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  1. It should have never been 4 to begin with. It always should have been 8. Polls show that the vast majority of fans prefer it to be 8 as well. I hate the idea of bye weeks, and I hate the idea of automatic ins. All of that is pointless and silly, and needlessly complicated. 8 teams play each other; the 4 winners play each other; the 2 winners play each other; simple
  2. Yeah, so apparently Daniels had an oblique injury since about 2 weeks ago (he reinjured it against Clemson and so may sit against UAB), and that was part of the reason why the gameplan was so conservative and all about quick dump off passes. Then you add to that us missing completely or having severely limited our top 7 receiving options, and having to hold off Clemson's DL with our fresh rebuilt OL, and it's coming more into picture why we were so anemic of offense in this game. I can understand their seeming unwillingness to not play it safe against a team of that caliber, which is probably also why none of the backup QBs got given a shot, despite the injury, and why we didn't overhaul the OL any more than we did. I gotta give credit to Smart for keeping that injury under wraps heading into the game.
  3. Wiltfong with the CB for Burden to UGA (confidence 4) Could it be? Are we actually going to do something good in recruiting?
  4. For the time being at least, Muschamp has been promoted to on field coach. No word on what his exact responsibilities will be or on if the responsibilities of other coaches may change.
  5. “Coach Cochran is currently dealing with health issues and is taking time to prioritize his mental health and well-being," Bulldog head coach Kirby Smart said in a statement released via UGA Sports Information. "We fully support him as he takes this time to focus on his well-being.”
  6. Ummm, sooo yeah, Cochran not on staff anymore K Let the wild speculation begin!
  7. Good. Please don't create a new topic about that nonsense. Just another online guy trying to generate clicks. Another guy already tried that earlier. Multiple actually informed groups have already stamped it out. No one from the Big 10 or the ACC are going anywhere. I'm sure more online personas will keep making this up though, as it does generate clicks from the naïve.
  8. We're settling on recruits on both OL and WR after missing on most of our top targets in those classes. It is what it is
  9. I'm just not sure about adding more of these other teams from other conferences. Part of it is the distance, and also the identity, I mean, if we're the southern and eastern conference, then I don't know about adding teams almost on the west coast. Plus, most of these other teams, honestly aren't really very good. OU and Texas are at least competitive, but TCU, Baylor, man I don't know. As others have said, the ACC teams are locked into a contract till 2036, so that's likely not happening. I'd honestly be more interested in teams from group of 5 to move up that are up and coming and still fit the market. UAB and UCF along with a lot of the sunbelt teams are finding themselves ranked in the top 25 pretty frequently these days.
  10. It's hard for me to get behind adding teams like Iowa St and Colorado, and us being the South East conference. Beyond just the identity, there's geographical issues with having teams that play each other on a semi-regular basis that far apart from each other.
  11. Sorry, but there are a lot of UGA fans who are being very blunt and frank about not wanting to play Alabama every year, and probably more than that are the same and just don't want to admit it. It's embarrassing. I mean, if that's your reasoning, please just keep it to yourself.
  12. So supposedly we've got quite a few 5 stars on campus this week; multiple committed to other schools
  13. You know an article is full of crap when they don't post any actual reports to back up their claims. In this case, it's one guy on twitter, who's not shown to be reliable for anything. Let me know when there's anything worth reading to this.
  14. I'm continually embarrassed daily as a UGA fan by all the fans getting upset at the idea of having to have Alabama join the East and having to play them every year. Seriously, man up. Stop being ******* If we're going to be a top team, we're going to have to be able to beat Alabama. Beat the best to be the best. I don't care who they add to our division. We just have to beat them; no excuses.
  15. If this happens, it'll be safe to say that the Big 12 will fold in due time. I can't see how they'll be able to sustain their conference with only the 8 remaining teams. Texas and OU were what had kept them afloat thus far.
  16. I was honestly surprised that he stuck around as long as he did. He was clear that we weren't communicating with him. We'll probably lose at least 2 more of the current commits, some maybe even fairly highly rated ones simply because of number of spots available at their position, and the level of talent we're recruiting there. DL and DB positions look like they'll be really tight. Some current favorites may not end up sticking.
  17. You left out Arch Manning joining in 2023, and Jadyn Davis joining in 2024
  18. Man this was planned. All the news outlets knew this was going to happen, but kept it under wraps. Credit to them
  19. Especially since I truly believe that Gunner was a large part of why Bobo was hired there
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