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  1. One last thing We are still seeing the effects of Fields poisoning that locker room. It feels like the majority of the 2018 class, and maybe even a lot of the 2019 classes just had to be gutted to get rid of "his guys" and the bad attitudes that were fostered and left behind. I've tried very hard not to hold any bad feeling against Fields, as he did what he believed was best for him, but it's hard when constantly seeing how much he hurt this team from the inside. I get leaving, but do you have to light the building on fire on your way out? Sorry, rant over
  2. First, let me say, as was said when Fields pulled this, is there racism in Athens? Sure. I'm sure there is. Was Reese or Fields exposed to more of it than at any other institution? I call BS. Does that make it OK? **** no. ANY racism is inexcusable and we need to work to end it, but the idea that Ole Miss of all freaking places is more understanding and has less of an issue than Athens? Yeah, that more BS Second, if we told him we wouldn't block his waiver, and are anyway, yeah, I can't condone that, but without proof of being told we wouldn't, it's all heresay. You also probably should b
  3. He's claiming Fields incident (though not naming it so he can pretend it's not the same incident), and being pulled over by the cops a couple times as evidence for the racism at UGA, and implying (though not 100% claiming) it to be why he left UGA. He's also claiming that he has texts showing he told Smart he wanted to leave mid last season, and claims that Smart told him to stay and not "quit" on his team, and that if he did, we would not block his waiver, and that he's learned we're now blocking it. He also claims that Ole Miss is Sooo much better and understanding about all the ra
  4. I don't even understand the reasoning of "confidence: 2" CB If you're that not confident, why even post it?
  5. Greg Biggins with the CB for Foreman to UGA
  6. One of the things most noticeably missing from our team is an elite SDE
  7. One possible detail here that has been mentioned is that Kirby and Co play around with the numbers by bringing on guys but not initially on scholarship, at least at first, as a walk on, and then give them scholarships later on. It is possible, but not known, that Branch could have been one of those players.
  8. Wiltfong thinks we're building to a big recruiting boom in the final months https://247sports.com/college/georgia/Article/Georgia-Football-Recruiting-Korey-Foreman-Maason-Smith-Amarius-Mims-Xavian-Sorey-Terrion-Arnold-150729293/
  9. Daran Branch has left them the team. As of of now, he supposedly is not intending to transfer, but rather is contemplating if he even wants to keep playing football. It has been said that he is not having issues with grades or health.
  10. What's the roll call on the 10 in the pic?
  11. Lol, not even tryin to start anything Just having fun, and trying to enjoy positive things related to UGA I'm starved right now lol
  12. Was there ever a complete list of everyone that visited? or are there still some being kept under wraps?
  13. Not social distancing! Quick, someone rebuke them for it on the internet!
  14. 247 dropped their initial top 100 for 2023, with a lot of GA kids, including #1 overall https://247sports.com/Season/2023-Football/RecruitRankings/?InstitutionGroup=HighSchool 1, 14, 33, 41, 45, 48, 59, 72, 81, 85, 99 Anyone already familiar with any of the next generation? @youngbloodz Any name we should be familiar with early? FL an option too, since you said you're familiar with those kids as well
  15. Not angry btw, just want at least one safe space where, at least for the most part, not be consumed by all this
  16. Keep this crap out of the recruiting thread please
  17. In all seriousness, playing Pittman in year one is a great media choice
  18. [insert SEC Shorts link here] We won the lottery
  19. Yeah, uh huh DEANDRE BAKERDB, NEW YORK GIANTS NY Daily News' Pat Leonard reports Giants CB Deandre Baker was charged with four counts of robbery with a firearm. The punishment for robbery with a firearm is a mandatory minimum of 10 years and up to life in state prison. Currently on the Commissioner's Exempt List awaiting a decision, 22-year-old Baker will presumably be released by the Giants in a matter of hours. Oddly enough, prosecutors are actually declining to charge Quinton Dunbar, whose lawyer wa
  20. aaand there's the last sign of the UGA recruiting apocalypse, this year's class is ******
  21. Yall gonna have every player in the state of FL in your class before long
  22. @youngbloodz Yall about to get Leonard Taylor too? ****, yall gonna have a top 5 class the way things are headed assuming everybody sticks Where the **** did this come from? Ain't based on anything on the field and if they could recruit like this, why couldn't they have done this last cycle?
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