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  1. I'd say we definitely have the most speed of any team in the league.
  2. We started to worry about you when you didn't immediately post a thread about how Matt Ryan should have been #1. This thread was started Monday night as soon as NFL network showed Matt was ranked #10, so there was no article.
  3. I've been telling everyone I know that we have the best roster in the league. It's going to be a fun year!
  4. Gazoo sure is taking a long time, I just followed him so I'll be notified when he posts his rant. Lol!
  5. And at the same time very disrespectful.
  6. How is Von gonna be #2 after the broncos went 8-8 when he was only #15 after he won SB MVP? He was 6
  7. If Matt needed any extra motivation going into the season, he sure has it now.
  8. Should be a fun read, probably 10+ paragraphs and a summary of Matts entire career.
  9. I've never been angry with the list before, But the Falcons never had a player that had a chance at #1 before. I usually don't let these things bother me, but I'm freaking pissed right now.
  10. I'd say a really good chance, I'm almost certain of it at this point.
  11. The whole league is gonna regret how much they disrespected our team this offseason.
  12. Carr is the real deal, and has all the physical tools in the world. But he hasn't proven he's a top 20 player yet. All folks talk about with Matt is playoff success, yet they're ranking guys in the top 20 that have never won a postseason game.
  13. I was sure he'd be at least #4, behind Brady, Rodgers, and Julio. I honestly thought he'd be #2 behind only Brady.
  14. If the voters had no bias Matt would be #1. I thought he'd only be #3 or #4 with bias. They showed Malcom Jenkins and he said matt should be #25. What a joke. I knew Matt was underrated and kind of disrespected, but this is just ridiculous.
  15. WTF! Only the Falcons. If he was the quarterback of any other team he'd be #1