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  1. Don't blame this on Dawg fans. Most of us think he's an idiot and is getting exactly what he deserves by being prosecuted. Please don't lump some idiot poster as one of us. We have enough idiots in our fanbase already. I'm pretty **** sure OP isn't a Dawg fan anyway. Honestly, I don't even think he's a football fan really.
  2. Part of me is really hoping we've been keeping some tricks up our sleeves in the first few weeks, for this very game. There's been a lot of vanilla play early on, and I like to believe this was intentional to give Alabama as little as possible. Part of that is obviously blind hope on my part, but not entirely unfounded. We're definitely the best defense they'll face all season, so this really comes down to how many more wins their better offense can get over our defense, vs our offense over their vulnerable defense. Here's hoping it can be just enough. We only need one more point than the
  3. You know who it is, because they only post when things go wrong Once we take the lead, or there's no big mistakes to point out, crickets...
  4. We left 2 TDs on the field, and Tennessee's 3 TDs all came from UGA mistakes: 1 from a gimme high snap, and 2 from blown coverages We have things to work on, but this easily could've been 58-0. Some of yall need to learn not to overreact lol
  5. Depends on how Mims is looking at it He could see starting there day one, and prefer that
  6. Rusty with the pick for Malaki Starks to UGA 5 confidence
  7. Don't try to overthink it. There's probably a lot of nuance to why he made his decision. I'm sure both sides that want to claim it was one thing or another, are both right and wrong to some degree. On the one hand, there's a lot going on this season with the pandemic and other things. On the other hand, if, at any time, during this season JT, or anyone else, was made the starter over him, it would've been detrimental to his draft stock. I can see many possibilities, but ultimately none really matter. We're not in the kid's head, and it was his decision; moving on.
  8. Salyer wasn't an issue in that game, certainly not compared to the rest of the line outside of LG, but he's too slow. I worry he'll get beaten by speed rushers during the season. Hill was solid wherever he played, but his snapping issues remain. Ericson isn't as good as Hill, which makes me want to see what Webb or Van Pran can do, but he was way better at running the center position than Hill. Cleveland was trying so little. I feel like I want someone who cares in that spot. Condon was the worst OL on the field in the first half, probably why they benched him for McClendon. The
  9. So I'll have to wait for a chance to see the entire game to break it down further, and there's some things like the playcalling that I really can't analyze until, but just from watching what I can get my hands on right now, a few things I noticed. Mathis had issue obviously, but to be fair, Bennett had more help. Bennett didn't really start doing much of anything till the OL stabilized, and that was one of our biggest issues. It looks as though they were rotating the OL most of the game. The only real constants were Shaffer at LG, and Salyer at LT, though Truss did come in at LT late
  10. D'WAN MATHISQB, GEORGIA BULLDOGS Georgia HC Kirby Smart said the team is not committing to any QB as the full-time starter just yet. Redshirt freshman D'Wan Mathis got the start for the Bulldogs this Saturday, but he didn't finish out the game. Mathis stumbled to eight completions on 17 attempts for just 55 yards and an interception before being replaced by Stetson Bennett. Considering Mathis was in the clear lead between the two during camp, it's hard to imagine this game was a whole lot more than young jitters out of Mathis. Still, it was a worrisome performance
  11. So can anyone who was able to really watch the game (saw bits and on small screen) give me an overview of where the issues were on offense? Leave Mathis, that I get, but were there issues with the skill players, the OL, the playcalling?
  12. The 5 star who isn't medically cleared to play? Also, don't give a **** about stars once they're on the team. Whoever plays best
  13. **** those cuts by Zeus are a thing of beauty
  14. Getting the ball in your opponents redzone will do that
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