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  1. So did you make it to 13? Dennis still scored 28 anyway, lol.
  2. Nice showing! Proud of these young Hawks!
  3. What a half of basketball!
  4. What I wouldn't give for us to beat them 28-3.
  5. I agree. I think we get up big on NE, then the league will call the refs asking for a finish like the super bowl, but this time we run the ball.
  6. I definitely think we have a good shot at victory next week
  7. Yep, hoping the offense can have a get well game against that terrible defense.
  8. I honestly think we'll beat the patriots, the bills and dolphins defenses are much better. We've played down to the competition the last two weeks. I think we'll have a big lead, and the refs will want a repeat of the super bowl. Patriots comeback falls short this time.
  9. Debo
  10. That’s too bad man, I hope you reconsider. You shouldn’t abandon the Falcons because players on other teams are kneeling.
  11. Thank you eagles
  12. 10-90 balls, lol. Never heard that one before but it's hilarious.
  13. Thank you!
  14. Man that was stupid