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  1. Holy **** a Beasley sighting!!
  2. Hit Julio in stride that's 6 more pts.
  3. Teddy Bridgewater = water under a bridge
  4. Lol say goodnight AINTS
  5. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/rob-gronkowski-will-return-patriots-week-14-according-rob-gronkowski
  6. I hope they do lose but I'm not nowhere near lying when I say that it's always Saints lose the 1st half...Saints come out the 2nd half after making adjustments and score to close the gap. Then the interception to get everyone riled up... lastly their opponent all of a sudden can't score anymore. I hope the lights in that raggedy place go out again.
  7. Why I don't get excited when the rats are losing until the clock reaches zero. Y'all know it's the same comeback story every time. I swear it's like their games are scripted.
  8. Lol DeAndre was like "Well, he's a Saint. WTF you want me to do?"
  9. Quinn's "Fast and physical" went out with the Seahawks L.O.B. in my opinion. We need some beef on this defense.
  10. I just wanna know what the Raiders fans who's already bought his jersey are doing right now
  11. Louisiana Supreme Court basically told Aints fans to sit the **** down n shut up https://sports.yahoo.com/louisiana-supreme-court-dismisses-saints-fans-nola-no-call-lawsuit-against-nfl-000508310.html
  12. I don't have an account on reddit. You don't have to sign up. Just google Reddit NFL streams and go from there.
  13. Diggs back at practice today
  14. Yes. I can. There's also a site you can stream it from as well but it is "touch sensitive" ( you touch the screen during the game an ad will pop up) which is absolutely annoying. That's what made me try Reddit. I'll never go back to that site again.
  15. I always stream on Reddit