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  1. Apples to oranges comparing paying Vic to paying Julio and Matt based on production. I don't have a time machine to see if Vic can be an 8+ guy a year moving forward, what i can say is that SO FAR he seems like a 4 to 5 sack guy which is what his numbers show. He did have a great year, so did Peyton Hillis. With that said I'd rather he stay on the team because that one great season shows that the potential is there for sure.
  2. Peoples issue is that minus the 2016 season he's averaged 5(4.6) the other years which is a huge dropoff, with that said I'd love to see him stay on the team just not for his 2019 salary.
  3. How was Garland rated so high by PFF? I didn't notice him doing anything great and did notice him getting whipped. I don't understand.
  4. Suprised that Garland was the #17 guard.....must've been a down year at guard across the league
  5. You really think that players totally give up on bad teams? They are playing for their jobs and future jobs man, i totally disagree with that outlook, our backups and total team have been playing better the last few and in several spurts throughout the season, we look to have some depth now which i new during the preseason we didnt, good moves during the season did that.
  6. Eagles also have a QB on a rookie deal...that helps a lot. Same for the'll be different when its time to pay up in a couple years for those teams cap wise.
  7. We need one of those
  8. Must be talking about the UGA game
  9. I really dont think we win another game....MAYBE Arizona.... and im not upset about i think the worse our record is the more aggressive they will be with self scouting as well. Got some fat(contracts) to get some relief from. Team just needs the trenches upgraded imo and we will have a much more enjoyable 2019.....with Quinn of course
  10. Missed that production, you could see the difference in coverage on short stuff...the dline though.....we need a big body NT for this defense.
  11. Nah, just need to improve the lines and we'll be fine.
  12. This is just like the 2013 season, team wasn't as good as they thought. People think preseason doesn't matter at all,I disagree because imho if you cant win atleast one then that means your depth is bad,if your depth is bad you can't cover up injuries. Bad contracts are an issue as well, we have a lot of money tied up in players that aren't matching their pay with their play,hopefully that can be corrected this offseason. Players play coaches coach....the talent isnt as good this year fellas.
  13. Dont want to fight you, will you take a hug instead?
  14. Shes never coming back bro..... move on
  15. Good post! We like to believe that next man up means no drop in production, if you lose 1 player at each level of D you might be able to patch that up...when you lose the entire middle thats a different monster, go back and watch last year or **** even the Eagles game this year and see how many plays 45,37 and 22 were in on.