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  1. He's been steadily improving. He's really been on a tear the last week or so.
  2. What a half! Keep it up Hawks, let's get our first home W
  3. He's always a candidate for a pick 6, so that will help him. It would help if he hadn't already had 2 picks called back by penalties.
  4. On offense I'd say Mack and Julio(he will probably make it on reputation alone). On defense, Grady has been incredible, but I don't know if he will make it without sack numbers. If Beasley has a big game(like last year against the Broncos and Rams) he could get in based of last years performance. I think Jones, Campbell, and Neal are worthy, but will get beat out by established players at the position(Kuechly, Wagner, Chancellor, Collins)
  5. I remember when Tru ran down C.J. Spiller his rookie year. It was awesome to see that kind of effort from a player on a 4-12 team.
  6. Does Colin realize that the cowboys have one of the best lines in the league, While Seattle might have the worst? Our defense is licking their chops for this game.
  7. He should send Chaz a bottle of wine too! Lol
  8. I love our young linebackers! It’s been so refreshing to watch them play this season after years of subpar to horrid play at the position. They both had great games yesterday.
  9. I needed those for fantasy points from tevin Coleman, arggg!
  10. Way to close defense! What a game!