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  1. I've long since suspected that Hill was a silent. Someone else suggested some time back, that Salyer's commitment hinged on Thomas. Thomas has been with the team for only about a month. If Thomas reported back good things, then Salyer'd be a Dawg. Until then, he's just taking his time, and enjoying the recruiting process.
  2. Someone on another site pointed out that Nolan Smith's twitter page no longer lists him as a UGA commit.
  3. Tweeted by Crouch, and retweeted by Zeus: Crouch wearing UGA bands too despite that shirt
  4. Post from 247 from another site from a Coach at Fredrica Academy about Fields: "He's the piece that UGA is missing. He's going to pull major prospects there. I know of 3 or 4 right now. If I had a crystal ball it would be to UGA after the intel I got yesterday. I would put one in for Tyreke Johnson as well."
  5. Haselwood is also their #1 WR at #13, a 4*. Incidentally, they're a bit lower on Noah Cain than 247, premiering him as a 4* at #27. Their #1 RB? 5* Quavaris Crouch at #5, another RB from NC, who is supposed to be high on us, and who also is said to be close to Zeus.
  6. Scout released their initial top 125 rankings for 2019 today. Nolan Smith premiered at #1
  7. Note: According to someone who was in the room at the time, when Condon committed, someone else in the room asked the Coaches seriously if they were worried about the 2018 class. Reportedly, they all just looked at each other and then burst out laughing.
  8. In other news, we got another two CBs for Tyreke Johnson today, one from Kipp, and one from Josh Newburg, an FSU insider. Jake had already put his in; really just waiting on Rusty now. Also, a whole bunch of people are changing their CBs on Harold Joiner to Foggy. The reason? LSU picked up a 3rd RB commit the other day. Edit: Reportedly, Joiner has now completely eliminated LSU from contention for his commitment.
  9. Jeff Sentel got a quick interview after the announcement (bit disjointed; just tidbits compiled from forum posts): Zamir is done. No more visits. His recruiting is over. Doesn't care what number he will wear at Georgia. "I will wear zero or No. 99 if that's what they want." The second place team was Alabama. Not North Carolina. Zamir said that he liked the Crimson Tide at about "75 percent" of how he felt about UGA. He also agreed that if the two teams were running a 40, then he felt like UGA had a 7-yard lead on Tide. His mother didn't really know until last night. She knew last night. White said he told Georgia coach Kirby Smart about a month ago. He was done then. What did he say when he committed? He said "DawgNation" and that was about it. Why did he do that? He wasn't sure why. He just felt it. What were the biggest factors? White said that it was "playing time" and the "coaches" and the RB tradition at UGA. He is still on track to enroll early. Still plans to plan in the U.S. Army All-American Game. White said that's the only gift that he is going to get his mother for her birthday. He was dressed sharp and was in a bit of uneasiness about being separated from his cell phone. No. More. Visits. His recruiting is shut down. Done. He sounded relieved to say that. North Carolina made a big push late. But it wasn't enough to swing things past the Crimson Tide for his runner-up school. This is a Tar Heel state, but I can't tell you the number of people who came up to him and were glad that he chose UGA. Why? The feeling was there this was a decision about football. The loved ones in his community care a lot about this young man. The hometown folks represented here today just felt better about seeing him go to the SEC school with the tradition that UGA has that really emphasizes running the football. This decision came last month. "Georgia is a great school to me," White said. "The tradition there and the mindset of that school with its backs is that they are just looking for great players." "This is a big weight off my shoulders," White said. "This is a lot of stuff on my shoulders but it is a big blessing." Why Georgia trumped Alabama? "Georgia is just Georgia to me," White said. "I've known about them and loved them since my freshman year." Georgia has basically been leading for me ever since then." "Playing time was just huge for me," he said. "I should be able to play early there." What do Georgia fans need to know about this decision? What will he bring to the program?" "It is on," White said. "It is on and popping." When did he know? He said it was about a month ago on another UGA trip. He looked around. Saw everything that he liked. Then he saw all those big offensive linemen. He didn't see guys like that at UNC. "I looked around and saw all those big guys," White said. "I just knew I had to come here." He likes the double-barrelled approach to Georgia's RB-by-committee workload. The Bulldogs like to rotate in at least three fresh backs during games. "I feel great about sharing," White said. "Sharing is caring for a back. I can't do it all. I'm a tailback so my body has got to heal." His high school coach, RIchard Bailey, is on a long-planned family vacation in Hawaii. He didn't even know about this choice. What did Kirby Smart do when White told him he was coming to Georgia? White said that Smart jumped up and down. "He was real hype," White said. "For sure." Did everyone notice the reddish carnation he wore? He paired it with his mostly black suit. When they saw that, a few school officials told me they knew he was going to Georgia.
  10. We may have found our secondary reasoning for the Wildgoose recruitment; seems they're pretty good friends.
  12. To be fair, at least for now, Rusty, Kipp, and Jake's CBs remain for UGA though. Like I said, a lot of time left, and as another poster noted, beating the snot out of Notre Dame could go a long way here.
  13. He's TE/ST right? We didn't take any TEs in 17, and Nauta enrolled 5 days after he was named to that position, so he ain't gettin credit for him. Bringing in a specialist every couple of years isn't enough. Plenty could do that for us. He has to be able to recruit TEs as well. As far as being "stacked" goes, we have 3 TEs at most, who could be here in 2018 (1 current Jr, 2 So, 0 Fr), with none currently committed. Notre Dame has 2 current Jrs, and 2 Fr (all 4 are 4*), with one (another that we pursued and lost to Notre Dame ironically) already committed. I guess you could argue that we have the advantage in star power b/c of Nauta, but we're certainly not deeper than them. Oh, and he called UGA his "dream offer" both before and after getting it, so I don't think that he's against going to his father's school., though admittedly that could've always been lip service, so who knows.