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  1. May as well put Julio on ice this season. No pun intended.
  2. I at least thought the offense would be in a shootout with the Packers. They look pathetic out there.
  3. This is bringing back memories of the times we had Leftwich and Joey Harrington at QB.
  4. lol could they possibly play any worse? They can't help but play better or the same.
  5. Maybe a diamond in the rough will emerge. I think Devante Adams will be back for the Packers for MNF. This is shaping up to be real ugly.
  6. As much as I can't stand to type this, the Falcons offense looked like these when Shanahan was at the helm. Look at the Niners now. With that rag tag bunch out there, they still move the chains and put up points when it matters
  7. For those saying we should franchise tag Takk. Why??? Why would we do that and not pick up his 5th year option which is a lot cheaper.
  8. If the Falcons lose to both the Panthers and Lions, Quinn better not be with the team anymore.
  9. I think the fact that TD didn't pick up Takk's 5th year option speaks volumes. They tried to trade Freeman, but the talks fell apart at the last minute. Not sure about Tru.
  10. Because he won't re-sign with this team at the end of the year, and we'll have a losing record about time the trade deadline arrive Oct 29th.
  11. The deadline in on the 29th. The rest of our schedule until the deadline. Packers - L Panthers - W Vikings - L Lions - W So we'll be 2 - 5 and he if he's healthy he may have a decent game against the Vikings and Lions.
  12. Hate the fanbase? How about hating 4th quarter collapses; one in particular led by a backup QB.
  13. That would be great! Maybe they'll toss in a journeyman DB to boot. Who do you think would make a trade for him?
  14. It has to be poor conditioning. They get winded in the 4th quarter and can't keep up anymore. That coupled with piss poor coaching, and terrible decisions. Just a perfect storm for embarrassment. No matter what lead the Falcons have going into the 4th, teams will know that they still have a chance and they fight harder than our guys who just fall apart and play not to lose.
  15. Doesn't make sense to even try to hold on to him at this point. Will anyone even make a trade for him? 100% chance he will not sign with this team at the end of the season. May as well try to get what we can for him while we still can. It would be nice to get a 3rd. (Wishful thinking) Maybe we get a 5th or something.
  16. May as well let JJ rest his hamstring fully, let TG rest his knees. Let our injured defensive players heal fully, and get ready for the new coaching regime.
  17. Looks like the lead is fleeting as always. I said we'd need at least 50 to win.
  18. Brian Hill exploded for a 35 yard TD run. This is much needed!
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