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  1. Welp it's official, this is it. Fowler and Kazee will suit up. The rest are out.
  2. GM - Sashi Brown 🤣 ok hear me out, I don't think he had a fair shot in Cleveland. The team was abysmally coached, and "The Process" did wind up netting the (expansion) Browns with the most talent, at least on paper, than they've ever had. Also the Browns brass doesn't have enough patience, it was going to take at least 5 years to steer that ship to some semblance of success. HC - Eric Bieniemy Goes without saying. No more "defensive" minded head coaches. It hasn't worked well with the last two. He would instantly bring a winning culture to the Falcons. I think Matt Ryan, and J
  3. If Julio cannot go, does Matt Ryan still continue putting up MVP numbers against the Bears? Will Ridley get the double teams that were going to be for Julio? Besides the obvious, Ridley & Gage, who will step up from the Falcons WR corps if Julio is a scratch?
  4. That's a worst case scenario. Hopefully some of the Questionable players will be able to go.
  5. It seems as if Gurley is trying to preserve his health. He's definitely not running all out. I saw a decent film breakdown on YouTube and the analyst stated that the Gurley of old would have made the defender miss and scored a touchdown. Kazee seemed to be a better emergency linebacker than safety.
  6. It failed horribly and he gave up last year and delegated the defense to JU & RM
  7. Yeah. I read an article stating that RM wants to have a hybrid of DQ's safety high stuff, and the Tampa 2 he learned while with the Bucs. I think they should ditch both unless we can get a pass rush going like we did the first half of both games.
  8. Now that Terrell is on the COVID-19 reserve, does this mean that the Falcons can call up a player from the practice squad or sign a free agent?
  9. One would hope, but you know how the hubris about their scheme some coaches have. They think the scheme works regardless of player; just plug & play.
  10. Yup I fixed it to show that. I'm sure they'll rotate players in and out based on the scheme, but I suppose this is how the standard sets will look.
  11. I looked at https://www.atlantafalcons.com/team/depth-chart again and I see the way they have it makes it seem as if Dennard is behind Terrell but it could just mean, like you said, he's the starting slot, and Blidi plays outside.
  12. Questionable and a limited participant in practice. I'm guessing he'll probably try to go especially now that AJ Terrell will be out for the foreseeable future.
  13. It's possible they'll move everyone around. Wreh-Wilson will definitely get playing time this game.
  14. I wondered this too. I thought he looked decent in the depleted defense last year. They brought in Dennard to shore up the DBs, so Wreh-Wilson must not have impressed.
  15. Maybe Oluokun and Kazee will be able to go, but not counting on it until said otherwise.
  16. Unless some of the players on the injury list can go, here's what the starting defense will look like tomorrow against the Bears DE - Allen Bailey DT - Grady Jarrett DT - Tyeler Davidson DE - Dante Fowler Jr LB - Deion Jones LB - Mykal Walker CB - Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB - Isiah Oliver SCB - Darqueze Dennard (nickel) / S - Damonte Kazee (safety-high) S - Sharrod Neasman S - Keanu Neal Here's hoping the offense can put up at least 50 points to win the game.
  17. First Mike Smith who couldn't manage the clock, now Dan Quinn who can't manage leads, the defense, his staff, or the clock
  18. We need this injury bug to go away and stay healthy. A few more injuries and the team could be depleted beyond hope.
  19. Depends on the injury take. We have some key players injured with some shaky backups filling their roles. If, Takk, and Rico can't go, it will be a long game for our defense. McGarity being out scares me too. MR may not have the pocket to throw from. Will Gurley return to form soon? Julio is banged up, will he just be a decoy? Gage and Ridley will have to step up big time. Can Hurst rebound from being demoralized? With all that being said, I'm not too optimistic, but knowing the Falcons they always do the opposite of what's expected of them... so they'll probably win..
  20. Yeah two losses that will come back to haunt us but NO taking a loss is always a good thing
  21. Also when Mike Smith called the timeout giving the Browns, of all teams, the time they needed to kick the FG for the win at home. I was at that game with my dad who is a Browns fan. They were celebrating in our stadium high-fiving each other. It has been downhill ever since with false semblances of hope.
  22. As a Lions fan, I would expect to lose and get happy if we didn't. As a Falcons fan, I hope to win, looks like we'll win, this is a 99.9% W and then we lose.
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