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  1. Love those vids...the reactions to that last second TD are epic on all levels
  2. Went to the Cowboys game last season and sat in the 300 section...had endzone seats. Wasn't bad at all but I caught myself looking more up at the halo screen for the action than the actual field. From where we sat part of the screen was positioned just perfect like a huge big screen TV.
  3. Really man? Smmfh
  4. Lol against the Eagles in the playoffs...after that missed block MR2 game him the biggest eat **** look ever. https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/28/falcons-rb-devonta-freeman-must-improve-pass-blocking-in-crunch-time/
  5. Ughhh...I hate that about the NFL....and we breed head coaches here smh
  6. I think Bucs and Panthers would agree with this also. Saints weren't s**t during the Brooks era and they come out of the woodwork when they haven't been relevant since that tainted SB win. Everything was quiet during those 7-9 seasons but get ready my fellow bird watchers. After finally having a winning season last year they're about to get cocky again. I only put the Panthers as my #2 hated team because of Cam Newton.
  7. We WERE unstoppable. Lots of us say the only thing that could stop the Falcons were the Falcons and that's EXACTLY what happened in that 2nd half.
  8. I've been saying this forever...the obsession is real. They have news on the Falcons posted on their boards before we even get it posted on here. Go to their boards and read the thread on the playoff game against Minnesota. The comedy/drama starts on page 166.
  9. He did...last season. Can you guess when?
  10. Lol Byron Leftwich throwing all those incompletes had the crowd yelling "JOEY!!....JOEY!!....JOEY!!... those days man were the worst.
  11. So nobody but the commentators saw the helmet hit on Tyler Bray that never got flagged that woulda gave the Bears yardage and a 1st down? This rule is seriously gonna dictate games I don't care what anyone says.
  12. Misread... thought it said Saubert. Good looking out...
  13. For some reason I just don't like the word "drop" and a receiver's name in the same comment. That's just me lol