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  1. He’s one of the most inconsistent QBs I’ve ever seen. He can look incredible one week and then completely suck the next. Same can be said for Jameis Winston. Neither have lived up to their potential.
  2. Jags offense looked good on that drive, their o-line dominated
  3. needs 3 more
  4. 40 homers for Acuña
  5. Just looking at those 2 matchups before the season, I didn't expect us to run the ball well in either one whether we won or lost, so I'm definitely not judging free yet. O-line is still a work in progress, but I expect them to continue improving as the season goes on.
  6. I didn’t think the saints would win the division with brees, but we have no excuse not to win this thing now. We are more talented than the other 3 teams, just have to keep from beating ourselves like we did week 1.
  7. Man the eagles were crying to the refs all night for flags any time the play didn’t go their way.
  8. That play proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Julio will never get a PI call. We all knew it already, but now we have undeniable proof lol.
  9. Yeah, he caught one against the saints in New Orleans that season.
  10. Still crying for the saints lol
  11. Jets really screwed now if Siemian is hurt
  12. Those hits on Rodgers were my favorite plays from that season, even over all the offensive highlights.
  13. Is this gonna function as the MNF thread then?
  14. Love Rico, he's integral for our defense to play this well.