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  1. Won't bother the Saints. They're used to the smell.
  2. We establish dominance in the next couple seasons we call him Arth Maul
  3. Pretty much the norm for a coordinator in the NFL anyway.
  4. He looks like someone who would be hiding body parts in his deep freezer.
  5. When Turner (as a backup for the Chargers) ran that long TD against Indianapolis I said to myself that I'd love to have him in ATL...And Dimitroff made it happen. I knew we had our beast at RB then!!
  6. Or maybe Fontenot was just feeding them some "BPA" bull**** just to shut them up. Just sit tight and be patient.
  7. Fontenot said he got his family in Falcon gear. So if they were in Saints gear the whole time he was there I'm guessing they're celebrating cause they finally got some clean clothes.
  8. I may sound crazy but I wanna see what Kurt Benkert has and if he can improve his accuracy I think he'd be a great starter. Plus he's very mobile! Reminds me of Justin Herbert.
  9. Yeah we've choked away some playoff games ourselves (including our 2nd SB) but those yahoos have just set the humorous record of being the first team to win 4 straight divisional titles with 49 wins in 4 consecutive years and not a SB appearance to show for it. Be the Debbie Downer if you want (I don't care) but I enjoy it every time they fall flat on their *****!!
  10. FIIIIVE years of miseryyyy!! FOUR playoff chokes THREE at home TWO to the Vikes And a legacy of failure in post-season!!
  11. FOUR playoff chokes in a row πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. I will NEVER root for the Saints to win ANYTHING!! GO BUCS! Next week...GO PACKERS!!
  13. Lol it's missed tackles and sloppy play like that, that will doom you. If it was against us Brady just goes for the 1st down on that 3rd down play.
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