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  1. CamarGOAT
  2. WOW no advance there is incredible
  3. We probably lose anyway, but you should see(maybe you did if you were watching on FSGO) the awful call in the top of the 9h. Dansby turned an amazing double play and they changed the call on the field to say he missed second base, so we challenged. They wouldn’t overturn it when you could clearly see his foot hit the bag, so the Padres ended up with 2 more runs to make it 9-3 instead of 7-3. Replay continues to be beyond awful
  4. If wins weren’t a stat degrom would be running away with it, that’s the only reason.
  5. Amazing, Top 5 all-time talent at receiver and we take him for granted.
  6. Top 5 Linebacker in the NFL, really thought he would’ve gained enough of a reputation this year to be on the list.
  7. I never thought he could do what he’s doing but I’m glad he is. Hope he can keep it up until Acuña gets back.
  8. Wow Culberson double and now dansby homers!
  9. One of the best I’ve seen
  10. Finally, he was stuck on 9 HR for so long
  11. WOW! Very impressive work from biddle. Let’s make him a winner!
  12. Phillies lose, so we’re right back in first place
  13. Should be bases loaded for Ozzie
  14. Remember when Ozzie actually juked guy and stayed inside the baseline but was called out immediately?
  15. There’s no way I’d trade Dennis unless we’re getting Sexton or Young out of it.