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  1. You left out Arch Manning joining in 2023, and Jadyn Davis joining in 2024
  2. Man this was planned. All the news outlets knew this was going to happen, but kept it under wraps. Credit to them
  3. Especially since I truly believe that Gunner was a large part of why Bobo was hired there
  4. Yeah, apparently SC was just the right combo of Shaw, Bobo, and distance to override UGA, but Bobo alone wasn't enough, who knew?
  5. hope so Great day for UGA football regardless
  6. Well yeah, that's what excites me and worries me at the same time. We had that same deal with the 2018 class, and when the recruiter left, half the class left with. Here's hoping that doesn't happen this time
  7. **** Really didn't expect that; had totally given up on Stockton to UGA Let the every 21 recruit in GA to UGA parade begin lol Just hope that we can manage the situation better this time, and both, whoever the best QB is, plays, and, if that's not Stockton, he's willing to wait around till Vandagriff leaves
  8. Yeah I don't get it with Washington. He has gotten a lot of playing time this year and is only going to get better. If we were talking about TEs transferring, I'd be more thinking about whether the older players might consider transferring. I'm not sure how much playing time Fitzpatrick, Goede, and Seither might get with those 3 on the team.
  9. Don't blame this on Dawg fans. Most of us think he's an idiot and is getting exactly what he deserves by being prosecuted. Please don't lump some idiot poster as one of us. We have enough idiots in our fanbase already. I'm pretty **** sure OP isn't a Dawg fan anyway. Honestly, I don't even think he's a football fan really.
  10. Part of me is really hoping we've been keeping some tricks up our sleeves in the first few weeks, for this very game. There's been a lot of vanilla play early on, and I like to believe this was intentional to give Alabama as little as possible. Part of that is obviously blind hope on my part, but not entirely unfounded. We're definitely the best defense they'll face all season, so this really comes down to how many more wins their better offense can get over our defense, vs our offense over their vulnerable defense. Here's hoping it can be just enough. We only need one more point than the
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