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  1. I don’t think a comeback is in the cards
  2. I hope the whole season isn’t reffed like this game or it will be harder than ever to watch NBA this year.
  3. Alex Poythress looked good in the preseason games I saw, looking good tonight too.
  4. Man they’re really calling a lot of nitpicky fouls so far.
  5. I hope so, he’s on my fantasy team
  6. Unbelievable, our rushing attack hinged on him coming back fresh and ready to go down the stretch. I now seriously doubt we’ll ever truly get our running game back this year. hopefully he can play in the postseason.
  7. That was the best! Until that point they were holding out hope that their favorite QB would bring his team back.
  8. Yeah, Julio could be tackled on a 3rd-and-long at the end of a game and we wouldn’t get bailed out.
  9. Just like week 1 WTF
  10. At least they have almost 2 minutes and all 3 timeouts. Time for Shanny to shine.
  11. ******* figures. Useless 49ers, I thought Kyles genius playcalls would get enough first downs to end this game.
  12. I actually watched the end of that game a few months ago to see if the no-call was as bad as I remember or if I was just caught up in the moment wanting a flag. it was just as bad as I remembered
  13. 49ers Defense comes through again! I can’t believe it!
  14. **** the 49ers are really gonna mess around and let the packers win aren’t they?
  15. There still too much time left, don’t jinx it lol. We need at least a FG from the 49ers here.