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    Acuna stay hurt. He is a big guy who hasn’t filled out yet.
  3. Them scouts need to be let go. The numbers ( TATF drools over numbers) say that Fields was the best quarterback in the nation among the top quarterbacks at reading defense and was the most accurate. If the Falcon scouts said otherwise, they performed malpractice and need to be let go: Benjamin Solak of the Draft Network took the time to chart the throws of all the major college quarterbacks last season, and found that not only did Fields throw to his second read more than other experts insinuated, he threw to his second read at a higher percentage than any of the other high profile QBs in his draft class. According to Solak, Fields made it past his first read on over 19% of his throws in 2021. Trevor Lawrence and Trey Lance threw past their first read just under 17% of the time, Zach Wilson was under 15%, while Mac Jones threw past his No. 1 option under 10% of the time. But the data doesn’t stop there in dispelling the notion that Fields is a one-read QB. Digging a little deeper into the numbers, Solak found that in addition to making the most throws beyond his No. 1 option, Fields was the most accurate passer beyond the first read. Per Solak’s charting, Fields completed 69.1% of his throws past the first read— just a shade under his 70.2% overall completion percentage. Meanwhile the numbers of his peers paled in comparison. Lance and Wilson did the best at 64.7% and 59.6% respectively. But Lawrence and Jones really struggled, putting up 43.4% and 31.6% completion rates respectively. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bears/data-says-bears-justin-fields-best-rookie-qb-past-first-read
  4. WITH Acuna, the Braves currently have very little chance of making the playoffs. Without him it's gonna be very hard... https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/07/ronald-acuna-jr-carted-off-field-after-suffering-leg-injury.html
  5. The more tight ends the better...
  6. Georgia vs Clemson gonna set the winner up to run the table in the regular season...
  7. Scouting non contending teams. We could use the Pirate's Adam Frazier in the Padres outfield. Pham has given us nothing.
  8. They might not develop quarterbacks, but they determined to develop tight ends...
  9. Cam the only one who showed up to play. The rest of them out there acting like they don't wanna be there...
  10. The East gonna be tougher next season.
  11. Tough lost. Put pressure on themselves to now beat Milwaukee back to back to win the series.
  12. Can't hit their jumpers and no rebounds.
  13. One day before 12 states rules go into effect, the NCAA makes its own rules. This gonna be the first step of getting rid of that whole student/athlete facade. Some players have already struck deals to get paid and hired agents. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/31737039/ncaa-clears-student-athletes-pursue-name-image-likeness-deals
  14. You never peak early in sports. Collins has to be resigned. Lou is retiring. They MIGHT take a step back...
  15. They overpassed the ball. Should have taken the jump shot.
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