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  1. Deion Colzie decommited from Notre Dame
  2. Highest ranked kid from GA is easily Tyre West DT Tifton, 7 After that is Travis Hunter CB Suwanee, 10, unfortunately committed to FSU Then Deyon Bouie Bainbridge at 22 Then Stockton, who fell significantly, and is now at 29 Then MJ Morris who moved up to 41 Last in the top 50 is Daniel Martin, Marietta, CB, at 48
  3. Shemar Stewart still #1 @youngbloodz Both UGA and Miami listed as leaders for him, heard anything? I know you're hoping to land him, but as a UGA fan, I know I'm sick and tired of losing the #1 overall pick, #1 SDE to another team
  4. 247's new 2022 rankings are out
  5. Andrew Ellis on Eleven Warriors put in his CBs, and now believes that Henderson also goes to OSU, but that sends Edwards to UGA It seems as though Henderson, at least for now, is still taking some time so we might be able to sway some there, but it does seem likely that OSU gets at least one of the two Perhaps we can sway LJ Johnson?
  6. Clickbait threads made from Clickbait websites
  7. You could make an argument this is advantageous in at least some instances for us. For some of these kids, physical contact with the UGA staff is difficult because of distance. If it's just texts, emails, and phone calls, the playing field becomes even, and no one will outwork Kirby and Co when it comes to recruiting. I'm sure our coaches will set some kind of record for most texts, emails, and phone calls made during this time.
  8. Brain Dohn with a CB for Grimes to UGA
  9. Physical contact No recruits visiting the schools, no Coaches visiting the recruits, or the recruits' schools
  10. All on and off campus recruiting suspended through March 30
  11. If we seriously pull Grimes, Johnson, and Green, I honestly won't care
  12. Sorry man, ain't going that far lol I'd love to see Miami have success again, if anything just to spite Florida lol, but if they played UGA...nah, I'm hoping they lose that game 100 times out of 100
  13. Nah, on the contrary, I sometimes wonder if we're asking you and @ing you too much
  14. You think he should see his ranking go up? Is he 5 star worthy?