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  1. He was THAT guy for the games #11 missed last yr and did very well....cant wait till Sunday!
  2. There has to be something to all this with Quinn, we all heard about the lack of accountability and the obvious scapegoating of coaches( Sark & Manuel) the turn around when he was hands off and then fired. As far as Chuck Smith goes he has a facility I believe so guys are able to train with him on their own if they want....I wonder if a egomaniac coach would take issue with that 🤔
  3. That 1-1 is the 2017 season, seems like a lifetime ago Ravens have been in the tournament....we haven't...hopefully that changes soon
  4. What's our playoff record the last 4 years?
  5. Here's a different take on preseason, I do think wins in preseason do have some merit as it shows the ability of your depth players, our new regime still has a roster with some leftovers from the previous staff, and a ton of UDFA(which is who took the field) I believe we sat 30 players, my concern is that if Josh Andrew's and Beavers are leading in the OL battles.....🤢
  6. That 330lb NT would be a nice piece to have next to Grady and Marlon, maybe he shows out.
  7. Pees seems to be able to manufacture a rush, Raheem and Ulbrich had some success in doing that this past season, seemed like Quinns hold on the defense was a big issue, an offseason of fingers crossed good coaching can do wonders, these guys had some very bright moments, I dont think they're devoid of talent. CB FS Big fat nose tackle
  8. Signed! I couldn't believe the play call on 3rd and 2. Or just all season man..sick of it.
  9. I totally agree, DK is a joke as an OC zero ability to adjust against good competition. This offense looks good to great against against anyone except the good teams,to go from good to great to inept is an issue....get him the F outta here
  10. Ryan was leading at weeks end last week iirc.
  11. Hiring Quinn is no different than signing Ray Edwards then as both benefited from being in good situations and wound up being underwhelming(being respectful). TROFFED!! get them both outta here ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾
  12. Seeing those stats when running cover 2 is not surprising at all, we all saw it last year and last Sunday,Quinn is a stubborn dude......
  13. I dont disagree with you at all, I'm all in on more man coverage and 2 deep safeties. I think that plays to the strength of the team, less area to cover and less thinking, debo has the range to play that mid read,safeties responsible for half of the deep zone. We looked good yesterday in that alignment, it has its weaknesses for sure but all coverages do.
  14. It makes sense for him to play it that way with there being 3 receivers there, that's why to me that's on coaching, more than likely if Kazee bails immediately the area behind the lbs is open, poor playcalling in the situation.
  15. Rewatching the game now and this play just happened, Terrell was locked in on Lockett and had tunnel vision, he learned from that one. On the td on 4th and 3 that was 80% crap play calling on our part and 20% on Oliver for not getting any kind of Jam off the ball, they had 3 receivers on the other side and kazee was lined up on the other hash, Earl Thomas himself wasn't getting there to break up that one either with that alignment. I really dont think this defense has the talent in the secondary to run single high zone at a high level. Most of the good plays I've seen on D in the rewatch have been in 2 deep. This was the change last year that made the defense better in the 2nd half of the season.
  16. I thought there was a lot of good and a lot of bad for sure, you all can correct me if I'm wrong but I think this defense operates better in a cover 2, Oliver got burned on single high coverage and I'm sure with having a rookie manning the other side Kazee was more focused on that side, neither kazee or rico have the range to be an eraser in single high, but they're good enough in that cover 2, I think Quinn is always trying to reinvent the wheel and it just leads to confusion. Its week 1 and everything is fixable in theory.
  17. Smoking some wangs right now, half buffalo and half teriyaki
  18. That's good to see, the Rams oline last year was as bad or worse than ours
  19. I agree the secondary played better in the latter part of the season...I have to think if Evan's and Godwin played that last game we probably dont pull that one out. Perriman went off that game.
  20. We should have more than 3m after the cap increase..we were 4m under before the signings I thought...I could be wrong
  21. So that gives us like 14m before any cuts?
  22. Lb. Kenneth Webster, de/olb k'laivon chaisson, cb Kristian Fulton. Any of the senior bowl standouts, we always seem to grab someone from that game.
  23. He seems pretty unlikely to be there at #16, I would certainly be happy with him as the 1st pick tho, I'd like to see your thoughts on some of the players mocked in that 16 and up range. Chiasson, Webster,Fulton etc. Thanks for your content I watch all your stuff on YouTube. P.s. the intro track is fire.
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