% of the points he put up his MVP year. My league is mostly made up of Falcons homers though, so he’s probably going as a top-10 QB in my draft on Friday.
  3. Who’s your 3rd running back then? Justin Crawford? Oh, I just saw in you roster discussion thread, you’re going with Malik Williams
  4. Lol mike
  5. Amazing play Camargo
  6. Refs only threw tat flag because they heard a hard hit
  7. Nice drive for a TD, now the board can rest easy
  8. Don’t feel like getting too worked up over a meaningless article right now, but how can he have Rivers, Newton, and Stafford on there but not Matt Ryan? Not to mention Wentz and Watson, who probably will go on to have great careers, but haven’t proven anything over a long period of time yet.
  9. Julio!
  10. Nice first inning Julio!
  11. Wow, if the Mets had scored one more run it would’ve been an identical score to when they got destroyed by the nats! 24 runs was a mets record lol!
  12. I think it’s probably just a bruise, it looked to me like the ball got more forearm than elbow
  13. Poor kid Sierra, he’s been getting exposed this whole series