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  1. Campbell was not called for PI on that play (don't think he had one at all). Vandy was called for illegal player down field because the receiver covered up someone. Campbell's play on the ball was actually spot on.
  2. Just read this thread and I am amazed at how crazy some folks are. The game was never in doubt. Sure, I would have loved a better showing but we covered a 21pt spread, no injuries, got a lot of young guys some experience and gave the coaches a lot of moments to teach. Clemson did not look great, #21 Iowa St.needed overtime to beat an fcs school and well, TN lost to GA State. Get some perspective.
  3. I am probably reading too much into it, but seems odd for him to commit right after Mullen’s dig at us. I wonder if Kirby orchestrated this a little? With him coming off the UF visit and us taking their DB coach, this would be the ultimate slap in the face.
  4. Is this a coaching rumors thread or a few guy arguing about coaches being more valuable than players, blah blah blah? I come over here to get away from the DawgNation but I guess people just cannot stay on topic.
  5. Is Reese hurt? Need to get lecount out of the game.
  6. That is my thought. You can’t waste a valuable spot for someone that sounds more focused on baseball. I think if he was all in on football, he would have a spot.
  7. And we let him get outside to the right. Why were we not making him go left?
  8. This. If coaching is part of the decision making for the cfb playoffs, this call lone should keep us out and I would not argue.
  9. There is no way this happens. Any school that considered him might as well build a new office for the NCAA investigators to do their work. If ADMG hires this guy it says to everyone, we do not care about anything except winning. As an alumni, I would be embarrassed.