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  1. He was a catcher and a September call up who appeared in 10 games.
  2. The only other time in franchise history that uniform #74 was issued was to Blake Lalli during his very brief stint with the Braves in 2016.
  3. The black smoke means no permanent successor to Drew Brees has been confirmed yet.
  4. Great comedian. Loved him as Rusty Heck on THE MIDDLE.
  5. Masks are so yesterday. Suffragist gowns are all the new craze now.
  6. I hope they resisted the temptation to reenact a scene from SCARFACE and just simply put it back where they found and forgot they ever saw it.
  7. I hope she has her modeling career to fall back on because it doesn't look like her husband is going to be employed long-term in the NFL.
  8. Schaub will be talked into coming back.
  9. For all the workers like myself who did not get to work from home during the pandemic. In fact, I'm working more hours during the pandemic. ☹️
  10. The problem seems to be that people have decided to take medical advice from the media and politicians instead of from their own physician. Before taking the vaccine I consulted with my physician and he answered all of my questions and alleviated all of my concerns about the vaccine. He encouraged me to take it, so I took it.
  11. Pederson to the Braves Rizzo to the Yankees Bryant to the Giants Baez to the Mets Kimbrel to the White Sox
  12. It's just a salary dump by Cleveland and Sandoval will likely be DFA'd immediately.
  13. Duvall is currently 5th in the NL in RBIs with 68. And he has a $7 million mutual option for 2022 with a $3 million buy out.
  14. The Washington Filibusters. Must have 60 points to win a game.
  15. It seems like a missed opportunity to me. Since Cleveland is home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame they should have taken advantage of that and called them the Cleveland Rockers, with an electric guitar as the logo.
  16. Since June 1st, Panda is 1 for 22 in pinch hits at bats. Fried is 1 for 1.
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