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  1. That late hit woulda been a flag on Brian Poole
  2. 65? Jesus..hope HE has a strong heart
  3. Wouldn't that make the Falcons "Jobees"?
  4. See 4th quarter of SB 51
  5. Man y'all crazy as ****...I love this team but I'm also a realist. We gone get our ***** kicked
  6. *See Drew Brees years with Chargers*
  7. Yep...I agree. I was talking about him tanking the season on purpose tho
  8. TBH I don't even think Debo will be able to save this defense when he comes back. Scrap this thread because Dan Quinn is NOT gonna tank the season. That would say a lot about him as a head coach. We can be 4-11 and 1 game left and he'll still think the season can be saved. Smh
  9. I was born in L.A. but raised in GA. so my 2nd favorite team is the Rams. If the Falcons don't win it all I always hope they do. Sorry folks but this season is done. As long as we have this Swiss cheese defense and we continue to let our offense get shut down in crucial moments we are looking at a top 3 draft pick next season.
  10. And even then our defense will let them score 57 and we'll still lose.
  11. When we have a fire offense we lose games because we have no defense. When we have a fire defense we lose games because we have no offense. When we finally get everything together and go on a run, we screw it up in the SB.
  12. And they wonder why the seats are always empty...
  13. Watch your mouth...I speak it
  14. I'm with you on this. Yes our defense is str8 garbage but Brees or Brady woulda put that ball right on the money. Hooper was open for the catch in the endzone.
  15. So that wasn't roughing the passer? Smh