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  1. https://youtu.be/rw-jNtV0njY @ 3:48 lol which one? Blasted
  2. Great game!! The other day I watched the Monday night football game with us and the Eagles (2005) on YouTube after they beat us in the playoffs the year before. You can tell the fans and the players were so hyped for revenge in that game. Sent em home with a hurtin!!
  3. Had to do a doubletake. Thought it said Eugene Robinson
  4. The Saints been killing us over Payton's coaching tenure there but I think by how we played them last year we've found our footing on how to play (and beat) them now. I also think Raheem Morris is gonna be a good DC next season, coming up with some great defensive gameplanning.
  5. Savage... colder than Robin Givens in the early 90s
  6. I COMPLETELY agree with this. To me it's like DQ keeps "experimenting" with this team to get something to stick. Fail after fail after fail. We don't have the time with Matt and Julio getting older.
  7. I never said that. The question I was trying to make is that say if we would have went 8-8 or maybe 9-7 and they weren't so much on the hot seat, do you think they would have still gotten Fowler and Gurley (trying to give Blank assurance) or looked elsewhere just to put a band aid on those positions in need?
  8. Or have they finally figured out that we have to get some proven vet help in here to win games?
  9. I bet you were
  10. Those 3 recovered onside kicks had me thinking I was living in another universe at that moment. Unheard of.
  11. Every time we did on you guys it worked
  12. Same here....and if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it
  13. Push comes to shove I'll just have to shower afterwards
  14. That's the ATL way. We forever screw up the biggest opportunities no matter what they are. The Marta bus stopping in front of Fulton County Stadium during its demolition made the list of the best news bloopers of the decade.