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  1. Even after fumbling their playoffs away Jared Cook said **** em 🤣🤣 https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/06/18/jared-cook-we-probably-got-better-talent-here-than-we-had-in-new-orleans/amp/
  2. I had a very brutal joke for this but imma be a good guy today 🤣🤣
  3. Well you're close. The whole state IS the shape of a toilet.
  4. Desean Jackson back there lookin' like "**** wrong wit this fool." 🤣🤣
  5. The last time a Falcon set up a meeting with a hooker it didn't turn out too well.
  6. I know one in Miami that was probably about to get half a years worth of salary in 1 night.
  7. He squats the Falcons gym facility.
  8. Offense I'd say Peerless Price, Bubba Bean, Sam Baker and Joey Harrington Defense- Jamaal Anderson 98, Peria Jerry, Vic Beasley and Jimmy Williams
  9. I don't believe we had a first on the table for Julio. If that's what they wanted they woulda took the one NE supposedly offered and be done already. It will probably be the only one offered. I DO believe the reason why he's still here is because he had Arthur Blank behind him. Dan Quinn and crew wore that "Falcon for life" jazz on their sleeves while AS and crew is basically saying it's their way or the highway. Ain't no more freebies with star players whether the FO like it or not.
  10. Ironic his last name is "Led-better" which he shoulda been while training for his job.
  11. Right. There are a couple of people on this forum like this. I read what they post and I'm like "What team do you root for again?" I mean there's a such thing as true criticism but there's also a such thing as being just an all out negative Nancy.
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