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  1. Don’t worry, he’ll take priority over any other defensive player. He’s too important to ever get to free agency.
  2. That’s may be true, but my point was that, while Rodgers has more TDs over the last four years, our offense has scored significantly more points than the packers over that time, so what does it matter? Rushing and passing TDs both count the same. We’ve scored 150 more points than the packers over the past four seasons. An average of 411.5(25.7 ppg) points per season for us and 374(23.4) for them. Matt has to get a good amount of credit for our offense being more effective over this span.
  3. Yeah, he did okay filling in for levitre in 2017 playoffs, but he was getting worked by pass-rushing D-Tackles this year.
  4. I don’t think you missed it. It says you were one of the only 5 people to like the post lol.
  5. I wrote that huge post about how Matt has been better even since 2015 a couple months ago and it got almost no love even on a Falcons forum
  6. Why is Dennis Smith jr. Even in this contest? I mean seriously, are they obligated to have a short guy?
  7. So Dennis Smith jr messes up 5 times before he finally makes it but gets a way higher score than Collins?
  8. It really should be, but knowing madden it’ll barley crack 90 at best.
  9. Too bad, his hits on Wilson and Rodgers in the playoffs were my favorite plays from that year, even over all the offensive highlights.
  10. Wow, that’s one of the strangest 4th quarters I’ve ever seen. Nice win, always take a win over a LeBron James led team. Lakers suck!
  11. Man, Lakers getting all the calls and no-calls. WTF!
  12. It’s extra frustrating because Vic Beasley gets held the way Matthews held Chris long on that play literally 100 times a season and it’s never called.
  13. LOL! Magic Johnson talking about Dominique and his family is making me laugh uncontrollably!