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  1. The ultimate salt on the wound ( if you have a FB account) https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=598743077205040&id=100012080595801
  2. Imma try signing up as "LynchDavisDiggsRefs" and see if I get in.
  3. Not a meme but this is freaking hilarious!!
  4. https://saintsreport.com/threads/falcons-fan.402643/
  5. GOLD!!
  6. I need the video of The Falcons/Saints game where Colston got the ball knocked out of his hands in OT. He took his helmet off and slammed it on the turf he was so pissed
  7. One fan has already been on their boards with the sympathy. I'm sorry I can't do it. They deserve what they got yesterday. Everyone saying they got robbed I say OK but they also had chances to win it after that so what happened then? For the ones feeling sorry for them just remember them making shirts, hats and banners of the 28-3 crap, Sean Payton's choke gesture and coming to these boards talking mad **** about playing in our stadium. I will always say **** the Stains and the plane THEY THOUGHT they were gonna fly in here on!!
  8. You know what would REALLY suck ( for the Stains)? If the mayor (who admittedly dislikes the Saints) threw Sean McVay and the Rams a huge thank you and welcome to Atlanta party when they get here.
  9. As George Clinton said in the movie House Party.." Yeah I did it. I might cry 2 tears in a bucket, **** it."
  10. Ugh...if I woulda known that we were part of that history I wouldn't have even made the thread smh
  11. I want the Rams to win it all. Heck I'll probably even drive down to L.A. and celebrate with the fans if they do win it lol. When we went to the game against them in 2016 their fans were ultra cool. Let us tailgate with their crew. They talked a little bit of smack but it was all in good fun.
  12. Loved him in "Warrior"..."Koba!! Koba!! Koba!!"