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  1. As much as I hate to admit it those Bucs jerseys are nice af. I guess I get to continue to wait on ours smh lol.
  2. Hoping we get a leak in the next few days
  3. this should be good lol
  4. Get it done TD and DQ
  5. Wanted Hurst in the draft. I'm hype af right now lol
  6. Kinlaw
  7. Julio, Grady, and either Ridley or Kinlaw if we get lucky at #16 lol
  8. Agreed
  9. The one guy I wouldn't be mad if we traded up in the first to go get. I'm biased though as a South Carolina fan lol. Also wanted us to draft Deebo Samuel when he came out last year. Kinlaw is going to be a game changing monster in the league.
  10. Lmfaooooooooooooooo
  11. And the Lord said, "Facts"
  12. Guess Kyle won't be making anymore 28-3 jokes with Jimmy G lol
  13. Shanny getting too cute with the playcalling...where have I seen that before lol?
  14. Kinlaw next to Grady would be nice to see on the D Line