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  1. Same here. I can't stand to see highlights of that game. This would at least help the healing process begin.
  2. I never said everyone was against Free. Notice how I typed "some" people are turning their backs. I have read a lot of posts here and from people on the ajc saying just let him go, we dont need him. I agree he needs to accept a sensible deal. What does not make sense about what I said?
  3. Hate to see how some people on here and on the ajc are turning their backs on Free so easily. He himself hasn't said a word yet. He will show up, get us another 1500 and work out a deal to remain here I hope.
  4. If he can stand,' i'm sure he will play. First time in the playoffs for him and I know he won't miss the big game.
  5. Freeman would be who I would get. Watching him make that one cut move he always does and leave defenders frozen is amazing. On another note, a few years back, I wanted to be different than everyone that were buying Vick and Dunn jerseys so I got a Peerless Price jersey. He didn't quite pan out here. I'll find a nice spot on the wall for it when I get a man cave someday though.
  6. Fan about 20+ years here. My first game at the dome was in '94 when the super hot Chargers rolled in to town and left with an L. The 4th down stop late in that game caused an eruption in the dome. This is our year!!
  7. Brady is playing great but how could they give it to a guy who missed a quarter of the year? Matt's stats are much better anyway.
  8. Would be happy for him. He definitely deserves the MVP, but it would not replace not getting a SB win.
  9. Like this show. Just saw a new season recently started.
  10. Picked up a copy last night. Just starting to get back into gaming. Will be my first Madden in about 10 years. Can't wait to crack it open.
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