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  1. Low ratings. NBC put it on Monday nights opposite Monday Night Football (ABC), Ally McBeal (Fox), and Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS).
  2. Marion Ramsey - American actress best known for her role as the soft-spoken Officer Laverne Hooks in the series of POLICE ACADEMY films.
  3. Deezer D - American actor and hip hop musician who was best known for his role as Nurse Malik McGrath on the TV series ER from 1994-2009.
  4. Ben Carson poses in solidarity with the rest of the Trump cabinet.
  5. I'm not mad at the Squad. I blame Trump for instigating the mob and the mob for rioting.
  6. The real bad guys were the rioters. But we all know the Squad has an agenda to push.
  7. Or the fact that we are not discussing mass casulties and the building wasn't burned to the ground. Small stuff like that. Oh yeah, and they were able to secure the building so Congress can get back to work the same day to certify the Biden victory.
  8. That's the same thing we said last year when disgraced former APD chief Erika Shields joined in solidarity with the BLM anarchists. It wasn't a failure by police, it was a failure in police leadership.
  9. Watching AOC and her "Squad" justify their defund the police agenda now should be fun to watch.
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