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  1. Rise up till we die!! We Aints killas!!
  2. Saints are now on the short end of 3 of the greatest plays in NFL playoff history. Beastquake, The Catch II and The Minneapolis Miracle
  3. This...the only way we're erasing that stain was if another team makes a bigger comeback or we have a rematch and beat the Patriots 28-3
  4. You **** right...OC of the year till he completely embarrassed this team on the biggest stage of the NFL.
  5. Man they better not EVER again come to me with that 28-3 crap. I'm going for the jugular LMAO 28-3< 10 seconds
  6. Is it me or does it seem like he gets in desperation mode and gets too cute with the playcalling when our opponents get a lead on us? Even if it's only by a field goal and the game is in the 1st quarter. I've seen sometimes where a team would get a TD or fg on us then all of a sudden we're forcing downfield throws and deep balls.
  7. Catch looked too good to be true..I knew it...i knew it...I KNEW IT
  8. My God did we really need a negative play right now
  9. He's been good this season. He just ain't good against #11
  10. Lol let em play all fired up and wear themselves out.
  11. Like said earlier, give us a 1st and a 3rd and I'll be giving Kubiak a call.
  12. You tell em
  13. This...and I'm not even a Bulldog fan. I DID watch the game last night tho and cheered them on. That's why it didn't even bother me when they lost. When Alabama put 10 points on the board that's when I said "uh oh". That's how much doubt I have in these teams winning it all during championship games no matter HOW much of a lead we have. The SB taught me a serious lesson on not believing ANYTHING till the clock reaches 0. The Falcons might make it to the ship again. They might not, but best believe if they lose I will be more happy than anything else to get as far as we did this season because no one else believed we'd make it after what happened in February. My heart is not truly invested this season after that catastrophe. That could change when we win the big one. A person can only endure so many heartaches.
  14. I've had my doubts but never gave up on him. The screen to Sanu on 3rd and 12 got me thinking that he is figuring this thing out.