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  1. Already know that we will get shafted on the review smh lol
  2. Career night coming up for everyone on the Packers offense lol. Not going to torture myself by watching this tonight smh.
  3. Hope this is true and that we win 28-3
  4. Would love to see us get Willekes or Eno
  5. Board is falling really nicely lol. Don't **** it up TD
  6. First reaction was anger to the pick, but it had more to do with Shana**** picking the player I wanted to come to the Falcons lol. I think Terrell will be a good CB and I hope he read Slant King's tweet and uses it as motivation to lock his @ss up
  7. I have a weird feeling that A.J. Terrell is going to be our first round pick (hope I'm wrong lol). If that happens the reactions in here are going to be epic...
  8. The night of SB 51 I turned my TV off after the game was over and sat frozen in disbelief on my couch for about 6 hours. My wife woke up to get ready for work and asked me why I was still sitting there and didn't go to bed (she went to bed at halftime and assumed that the Falcons had won). I was the only Falcons fan to go to work that Monday (out of about 100) and proceeded to hear every 28-3 joke you could possibly think of due to the fact that about 85% of my coworkers are Panties/Seachickens/Pats fans smh. Still can't believe we didn't win after Julio's catch.
  9. Grady jerseys are available to purchase now. Saw the home black and gradient on Fanatics
  10. https://twitter.com/AtlantaFalcons/status/1250113933911916544?s=19 Tweet about the Grady jerseys going on sale tomorrow
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