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  1. My family and I were planning on making the trip to Atlanta for today's game, but unfortunately we are unable to go due to an unexpected emergency. If anyone would like to purchase 3 tickets (Sec. 109 Row 2 Seats 8-10) as well as a parking pass let me know. $65 for the tickets and parking pass. Will transfer tickets from Ticketmaster upon payment. Accepting cash app or zelle for payment.
  2. Whoever gets Debo Samuel may end up with the steal of the draft
  3. Came in to post this lol
  4. Julio is overrated lmao
  5. Julio is overrated? Lmaooooooo ya'll are killing me today
  6. If the Falcons ever duplicate this type of atmosphere at their home games I would gladly invest in a PSL/season tickets
  7. Coach forgot that Saquon was on his team smh lol
  8. This board would disintegrate if this team actually made the playoffs lmaooooooo
  9. Peyton will try for 70 smh
  10. Lmaooooooo 1000% accurate