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  1. I agree. I simply do not want a let down on the road.
  2. The Falcons need to prove which team they are. Are they the team that got manhandled by the Vikings? Are they the team that physically stood toe to toe with the Eagles and willed out a victory by making plays when it mattered? Show up and play with urgency. Do not underestimate your opponent!!!
  3. The problem is that most of us expected this to be a competitive game. Minnesota may be really good, especially at home.
  4. All is not lost, but I did not see much to make me feel good yet. We could lose to anyone we play if we continue to play like today.
  5. That really sux. We are so f...... cursed.
  6. Game film review will not be pretty.
  7. Game was never close after the blocked punt.
  8. We can improve. They should be embarrassed for playing so poorly. The coaching staff should be embarrassed for being so unprepared. We looked like GT against Clemson.
  9. Most of that was in garbage time against the scrubs.
  10. He was a ghost when they ran at his side.
  11. Played scared today. Too conservative. Play calling early was like Mark Sanchez was our QB. Then got behind with too many turnovers.
  12. I think it is a talent issue!
  13. We got gashed on edge runs because our Defensive Ends played very poorly. Not sure that is fixable. Vic is terrible against the run. That is why I would not have resigned him.
  14. Poorly coached. Poorly played. Stupid turnovers. Cannot stop runs on the edge. Did we play any DEs on our defense today (sarcasm). They were ghosts. Freeman looked awful. Smith looked much better. Play calling needs to get better. Overall a stinker of a game.