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  1. If GM puts the same quality into making ventilators as they do in making automobiles then hospitals should be prepared to receive recall notices every month until the thing dies as soon as the warranty expires.
  2. Here's how to avoid price gouging during the pandemic.
  3. Sad. I was a fan of his going all the way back to his days with The First Edition. Saw him in concert 9 times and had the pleasure of meeting him when he performed at the Fox Theater back in 1988. Very nice guy.
  4. Scientists have said that cats and dogs do not appear to be carriers nor can they transmit the virus to humans. So if there is a shortage of physicians to treat the influx of patients, Fluffy is ready to help . . .
  5. Setting herself up for a cabinet position or maybe the VP spot.
  6. I would be happy if they would just cancel the $4K that I still owe from 2019 and call it even.
  7. People risked exposure to the Coronavirus to vote against Bernie's revolution. Totally worth it, too.
  8. What? Republicans are going to roll out the biggest socialist package in history to bail out capitalism, including checks in the mail, trillions to small businesses, and some free medical care for coronavirus patients? Priceless.
  9. I still don't understand the hoarding of toilet paper. I think folks have coronavirus confused with Chipotle.
  10. Wait, I'm confused by this. So it the presidential primary is going to be combined with the general primary on 5/19, then what happens to all of the early votes in the presidential primary?
  11. I drove by a Kroger early this morning and the parking lot looked the mall on Black Friday. I bet Kroger still didn't open a second register.