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    Braves @ Mets

    Kevin Durant at this game.
  2. Philly made the mistake ultimately of not putting a offensive line in front of Vick. With those deep routes Reid loves, you HAVE to have a line. Reid learned from that huge mistake and keeps a line in front of Mahomes. Thats the difference...
  3. The Falcons had three plays under Mora. Handoff to Dunn. Pass to Crumpler. Vick take off and run it. The scheme Knapp ran wasn't a good fit either.
  4. Tarkenton was a goat. Doug Flutie was good too, but Tarkenton kept defenses on their heels. Joe Namath and Tarkenton were the first two NFL quarterbacks that I liked... Deep ball vs the Falcons: Running out of a sack, ala Vick: Impressive throw to the right while scrambling to his left:
  5. If he had a LITTLE BIT of help, he wins the national championship against Florida State. He nearly beat them by himself...
  6. Huerter and Gallo came up big for the Hawks.
  7. The template for the NFL developing dual threat quarterbacks in the NFL instead of making them play other positions. He changed the game. Vick would LITERALLY run OUT of a sack, THEN launch a 60 yard dart on the run WITHOUT setting his feet. The OG of dual threats...
  8. With those two, they would've closed this series out easily. Embiid isn't what's beating the Hawks. Its Philly's wings and backcourt complimenting him. Curry out there looking like a superstar against the Hawks. That's where the Hawks miss Hunter and Reddish...
  9. Thats why I said the Hawks let a very good opportunity slip thru their hands. Philly came out like the series was over. When they get to Philly, if Bogi doesn't show up, its over. Trae can't carry them the whole game.
  10. If Trae had just AVERAGE help, the Hawks win. The Hawks did this WITHOUT Hunter and Cam, thats the frustrating part. They could've knocked off the number 1 seed with a injured team.
  11. Atlanta HAD this series right where they wanted it. Philly was DONE. They came out like they didn't even want to play this game. They saw Atlanta fooling around, got confidence, and now this thing is over.
  12. The Hawks messed up. You can't lose a close out game on your own homecourt. Philly didn't even come to play. They saw that the Hawks didn't have that close out instinct, got confidence and the rest is history. Philly not gonna lay another egg on their home court.
  13. The league was protecting the New Orleans franchise when they blocked that trade. When LeBron went to Miami, did you notice how Cleveland suddenly was getting them top lottery picks to keep that market viable? As far as Atlanta. Atlanta could easily be a top 3 market in the NBA. For whatever reason, the NBA has never promoted that market...
  14. The league wouldn't allow it by trade. Its about the league having a marketable player in every TV market FIRST. They blocked Chris Paul from leaving New Orleans initially. When Anthony Davis left, didn't matter if he was under contract or not because the league was allowing the big market Lakers to build a championship team around LeBron. Thats the REAL reason trades have to be approved by the league front office.
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