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  1. How do you think scouting/recruiting, and drafting occurs for collegiate and pro for 2021?
  2. That part. Besides Devonta Freeman showing his dislike for em I've never seen any one of our beloved Falcons players express the hate for the Aints like Roddy....and he kept it real about Shanahan's antics also.
  3. His former agent is rapper Luke's wife...maybe her and Freeman had an "entanglement".
  4. I think Shanahan drew up this play just for this type of situation (the distance from the goal line) knowing the Seahawks would be in cover 3. Spread the defense out and leak the RB into the corner of the endzone. I don't think they were expecting a 14-yard pass/catch to a RB that close to the goaline as they were onto our receivers.
  5. And I am so glad he did too so the whole world could see that 28-3 wasn't Matt Ryan's fault.
  6. Byron Leftwich came in throwing **** passes. The crowd booing and chanting "JOEY!! JOEY!! JOEY!!" Ah the memories...
  7. I hope not. Keep ****ting the bed during clutch time. That freaking idiot SMH.
  8. With the Falcons I dominated with Vick. I put moves on people online that made them rage quit. He got hurt and fumbled easily if he got hit hard though (of course).
  9. I have Sprint and my service has been good. I'm constantly keeping up with the merger. I read this last week so I kinda knew something was gonna happen. https://www.phonearena.com/news/t-mobile-enhanced-coverage-one-million-sprint-customers-june-15_id125284
  10. Just do his job and limit mistakes. That's all anyone could ask out of him. Brady and Brees is surely gonna try him.
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