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  1. Lol there were so many innuendos in the original post alone but imma keep it pg in here πŸ˜‚
  2. Probably a real short one while Rich McKay somewhere playing cowboy.
  3. Where's that **** Clint Eastwood "**** No" Gif when you need it...😠
  4. Offense: Steven Jackson. I thought he was gonna be about the biz when we got him in FA....and I can't forget about Joe Horn either SMH. Defense it's gotta be Ludacris twin brother.
  5. Just imagine Patrick Kerney, Rod Coleman, Grady Jarrett and John Abraham on a line together...
  6. He got loose on another play and was gone but he fumbled lol. How you do that by yourself? πŸ˜‚
  7. @ 56:10...look at Mora's face at 56:45. You already knew what he was thinking without him saying a word.πŸ˜‚
  8. I can watch that and both Seahawks divisional games. Especially the 2012 divisional. That was one of the best games we ever played against a great defense. I still remember Jaquizz trucking Bobby Wagner.
  9. If it was I didn't catch it. They did however play the Rams during the season that year also. May have been that game.
  10. While on the treadmill I needed something to watch so I Youtube'd the 2004 divisional game with the Falcons and Rams. The running game with Dunn,Vick and Duckett was phenomenal. Dunn ran all over the Rams D because he had holes all day and our D-line play was awesome. Especially Rod Coleman. They shut Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson DOWN. I want that type of identity again.
  11. I think in order for a Lombardi to come to Atlanta the head coach will have to seriously understand all the misery this franchise has went through.
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