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  1. Made two posts in the October thread before I remembered it was November now. I'll repost them here. October was possibly the greatest month in UGA Recruiting history. Can November top it?
  2. Well yeah, that's what I meant. It felt like his post was insinuating that there was insider knowledge that Mays was changing his plans this weekend to Athens as well.
  3. Mays comin Saturday too?
  4. Somewhere...on the Clemson 247 boards...Corey Fravel is making BS excuses to Clemson fans about how this means nothing, and they still have a great shot at him.
  5. Salyer has cancelled his Clemson visit and is now visiting Athens this weekend. In best Monotone voice: Boy, I am so shocked. I never saw this coming.
  6. The report was it would happen around 4, then the report was that it was delayed until later tonight. i seriously wonder if they were waiting on Joseph to possibly make his announcement, and didn't want their post loss commitment to be overshadowed by a lost recruiting battle.
  7. So on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, just how sad and pathetic is this?
  8. His header is him and other kids in Alabama shirts, his avatar is him in an Alabama shirt, and he has a tweet pinned of his, his mother, and nick Saban at Alabama. Kipp also put in a CB for Alabama.
  9. Interesting note possibly When I was typing that, I kept thinking of Brenton Cox so I went on over to his page to take a quick and look, and he seems to have removed "Ohio State commit" from his twitter, and it's not in his header anymore either. (I don't think we have a shot in **** at him ftr, just thought it was interesting)
  10. Everything that I kept seeing was that Bection was more projected as a SDE than his WDE listed position, so his spot (if it became available) could be being more used for another DL rather than another stand up rusher. Tannor's spot would be more applicable for guys like Henry, supposing that we actually have a shot there.
  11. Supposedly Becton is in the process of "looking around" at other schools via one of our coaches This comes from a trusted insider on 247
  12. Someone on 247 saying that Jordan Davis to commit tomorrow about 4
  13. I got word from a pretty good source that 4-star defensive tackle Christian Barmore of Philadelphia plans to visit UGA this weekend for the Kentucky game. That same source also told me the Bulldogs are believed to be the top school for Barmore, in the Class of 2018. That source was Mark Webb Sr., the father of a UGA freshman from the Philadelphia metro area. Webb would know a thing or two about Philly prospects fitting in at UGA. Both his son and his nephew, D’Andre Swift, are doing very well in Athens.
  14. Man if Baker got benched for Cleveland that would truly spell the end of the pre-Smart/Pittman OL players. The only pre-2016 guy not scheduled the graduate would be Galliard, and he was brought in to play DL, so he doesn't even really count. Man if we bring in the class we're projected to on OL, it really just might be in most of these old guard's best interest to transfer away immediately if they ever want playing time.
  15. Baker getting benched for Cleveland?
  16. That's a terrible example. Aaron Donald is the exception to the rule; the exception. A lot of what makes him so incredible is that he can be so good despite his size. It's so impressive because it's so rare. For every Aaron Donald, there's countless who couldn't overcome. I'm not saying he's right btw. Every player is different and should be evaluated as such, but I perfectly understand why he would prefer taller DL, unless they just blow him away.
  17. I meant that we may not have a spot for him after adding Davis if unless we lose Walthour
  18. Barmore is just a completely different kind of player. Basically we need 1 nose, and then have a different quota for DTs. I wonder if we might have to lose Walthour in order to take Barmore.
  19. Yeah, the reports are that we're recruiting him to play Nose. We need another. Keep in mind this is only his second full year playing football at all, and his Senior tape is much improved, though he'll still be crazy raw when he gets here. He'll likely need a redshirt season of S&C to be what we need from him and to better learn the sport. As for Cooper, he's just not what Kirby likes plain and simple. He has serious issues with short DL. It's why we wouldn't offer Chatman, even after they all committed to LSU. I really think we only seriously pursued him b/c we saw him as the best option at the position, but once Davis came along, who actually fit what we want there, they shifted gears.
  20. ****, if we had to lose someone to academics, I hate it to be one of our top guys I guess Kirby doesn't want another Devonte Wyatt situation, and the way we're currently recruiting, we really don't have to.
  21. Andrew Ellis just gave us our first UGA CB for Alontae Taylor
  22. Yep, and there's final confirmation. Rusty with the CB for Sandidge to South Carolina, so 1-1 it is.
  23. CB came in today sending him to Louisville