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  1. how did i know this was gonna click bait into yet ANOTHER matt ryan thread?
  2. AND.... when he played for FREE at Clemson, that was ok. Now that he got some cash, it's a problem?
  3. What does buying a truck got to do with football?
  4. Spts1

    Jays @ Braves

    Did he slam his glove into the ground? What did the glove do?
  5. Spts1

    Mets @ Braves

    Might have to bring Folty back if they can...
  6. Spts1

    Mets @ Braves

    Mets said Cepedes was not in any harm WHILE releasing a statement saying they don't know where he is. Easy to see thru this contradiction. They knew he wasnt happy and was gonna opt out and beat him to the punch by making him look bad on the way out of the door. Typical Mets organization...
  7. Spts1

    Mets @ Braves

    If someone has talked to him, the Mets wouldn't be looking for him and wouldn't have released a statement saying " we can't find him..."
  8. Spts1

    Mets @ Braves

    Mets say they have no reason to believe Cespedes is unsafe. If they don't know where he is and haven't been in contact with him, WHAT are they suppose to believe?
  9. FalconsIn2012 gonna post 10 matt ryan threads this week...
  10. Spts1

    Mets @ Braves

    Homerun Acuna!
  11. Spts1

    Mets @ Braves

    the strikeout pitch was a ball. Acuna isn't getting any calls because he is struggling...
  12. Spts1

    Mets @ Braves

    Whats the big deal? The strip clubs are practicing social distancing...
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