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  1. Going to start a 9 game winning streak. The Matt Schaub era has begun.
  2. Eric Cooper - MLB umpire
  3. Bill Macy - American actor best known for his role as Walter Findlay on MAUDE.
  4. The Green Party is grooming Jessie Ventura for a third-party run. Getting Trump, Sanders, and Ventura on the same debate stage would be epic.
  5. When two monkeys are throwing feces at each other nobody bothers to cast blame.
  6. A few years before the dustup between Trump and Cummings, socialist Bernie Sanders had this to say about Baltimore's inner city: "Anyone who took the walk we took around this [Baltimore] neighborhood [with] hundreds of buildings that are uninhabitable ... would think you were in a Third World country."
  7. $12 million dollars seems too much to pay Teheran just to be an innings-eater. They could probably sign Tanner Roark or for a little more than half that to do the same thing.
  8. Here's a quick recap:
  9. Every time the Dems debate gun control they give Fox News enough sound bites to entertain their viewers for days. They just stumble and fumble all over that issue.
  10. Is she sweating or does her makeup need to be reapplied? Her acne scars are very visible.
  11. If so, it will be the first time a World Series game has been played in DC since 1933. And we will get to see Trump throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Nationals Park and claim credit for the whole thing.
  12. I would be surprised if they don't pick up Flowers option because the catcher FA market is very thin and they already have to replace McCann. I don't think they have confidence in Alex Jackson to handle that young pitching staff. And the pitching staff is likely to get even younger very soon with Wright, Muller, Anderson, Davidson, and Weigel trying to crack the rotation. If the Red Sox decline arbitration on Sandy Leon I would try to sign him.