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  1. With such poor game management, Koetter will never be a head coach again. It is not like he was playing a team with Brady, Brees, Wilson, or Rogers. Sixteen points is a lot!!!
  2. The record is doing it 2 weeks in a row by 15 points. We now hold that record.
  3. We need smarter players. That was simply a dumb play. How long have these players played the game? They need remedial coaching. The players obviously were not coached on what to do in that situation. Worse loss since the Super Bowl. I cannot believe I wasted 3 hours of my time for that ridiculous mistake. Simply DUMB!!!!!! Quinn needs to go.
  4. The mortality rate of age 50 and under is 0.05%. That is what I was told Friday in a specialty conference call. I am a Pediatrician. The problem is that the younger people infect the older who have a higher risk of death.
  5. Draft a safety. The safety from Alabama or Minnesota.
  6. Its easy to find and overpay a mediocre pass rusher. We have done that with VB.
  7. Matt Ryan does not play defense. That is why we lost to the Titans. How many SB wins does Mariota have? How many SBs has Mariota been to? Mariota does not even start for his team now. With Ryan the Titans might be SB favorite this year. Matt Ryan has one of the highest QB ratings in SB history against the vaulted Pats. What are you thinking?
  8. Do not forget that Kap had Patrick Willis on defense.
  9. Every team we play should scare us. Our defense makes opposing QBs Gods. We can probably make Winston look good.
  10. To hope is to despair if one must hope eternally.
  11. I agree but many of their SB wins were because of defense.
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