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  1. I agree the secondary played better in the latter part of the season...I have to think if Evan's and Godwin played that last game we probably dont pull that one out. Perriman went off that game.
  2. We should have more than 3m after the cap increase..we were 4m under before the signings I thought...I could be wrong
  3. So that gives us like 14m before any cuts?
  4. Lb. Kenneth Webster, de/olb k'laivon chaisson, cb Kristian Fulton. Any of the senior bowl standouts, we always seem to grab someone from that game.
  5. He seems pretty unlikely to be there at #16, I would certainly be happy with him as the 1st pick tho, I'd like to see your thoughts on some of the players mocked in that 16 and up range. Chiasson, Webster,Fulton etc. Thanks for your content I watch all your stuff on YouTube. P.s. the intro track is fire.
  6. If historically we've done good work in the middle rounds it would be a great idea to gain a player or 2 in that range on rookie deals....that's a GREAT way to get out of cap ****.
  7. Very true, plus the new CBA will push the cap up...IT ALWAYS DOES. We gonna be ok.
  8. I remember JPP abusing Matthew's the same way his rookie year....the boys gotta learn
  9. Overall imo the drafting has been pretty good since this regime has been in place, we'll get SOMEBODY that can contribute... might not be a name but I'll take a player over a name anyday.
  10. Nah...we will get that 3rd place schedule next year with a loss and a better pick. I'd rather they win....
  11. Thomas probably welcomes the help...I'm sure hes beat up this year.
  12. Man if Koetter could call every game similar to the one he called for Matt Schaub against Seattle it would open up so much down the field.
  13. I say keep it all in place for one more year, cap situation is poor so there isn't much a new regime could do anyway. Drafts have been better recently so I believe that should continue. Give em 1 more
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