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  1. This board would disintegrate if this team actually made the playoffs lmaooooooo
  2. Peyton will try for 70 smh
  3. Lmaooooooo 1000% accurate
  4. Maaaaannnnnn that was nasty
  5. Going to the Monday Night game against the Giants
  6. The two tickets I just bought for the Giants Monday night game were less than $350 lol...that's crazy for one jersey
  7. Thank you for these two gifs....lost my voice screaming in disbelief when both plays happened live Julio and let's get this SB win at home
  8. Lammons was a used as a returner in college also a pretty good this pickup
  9. Julio, Sanu, & Ridley I can live with that lol
  10. Man I hope we aren't about to trade up
  11. Hope we either stay at 26 or trade back...definitely don't want to see a crazy trade up.
  12. DJ Moore, Payne if he somehow drops to us at 26, or Christian Kirk
  13. I actually expect us to draft an offensive player in the first hoping for DJ Moore in the 1st and a combo of Hall/Sheppard in rounds 2 & 3
  14. Have to take care of business at home with our difficult road schedule this season