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  1. 20 hours ago, Porter Osborne Jr said:

    Signed?  Uh no.  And you’re sitting right where Clemson was last year.  Still a phenomenal class though.  Sermon transferring to OSU might be your best move.

    He helps immediately.   The 2020 class wasn't good at running back.  Stacked at receiver.  Might have to air it out more this season...

  2. 2 hours ago, JetJones11 said:

    Lol bruh as much as I love Matt Ryan they went head to head last year 53-32 ... just one game but i would take Watson going forward over Matt more mobility and more spark has injury concerns which are real but i believe Watson’s ceiling is higher than Matt’s which i believe he reached in 2016 if we could trade Matt and a 1st a few extra picks i would pull the trigger all that said ... it won’t happen ... fun to speculate tho 

    Man, if the Falcons had Watson throwing those deep darts to Julio and Ridley, they would be unstoppable, especially with Gurley back there.  They could run playaction, pocket roll outs,  RPO plays, defense wouldn't  be able to stop them...

    Buys pocket time, launchs a DART deep for the six...

    Deshaun Watson – The Official Website Of Deshaun Watson

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  3. 3 hours ago, primetime said:

    Fitz is only seen as a quality backup for all of but his 1-2 seasons at the Jets. Winston is seen as a starter and wants to be paid like a starter (that is well documented). Fitz shouldn’t even be in this convo to be frank.

    Fitz is THE comparison.  Dude is one of the most turnover prone quarterbacks  ever and stay keeping a STARTING position.  Dude shouldn't even get back up gigs but gets that too...

  4. 3 hours ago, Vandy said:

    Wanna bet?

    Again, Houston will fire the coach before they trade the franchise QB. There would be rioting in the streets and fans would burn the stadium down.

    All that, plus BB would never trade the farm for one player.

    Houston traded the franchise receiver,  routinely rated in the top two at his position in the whole league for less than market value. There is a agenda going on in Houston of some sort, thus the Watson rumors...

  5. 29 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:





    Maybe when it comes to stats. But being the greatest of all time is a combination of both stats and success.


    I don't think some realize the magnitude of what Brady has done during his time with the Pats.


    Brady is the only QB in NFL history with both a 5th and 6th SB ring. He has spent literally half of his career in SBs and most of his career in Conference Championship games. Those things have never been done before ever. That will more than likely never happen again in our lifetimes.


    Also, Andy Reid isn't Bill Belichick. I think Reid and Mahomes can win another SB or 2 together, but in no way do I see an Andy Reid coached team all of a sudden becoming an all-time great dynasty.

    The Patriots were a NFL created dynasty.  Between the cheating and obvious referee calls going their way, come on dude...

  6. 2 hours ago, blkbigdog35 said:

    Trae is a second year player playing on a young rebuilding team that hasn’t learned to win or find their identity.  You have to have patience which some fans don’t but the future is bright and these guys do want to win.

    Experience has zero to do with style of play...

  7. 13 hours ago, AUTiger7222 said:

    I still can't believe we've got Brees and Brady in the same division now. You can guarantee that at least one of those games will be scheduled for prime time, maybe both.

    You just worry about the Dawgs thumping Auburn in prime time yet again...:lol:

  8. 6 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

    For most of the year, Trae was 45% fg’s and 38% on three’s.  For comparison, Luka on the year was 46% fg’s and 31% on three’s.

    I understand the argument that he controls the ball too much.  Very often it’s true.  But he was efficient and will become more playmaker than pure scorer moving forward

    Considering the volume and difficulty of Trae's  3 point attempts, his average is impressive,  I agree there. Luka doesn't take those deep attempts like Trae.  We are also in agreement that he has to be more of a playmaker going forward, which he CAN do.  Trae has the best handles I've seen SINCE Iverson, so its not me hating on dude. Trae should limit those deep threes to certain spots in the game where he can break a team.  Larry Bird for instance was very selective in when he would take 3 point shots.  He took them at points in a game to stop a team's rally or just break them down and they give up. 

    Trae should come up the court with PLAYMAKING first as the goal.  Make teams start respecting his passing ability FIRST.  That will open him up for uncontested deep shots AND stop them from double teaming him late in games.   If Pierce and Hawks management can change their way of looking at this and talk to Trae about going in this direction, it would work.  Right now he is being encouraged to be a scorer first.  He HAS the talent around him to pull back on that and let Reddish, Hunter, Huerter, etc. start flourishing on offense...

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  9. 2 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

    Trae is an efficient scorer, though.  He isn’t Iverson who scored simply by volume shooting.  Trae takes 20 shots and scores 30 ppg.  That’s great efficiency

    I think next year he turns into the version of himself we see the rest of his career: 26 ppg, 12 assts pg 

    Trae is shooting 36 percent.  That means he is taking volume shots AND taking them from waaaay out there.  Mike D' Antoni has tried this and has YET to win a championship. His Phoenix and Houston teams were LOADED with offensive talent but he couldn't and ISN'T gonna win a championship.  James Harden is better than Young with a better supporting cast and aint, isnt and not gonna win a championship.  The ugly part of it he (D' Antoni ) is responsible for the NBA going to this style of game:  Running up and down the court to take FAST shots, fast 3 pointers, emphasis on the wings and ZERO defense.

    The Hawks drafted a player that fits THAT mold but doesn't fit the fundamental type of players that they surrounded him with.  DeAndre Hunter and Cam Reddish came from fundamental TEAM oriented programs.  You don't put them in a situation where the team is built around the type of game the Hawks are trying to play with Young. They would fit better with Boston, Oklahoma, etc. where there are coaches and styles of play that fit what they did in college ( both head coaches came from the college ranks).  Its no coincidence that Al Horford had his best years in Boston ( he came from a fundamental program at Florida).


    But while those deep-space triples may be his signature play, it's unclear if they are actually helping the Hawks win games. Here's where it gets interesting: When Young misses a 3-point shot, opponents should start licking their chops. Other teams turn Young's missed 3s into points at freakishly high rates.

    Young misses 64% of his 3s, and opponents grab defensive boards on about 75% of those misses. On the ensuing possessions, as those defenses turn into offenses, they rack up a wild 127 points per 100 possessions, according to Second Spectrum tracking data. Folks, the league average offensive efficiency following a missed 3 is 112.

    In other words, the Hawks play historically bad defense after their best player misses his signature shot.

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  10. 1 hour ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

    It’s not him that said these things.  It’s a former Hawks player.  Call Len a troll if anything.

    Exactly... The part thats not liked is he told the truth.  If Mike Bibby can get called out for not playing defense for the Hawks, Trae Young can too.  If Dominique Wilkins can get called out for being a ball hog, then Trae Young can too. 

    The NBA cares about scoring ONLY now, thus players can now take these 3 pointers and dominate the ball to the detriment of building a TEAM...