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  1. There’s no way they cut sanu, he’s more than earned his contract since signing here. Any of the others could be gone though.
  2. We don’t need more corners we need more pass rush
  3. That’s terrible, Rest In Peace brother. One of the best to ever play the game, should’ve lived to see himself inducted into the hall of fame.
  4. So many awful calls in this game for both sides
  5. This is a joke, refs marching the chiefs right down the field
  6. Both are true, I don’t know why we can’t just appreciate that they both play for our team. On Sunday Matt set the record for passing yards in the first 11 season of a career, and Julio recorded his 5th straight season over 1,400 yards. But some people on this forum would dump Matt for any run-of-the-mill QB with a cheap salary, and trade Julio for draft picks that might never impact the team the way he does. It makes no sense
  7. Deion is such a turncoat. it shows more and more every time he opens his mouth about the Falcons.
  8. I’m glad julio got a second TD, he should have 3 now if he ran hard on the deep ball from matt
  9. Both calls on Mack were absolute bs. The double standard in this game for o-line holding is laughable. Packers get away with so much holding it’s insane
  10. Joke refs, packers hold on every freaking play but they call us for phantom holds wtf
  11. Have to catch that Julio wtf
  12. Refs really aren’t gonna let us do anything such bs
  13. WTF a phantom hands to the face takes back that play are you kidding me
  14. So happy for Arthur Blank! He deserved this two years ago
  15. Feel bad for TP, but lol at espn. They care so little about the Hawks they think Taurean is a rookie when he’s a third year player. I guess it won’t let me post the screenshot of the notification. I’m sure blkbigdog35 will post the full story, I’m too lazy.