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  1. He outplayed Lawrence running a NFL offense. Lawrence is the one that NFL people are wondering about because he didn't run a NFL offense.
  2. You are not reaching for players. You are doing the opposite. This is UNDER drafting players...
  3. The Falcons are in the best position they have been in a long time this off season. They can move in several different directions with their draft picks and roster moves. If they don't go quarterback, this is what I would do if I were the Falcons: First move, draft Penei Sewell at 4. This move right here is a Smith move which leads me to move number two. Trade Julio Jones to move back into the lower first round and draft Najee Harris. Smith showed success in Tennessee with the physical offensive attack. This helped Tannehill and would obviously help Ryan. Harris could be even more
  4. I agree. After Jones got his championship WITHOUT Jimmy Jones, the Cowboys fell off a cliff and Jerry cares to some extent if they win another championship, but not like he should. I have a feeling that Fontenot and Smith will bring a championship to the Falcons if allowed to do what they do. Smith comes across as a head coach who CAN put his players in the best position to win and Fontenot, when he said BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE, that's his way of saying that he values a talented roster that will settle itself into being deep and championship caliber instead of taking chances on players just b
  5. No problem there, I'm talking about giving Fontenot and Smith a chance to make their own decisions before stepping in. I'm leaning toward what Blank said, but McKay has a lot of sway with Blank. Either way, the Falcons made two good hires.
  6. Ryan wasn't THE problem. Its a combination of a lot of things. Running game, offensive line, defense.
  7. Davis was good for a while but refused to change. Same thing with Jones.
  8. Your response is WHY this process has been questioned. If McKay lets Fontenot and Smith do their jobs, it appears to be two good hires. IF McKay stands back. I also can see Fontenot taking the gig even if Smith was presented to him as a candidate. Thats cool. Now, step back Mckay.
  9. I'm responding to a tread that was started by someone else which means there are followers of the game who are asking questions about the process. In fact, wasn't there a article in the media speculating about McKay during the process? There was. Either way, the Falcons got a good head coach and good GM. Let them do what they do.
  10. The first point is, does Fontenot really have the power he should going forward? Is Rich McKay the Falcons version of Jerry Jones? Secondly, was Fontenot in a position to turn down the gig even if Smith was forced on him?
  11. Interviewing candidates vs being the guy who hired the guy announced as coach BEFORE you were hired is two different things. Never once in the process did it appear Fontenot was in charge of picking his own head coach. It might work out but it appears that Rich Mckay is the defacto GM of the Falcons.
  12. The Falcons most likely will draft Sewell, trade Julio to get back into the first round and select Trey Lance or Devonta Smith or BPA. This is how it will play out...
  13. Following the order of things, Rick Mckay chose Smith, then chose Fontenot, and got Blank's approval for both of them.
  14. Morris didn't have any say so with the quarterback. A full time coach is gonna run it by the front office before he benches a starting quarterback. Do you believe a interim head coach would go there? Its politics too. This is why Wentz is whining about leaving the eagles. The front office was behind benching him for Hurts. Its politics.
  15. This. Its as if they didn't want Benkert TO COMPETE. Teams that are afraid to push their starting quarterback inevitably fail the team as a whole. Rodgers got complacent, Packers draft a quarterback, Rodgers becomes MVP level.
  16. Justin Fields beat the teams he struggled with, (Indiana, etc.) and his stock falls. Zach Wilson loses to Coastal Carolina and his stock rises...
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