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  1. Cause they won the coin toss!
  2. They do not get a SB trophy. They have to earn it. They can have a parade for the NFC championship trophy, which they feel was stolen from them.
  3. Dee Ford actually lost the game by lining up offsides which negated the interception.
  4. If the Pats get behind the refs will extend drives by calling holding on the Rams defensive backs when needed like they did in our SB loss.
  5. Why do the stinking Pats always win the coin toss for OT? NFL overtime sucks. The defenses are always tired. Good offenses usually will score a TD. I know the Saints did not. If Ford had not been offsides KC won that game.
  6. I may be naïve but are there no FA DEs available to replace Beasley for 13 million a year or a little more whose production is better than Beasley's? Or use Beasley's 12.8 million to pay for another position(DT or OL) in Free Agency and draft a DE. I do not have players in mind.
  7. They also won the coin toss, which really hurt and was bad luck!
  8. I total agree. Losing Wentz is not as big of an issue because they have Foles, who is a SB MVP. But Foles does not make up for their other injuries.
  9. I really do not think you are simple-minded. You are brilliant regarding the salary cap. Much smarter about that than I will ever be.
  10. I think we both love our Falcons and want and expect better!
  11. The team that holds that #7 pick values it more. They may value it more than another team and not be willing to take a poor trade value for it.
  12. Once again a simple-minded, arrogant, delusional generalization.
  13. I have thick skin. My feelings were never hurt. I simply understand both sides of the argument and do not feel that you are less of a fan for valuing draft position more than a victory or 2. I enjoyed the entertainment and had joy in those wins however. I played competitive sports into adulthood and hated losing. I play golf every week and absolutely hate losing. I want my team to get better.
  14. The Rams got the pick for Donald by trading their first round early pick (maybe number 2 or3) I think so another team(?Redskins) could draft a QB(?RG3). I think they got 3 first round picks for their early pick. Their was some tangible value there.
  15. What is astonishing is the simple-minded generalizations you posters make about other fans. The arrogance of these generalizations also demonstrates just how clueless you are at understanding other people. Other fans are different and may think differently than you. That does not mean they have no pride, are quitters or losers. Sure you can feel anyway you want. I am not a tanker but name-calling and berating others is sad and uncalled for! I enjoy winning but come draft day I will be hoping that the players we really want or need fall to us in every round. If we had earlier picks that probably would have been more easily accomplished.