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  1. Great defense on Davis and cousins. Only 27 points combined. Collins with 18 on 7-8 shooting, 15 assists for Dennis, way to close the game Baze.
  2. A rare win against the spurs, great job Hawks.
  3. Well, I hope the Vikings win it in their stadium. We'll do it next year.
  4. You're late, now it's only 8 hours before kickoff
  5. I love me some Derrick Moore! He's the always the best for getting fired up!
  6. I think a lot of us seriously have known it. Without self-inflicted wounds and some flukey plays, we’d have won 14 games.
  7. Panthers just need to get younger like The Falcons and saints did. If you guys can land a draft class like we did in '16 or the saints did in '17, you'll be right back in it. It might seem improbable, but if micky loomis could do it you guys can.
  8. Man, you know you gonna watch the super bowl when the Falcons are playing in it next month.
  9. Dang it man, delete this before the eagles coaching staff sees it, lol. You did a great job.
  10. WTF gano
  11. I'm sick of that commercial. Rodgers kicks dogs, I'm sure of it.
  12. Bortles with more rushing yards(89) than passing(87), lol. Just goes to show football is a team game.
  13. Yeah, the jags won in Heinz. Ben had 5 picks
  14. On a field with Tyrod Taylor bortles is somehow having a much bigger impact with his legs