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  1. Paris Johnson is on campus Someone on 247 saying there's smoke that we flipped him, which I assume to be BS stirring the pot, but anything heard on his visit in general?
  2. Fromm didn't commit after one visit. He took time to think about it first. Although we did offer him late, which was similar to here and different than Emery. My comparison was based on the other team (LSU) being positive the kid was a slam dunk, then with only one visit they commit immediately, and the other fan base all accuse us of cheating since it as so fast.
  3. Also keep in mind that you're referring to actual game film, while they're referring to passing on a practice field. There's a lot of outside factors to consider with the former, while the latter is wholly in a vacuum.
  5. There's a few shots of realism in there, but many are convincing themselves that the QB they recently lost is better anyway. There are at least some intelligent responses in there, stating the hard facts that, well, clearly Mullen didn't think the other kid was better than Beck, and that if they don't start recruiting better soon, then they're basically just going to be our punching bag for years to come.
  6. G8RBob (641) 209 months 2 hours ago Reply Quote This has nothing to do with our recruiters, or their recruiters. This has nothing to do with our program and future versus their program and future. This has everything to do with promises made. Our promise was an opportunity to earn playing time. That obviously was not a match for Georgia's offers. Anybody who thinks Georgia is able to recruit as they are doing while playing within the rules, is a **** fool. Remind you of Ole Miss a few years ago? It should
  7. Northern Gator (18613) 80 months 3 hours ago Reply Quote I seriously don't know why kids think Georgia is such a cool university. Nothing about them is original. They ripped off their lego from the Green Bay Packers. They ripped off their fight song from the "Battle Hymn of the Republic," which is hilarious because of the whole being a Confederate state that the Union all but destroyed near the end of the Civil War; not to mention that the lyrics for that song are so simplistic that they literally just say "Glory, Glory to ole Georgia" 3 times before spelling out the name of the state off-beat and repeat it over and over until you get sick of hearing it. They're one of 57389 universities that have a bulldog for a mascot. Black and red is such an eyesore of a combo as well. There is nothing at all that I can see that is appealing about being a Georgia Bulldog. Not a **** thing... This post was edited by Northern Gator 3 hours ago
  8. So weird seeing a kid commit to UGA that never received a CB from any of the UGA insiders. Wiltfong scooped them all lol
  9. This feels like Emery last year, with the other school considered the clear cut favorite, and then the kid commits after one visit, and the other school is completely convinced we cheated. It's the only way. Hopefully this doesn't end the same way for us of course.
  10. The one year supposedly gives him enough years to retire. The speculation now is that we've agreed to give him one more year with the agreement that he step down after it's over. Before the news of the extension came down, there was word of an emergency meeting of the board to discuss a "personal matter" and the thought here is that this one year deal gives word to all potential candidates that the job is now open.
  11. Oh I completely understand the Auburn side of things. My question is:Why exactly do we give a ****? **** Auburn
  12. OK so, A: Is this for real? B:Why?
  13. That certainly would explain the Clemson CBs
  14. Bresee got a CB to Clemson recently from some Clemson insiders and most notably Steve Wiltfong. Hoping this visit can pull him back our way. They seem to be our biggest competition for Myles Murphy too.
  15. Looks like Nick Cross is headed to Maryland