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  1. Not angry btw, just want at least one safe space where, at least for the most part, not be consumed by all this
  2. Keep this crap out of the recruiting thread please
  3. In all seriousness, playing Pittman in year one is a great media choice
  4. [insert SEC Shorts link here] We won the lottery
  5. Yeah, uh huh DEANDRE BAKERDB, NEW YORK GIANTS NY Daily News' Pat Leonard reports Giants CB Deandre Baker was charged with four counts of robbery with a firearm. The punishment for robbery with a firearm is a mandatory minimum of 10 years and up to life in state prison. Currently on the Commissioner's Exempt List awaiting a decision, 22-year-old Baker will presumably be released by the Giants in a matter of hours. Oddly enough, prosecutors are actually declining to charge Quinton Dunbar, whose lawyer was accused of paying off witnesses at the crime, due to insufficient evidence. The Giants have yet to comment. SOURCE: Pat Leonard on Twitter Aug 7, 2020, 12:30 PM ET
  6. aaand there's the last sign of the UGA recruiting apocalypse, this year's class is ******
  7. Yall gonna have every player in the state of FL in your class before long
  8. @youngbloodz Yall about to get Leonard Taylor too? ****, yall gonna have a top 5 class the way things are headed assuming everybody sticks Where the **** did this come from? Ain't based on anything on the field and if they could recruit like this, why couldn't they have done this last cycle?
  9. I'm reserving my opinion till the end, but there's very little to get excited about right now, which feels way worse than it should because there's very little to get excited about right now. I'm kinda more desperate for big commits (and more bummed by misses) than I normally would be because I'm so starved for anything positive regarding football.
  10. I was surprised when we took his commitment; not really surprised we've moved on
  11. Rusty put in his CB for Alabama
  12. Most fans are either already assuming we've missed on all good WRs options, or comparing him to Pickens (lol) There is very little in between. I'm unsure myself. I'll just wait out and see and hear form people who know way more than I do
  13. OK, but why tho? NCAA waivers are BS. Either give them to everybody, or actually evaluate each person appropriately. This "every high profile player at a high profile school gets one, but everyone else can go **** themselves" BS needs to stop
  14. CJ Washington committing on the 22nd
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