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  1. I would be excited if we got Hurst in the draft
  2. Hayden Hurst from South Carolina would be a good pick if we go TE in the draft
  3. Exactly who I hope we go after in the draft
  4. Proud of the squad tonight
  5. Would like to see us pick up a TE in the draft like Hayden Hurst from South Carolina instead of paying Graham
  6. Sat in 315 and my section was actually pretty loud and standing most of the game
  7. Not giving up hope yet, but need to see a complete game from all three phases (Off., DEF, ST) this week.
  8. Quinn better go tf off on the refs after the game smh
  9. If we do go after a TE in the offseason I am hoping we get Hayden Hurst from South Carolina in the draft
  10. I hope not. Planning on driving up for the game. 4:25 would be a better option if they change the start time
  11. The reaction to this is going to be very entertaining lol