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  1. Cam is very inaccurate and lucky to have a starting job.
  2. The problem is Julio has to catch those deep passes. I can remember him dropping at least 2 deep balls where he was wide open. He not Ryan cost us those games.
  3. You answered your own question. The Team went 4-12. Also a coaching staff that does not even know the rules for on-side kicks among other things.
  4. We would not have had a title last year. Our defense sucked. Brady is not as durable as Ryan and would have retired earlier rather than suffering all those physical beat downs Ryan took if he had been a Falcon..
  5. Brady does not sniff the playoffs last year without the TB defense. Brady is smart and the choice to play for TB was brilliant with their receivers and defense. Plus other players came to TB and contributed greatly after Brady joined TB. Our fanbase would have still crucified Ryan if he threw three interceptions in the NFC title game, even if we had won.
  6. Tom Brady does not sniff the playoffs last year without the Tampa Bay defense carrying him. He does not win the last SB if KC had any real OTs playing in that game.
  7. Everyone is looking for the next Mahomes. Not that easy to find. Watson won a college NC but has done little in the NFL.
  8. Fields already did that. Ask Kirby about that.
  9. Their success in the NFL will depend on coaching and the rosters of the teams that draft them. We will have better coaching but our roster needs a lot of work. I fear we will pick in the top 10 again next year if we pick Fields.
  10. Trevor did beat Alabama, which very few QBs have done. He threw some great passes in that game.
  11. I want other GMs to value Fields enough to trade with us for him.
  12. I agree with many of your points, but we lost many games last year due to a poor running game with quick 3 and outs in the second half. On many third down and short we chose to pass because of our inability to run. I am not taking about 2016. I am talking specifically about our 4 win season in 2020. I do agree that there was inept coaching but there was also inept play. Our rushing offense was inept. Our OL was better in 2016.
  13. Our running backs could not convert third downs in the second half of a lot of games, which allowed the opposing teams to come from behind and win. The receivers were covered better because our only successful option was passing. Our opponents knew this. Better play calling and scheme will help but we need a new starting Guard and Center.
  14. Sewell. Improving the running game will cure a lot of problems we have. This alone would at least double our win total.
  15. It may have prevented them form winning the last Superbowl!
  16. It is like the current housing market. With limited supply you have to pay more to get what you want or someone else will.
  17. From now on QBs off their rookie deals are going to make more money than Ryan. It would not hurt as much this year without last year effecting the salary cap.
  18. If we draft a QB at #4 we may very well have a top 5 pick next year. Look at Cincinnati and San Diego. Drafted great QBs, but defenses could not hold leads.
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