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  1. And it's a hard thing to do...the birds showed some heart tonight!
  2. Wow...... we should be up by 14 at least right now....they can't stop us...#2 is stopping us. Defense gotta hold on
  3. Well that escalated quickly
  4. The blocked punt was on Neasman he basically opened the gate for Minnesota
  5. Special teams and blitz pickups
  6. Reading this from page 1 is pretty funny lol.... we wouldn't be winless in preseason if Benkert would'nt have gotten hurt....we gonna be OK RISE UP!
  7. If the DL play from preseason is able to transfer to the regular season the secondary should be fine, excited for the season.
  8. DL play all around looks much better.
  9. Turrible.....just turrible. I thought Carpenter was getting the start at LG??
  10. Yep..... get Ryan out of there before he dies....
  11. I had Turf Toe as well and it took about a year to be pain free, it's no joke because you have to walk and to me its similar to the high ankle sprain where it can feel pretty good then you can set it back to day 1 pain doing something minor. Get well Benkert.
  12. They did but it was a half a season.. but they for sure did.
  13. Same here! Cant wait!
  14. @falconidae looks like we can agree on the FACT that until a team that goes 0-4 in preseason wins the super bowl that the data shows it's not a good way to start your season whether the coach cares about winning or not.
  15. How is it a small sample size? It's the data for NFL teams and NFL preseason and the NFL Superbowl lol And when did I ever say anything about the coach? It's cool man or ma'am we can disagree on things.