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  1. We may have found our secondary reasoning for the Wildgoose recruitment; seems they're pretty good friends.
  3. To be fair, at least for now, Rusty, Kipp, and Jake's CBs remain for UGA though. Like I said, a lot of time left, and as another poster noted, beating the snot out of Notre Dame could go a long way here.
  4. He's TE/ST right? We didn't take any TEs in 17, and Nauta enrolled 5 days after he was named to that position, so he ain't gettin credit for him. Bringing in a specialist every couple of years isn't enough. Plenty could do that for us. He has to be able to recruit TEs as well. As far as being "stacked" goes, we have 3 TEs at most, who could be here in 2018 (1 current Jr, 2 So, 0 Fr), with none currently committed. Notre Dame has 2 current Jrs, and 2 Fr (all 4 are 4*), with one (another that we pursued and lost to Notre Dame ironically) already committed. I guess you could argue that we have the advantage in star power b/c of Nauta, but we're certainly not deeper than them. Oh, and he called UGA his "dream offer" both before and after getting it, so I don't think that he's against going to his father's school., though admittedly that could've always been lip service, so who knows.
  5. Dell McGee got a raise and a new 3 year contract.
  6. 2 CBs now in for Tremble to Notre Dame. This kid is not even a 4 or 5 star prospect, and a **** UGA legacy. This is Beamer's first real recruiting test. If he can't pull this off, then we might have to look elsewhere. Still a long ways to go; we'll see.
  7. A lot of really great stuff in this article, about Nolan Smith, the current state of his recruitment, his status with UGA, and just some great stuff about him as a person in general; just an all around great interview and article. I encourage everyone to read it.
  8. Well, tbf, we ain't talkin about someone who works for the site. This is more of a "Bulldog bob" type, from what I understand, and what I think that I understand about Bob.
  9. and Kearis Jackson. Back when Fields decommitted from PSU, a lot of big time UGA targets were polled on where they thought that he'd end up. Kearis was one of the few who picked the Dawgs, and he wasn't just blowing hot air either; he was **** sure of his choice, but wouldn't give any reasons as to why. He even doubled down, and said that, even though he was/is currently planning on committing right before the season, if Fields committed to UGA, he'd be right behind him.
  10. Jeff Sentel says that from what he's been hearing, we're still recruiting Derrick Allen hard
  11. Lol, I just saw this, preeeetty sure it's a glitch lol, but it's a fun glitch at least
  12. As far as Fravel's Nolan to Clemson CB, here is Nolan retweeting Wynn's commit announcement tweet followed by
  13. USC 247 "insider" poster now saying that Corral wanted to commit to UGA, but our Coaches turned him down today. Don't know if there's anything to this, but a number of other USC board regulars sayin this guy is solid. "Insiders" on UGA board also saying that Fields to UGA is a done deal. Could be getting trolled here; I guess we'll see.
  14. New Coach Scott doin work. "Growing up, I always liked Georgia," Wynn told Dawgs247 last month. "They are known for putting defensive linemen into the league - like Richard Seymour. I always loved watching the Dawgs play. My middle school coach was a really big Georgia fan and he took me to Georgia games when I was younger. I have always really liked Georgia." Bulldogs' defensive line coach Tray Scott is a major reason why Georgia has a strong chance to land his commitment. "I have a very high respect for Coach Scott," Wynn said. "Then, to top that off, I have a lot of respect for Coach Smart. So for Georgia to hire him and for the staff that he put together, including Coach Scott, that has made me like Georgia even more. When he first got on board, one of the first stops they made was to come to my old high school and see me, so I have even more respect for them. "They were pretty high on my list when Coach Smart was hired, but them bringing in Coach Scott, that gave them a big boost. I really like him and he really believed in my talents from day one. He has given me advice from the beginning on how to get better and I know he is a really good coach."
  15. Stephon Wynn announced he will make his commitment on July 1, at 1pm. Immediately following, Kipp, Christopher Snee, and Rusty put in CBs for the Dawgs. Edit: The CBs are pouring in now. Everyone's following suit.
  16. Almost no one has put in a CB on this kid (3 total), and none of the major players have, though I expect that to change in the next 48 hrs. No one seems to really have a read on him.
  17. Rusty quote from sometime back on McMichael some have been posting: -Another prospect that I am following closer and closer is 2018 DB Kyler McMichael of GAC. Sounds like Clemson likes their chances and from talking with others so does Tennessee. I personally think this could be coming down to a Georgia/Alabama battle at that end based off what I am hearing from some people. Again nothing concrete yet, just putting together information I am hearing. I think UGA is more of a player here than people maybe thinking.
  18. Kyler McMichael announcing his commitment on Friday morning per his coach
  19. A poster on another site, who claims to know someone at Rome, said the G-Day commitment was the Coach's idea, and that he pushed them all to do it to bring more attention to the school and its players, and that they agreed mostly to help Griffin get some real offers.
  20. Interesting note ftr here, even though Griffin's twitter is plastered with pro LSU stuff, with his commitment tweet pinned, and his profile listing him as committed there, and his avatar being an LSU one, Adam Anderson's contains nothing visible about LSU at all, or about him being committed there. Could just be a difference in their personalities though
  21. He was at Tennessee yesterday apparently, and the day before, they offered Griffin.
  22. Word is now that the reason we've continued to refuse to offer is b/c he's a serious risk to be academically ineligible. If he could fix his grades, then we might offer.
  23. Been a while now since that FSU insider said he'd flip to there
  24. Nolan Smith at Clemson today with his family, posted pics Now Corey Fravel, Clemson insider, put in his CB flipping him to Clemson