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  1. Would definitely put that **** to bed.
  2. Read the post again
  3. Yes it does but read the post again
  4. Read title again
  5. Heck I still think SB 51 was scripted lol
  6. "With an undefeated season and a SB win in Atlanta, I could snap my fingers, and any other NFL team fan would cease to exist."
  7. Yeah it would be ridiculous. I'm glad not Eagles fan ridiculous
  8. Bro...I drove down to ATL during Freaknik AND when the Braves won the World Series...trust me, I know lol
  9. would you rather win the SB in the Benz or go undefeated? (If the SB wasn't in ATL)....and yes I just want to win ONE!!
  10. I'm glad my family stuck with me on this because THEY KNOW what kind of person I am. My mother especially. She couldn't stand that girl after the smoke cleared and she made it well known to her face. The ONLY way I would put my hands on a woman is in self defense and even then I'd probably still walk away before I raise a hand. I left an ex a couple years ago because she was too violent and wanted to fist fight every time we argued. It's really not worth it.
  11. Yeah seriously. How was he supposed to know that she would make some **** like this up? In most cases like this guys don't know what she's capable of until it's too late. Happened to me once trust me....and for me to have to sit there and listen to her tell the police a ******** made-up story made me sick to my stomach. Judge didn't believe her story and I represented myself in court to the fullest and got off on a mutual restraining order. Only thing to be smart about is staying far away from their ***** afterwards.
  12. **** bruh...this just got me more amped than a Rocky 4 training montage
  13. Lol Hall was playing the victim afterwards crying saying Mike Smith told him he'd kick his ***
  14. I agree. For as much as I have been watching NFL football, for some reason I have NEVER liked the AFC conference. Their games seem rather boring to me. I've always rooted for the NFC team in the SB unless it's a team in our division.