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  1. but for who? I don't speak Americus code
  2. Umm, translation?
  3. Yeah, I'm just not sure about us giving up on Flowe because we liked Sewell so much, and no longer recruiting him if/when Sewell commits
  4. I could swear that I saw where we would take both but who knows
  5. I thought I saw from the Clemson insider that we were more focused on Sewell right now, but were still recruiting Flowe and would recruit harder once Sewell was locked up?
  6. There have also been numerous as of late CBs for Flowe to Clemson, including the latest one from Rusty Makes me wonder if a commit may be imminent. So far the only OV I see scheduled for him is the one to Clemson in November, but he has said he plans on taking others, though obviously that would change if he commits there. I would really hate to lose Flowe, especially to them, since, I'd find it very hard to see how we could take the #1 class if they got another commit that highly rated.
  7. The one from the OSU guy was for us, but the one later from the Baylor guy was for LSU, the first and so far only for them. He claims he posted it because an inside source told him Evans was headed that way, but admitted the kid is unpredictable.
  8. In similar news, one of their highest rated commits, Leonard Manuel, has supposedly dropped out of school. Supposedly, he just walked off the field during one of their games, and hasn't been seen on campus since.
  9. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, this is kinda late, and whose spot would they take? We'll see, but I see this as like that thing with the Alabama OL, who I NEVER thought would get a commitable offer from us. This is more keeping our options open just to make sure we don't get left at the alter. I can't see either of these guys being at the top of our board for their positions.
  10. I see us as waiting for Evan to get the stuff with his team straight, and then we take his commitment. I honestly think he'd already have committed otherwise.
  11. The report has been that if Stanford offers, he's theirs. Wiltfong actually put in a CB for him to Stanford despite them having not even offered. Hopefully we can make enough of a connection with, and possibly his parents being the key factor here, that even if he gets that offer, this'll feel like home to him.
  12. **** Tennessee, I mean, really? ****
  13. Sounds less like Evans has an "attitude problem" and more like he's hot blooded The latter can be fine; just need to focus it in the right direction, give an outlet
  14. So happy for Zeus