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  1. Honestly I am. I was just getting into football then and used the Dolphins a lot on Tecmo Super Bowl. I do remember some of Marino's last games and I remember that the team had Irving Fryar and Mark Dupre if memory serves correctly. I remember Bryan Cox on their defense. Didn't the Bills have their number season after season in the playoffs? I don't think the Dolphins had much of a rushing game either did they? I think I remember Bernie Parmalee (irony) on that team correct? They made the playoffs more than these Falcons correct?
  2. To be optimistic after a once in a lifetime... well twice in a lifetime loss like that. Both by the Falcons by the way. That's something I wish I had. I'm trying to find the silver lining, but I am not seeing it. The defense had 5 takeaways and they still lost. The only optimism I have about that is that MR threw 5 picks one game and we still managed to win. We're up against the 2-0 Bears next week. Help me be optimistic. How does this team rally together and beat them?
  3. That would remind me of the dark ages when we had Harrington and Leftwich at QB
  4. Matt Ryan cannot be blamed for this. He wasn't standing there looking at the onside kick in awe. Coaching is the problem here. Has been for awhile now. As much as I don't want to admit this, but the only reason we got to the SB was because of Shanny. Blank needs to get the emotions and heart out of the hiring and firing process. I'm sure execs at Home Depot would have never gotten this much leeway, if they performed as poorly as DQ has as a head coach.
  5. Yeah that's the sobering part. They forced 5 turnovers, didn't turnover the ball and still lost! The chance of that happening in another game is pretty slim.
  6. Hopefully TD, DK, RM (unless the defense improves drastically), and the special teams coordinator follows DQ out of the door.
  7. AB seems too nice to fire him during the season. I think he'll let him finish the season and fire him then; when the coaching carousel starts.
  8. Yeah but Earl Thomas may not fit "The Brotherhood's" ideals. He would definitely be publicly angry about that disaster today.
  9. I hear you but this type of blunder is unprecedented.
  10. These are picks to be the interim coach if DQ is fired mid-season.
  11. I'm too afraid to go on Twitter and Instagram, and for all teams to have a colossal meltdown to... "America's team" sigh... They'll be the butt of jokes for even longer now. The only thing that will erase this is a SB win.
  12. Sadly fire RM too. I like him but the defense shows flashes of brilliance at the beginning then falls apart. Maybe it's too soon from the small sample size. DQ, and DK we know what to expect from them they have to go. Also the Special Teams "coordinator" Ben Kotwica.
  13. Not sure who JJ means. Hopefully the press. The fans are with them until they do stuff like this!
  14. Special Team coordinator = Ben Kotwicka. He's gotta go.
  15. The Falcons do great to keep their true feelings internal and show optimism to outsiders. Especially class act Julio Jones. I highly doubt the locker room was all "Brotherhood" after that loss. I'm sure some players were fired up letting their frustrations be known.
  16. One thing I notice is that our game plan will work in the first half. The second half the other team will make adjustments and find the weakness in our game plan, and we don't ever make adjustments to counter. It's almost like hubris! Stick the to master game plan no matter what. It's infallible! When obviously it's not! This game I noticed that the Cowboys found massive holes in the zone when the pass rush vanished. It was all downhill from there.
  17. Possibly. I think he gets emotional and forms tight bonds with coaches and players and it makes it difficult to make business decisions. He seems as if he'd be a shrewd businessman to make it to the level he has, but maybe he isn't.
  18. Yes the pressure was key! Dallas was turning over the ball left and right. That all went away in the 2nd half, and boy what a difference it made. I'm concerned going into these next few games. Chances are no team will turn the ball over like that time and time again with ill advised fake punts and fumbles. What will the Falcons do then?
  19. True in the past it wasn't, but after this loss it has to be. No one in their right mind would forgive that. This is a historic meltdown. No team has ever put up 39 points with 0 turnovers and lost the game.
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